9 Best Holsters for Sig Sauer P365 in 2022

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In our humble opinion, a top-of-the-line firearm like the Sig Sauer P365 deserves an equally impressive holster. Wherever it’s worn, a conceal-carry holster worthy of the P365 should keep it secure while maintaining a healthy balance between retention and ease of draw.

Personally, we recommend the CYTAC OWB Holster because it makes carrying a Sig P365 effortless. As gun enthusiasts and huge fans of the Sig P365, we know what’s what when it comes to gun holsters, so take our opinion with a little more than a grain of salt. 

With that said, there’re a lot of Sig P365 holsters that make great alternatives to the CYTAC OWB. We’ll run through a list of them in this article, so stick around if you want to learn about the best holster for Sig P365.

Top HolstersUSPAmazon
DeSantis Gunhide The NemesisBest OverallClick here
CYTAC OWBBest Paddle HolsterClick here
Crossbreed MiniTuck Best IWB HolsterClick here
Alien Gear ShapeShift Best Appendix Carry HolsterClick here
Tulster IWB Profile Best Left-Handed HolsterClick here

Here Are the Best Holster for Sig P365 (Our Picks)

Now, let’s have a look at some of the best holsters for Sig P365 on the market and see what each of them has to offer.


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It’s impossible to make the best holster for Sig P365 list without putting the CYTAC OWB at the very top. This holster is the Adam to the P365’s Eve, and together they’re a match made in heaven.

Forged using upgraded military-grade polymer material, the CYTAC OWB is extremely durable, able to keep the Sig safe in the harshest weather conditions imaginable. The polymer also makes it easy to clean and makes the holster water-resistant. Its matte finish sports tiny dimples with a clear coating that stops light from reflecting on the firearm.

Additionally, this holster boasts level II retention. It also has an auto-lock system that engages the holster’s trigger guard with an audible clicking sound when the gun is returned to the holster. And the holster’s internal screw design prevents the Sig P365 from falling out, while a lip on the holster’s bottom keeps guns with longer barrels from protruding.

Drawing the P365 from this holster is also very easy; thanks to a handy release button, you can operate with the press of an index finger. In addition, there’s also a skidproof stripe along the holster’s body that makes drawing the firearm less intuitive. Finally, the CYTAC OWB fits like a glove for the Sig P365’s siblings, the Sig P365xl and the Sig P365SAS.


Based on this holster’s level II retention and military-grade material, the CYTAC OWB is perfect for anyone who takes safety and durability seriously when choosing a gun holster.

2. Crossbreed MiniTuck

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If it’s proper concealment that you want out of your Sig P365 holster, then the Crossbreed Holsters MiniTuck is a worthy alternative to the CYTAC OWB.

Hand-molded with premium leather, the MiniTuck can be carried in either a 3:30 to 5 o’clock position when drawn from the owner’s right side or a 7 to 8:30 position when drawn from the left. Essentially, it’s made to accommodate the owner’s carry style and is comfortable wear, whether you’re carrying it with your shirt tucked in or out. 

As to how much concealment this holster provides, the leather backing on the MiniTuck keeps the P365’s outline from showing through. It also features a mounted kydex pocket and a 1.5-inch J-clip, which helps to tether the wearer’s waistband. For safety purposes, this holster comes with a full trigger guard that prevents accidental discharges, as well as a sweat shield.

In addition, the MiniTuck comes with modular steel belt clips that are coated in SnapLok powder. This way, you’re able to adjust the cant and ride height to whatever position you wish. Finally, the CrossBreed offers a reassuring two-week try-before-you-buy guarantee, just in case you need any more convincing, as well as a lifetime warranty on the holster.


The CrossBreed Holsters MiniTuck is the best alternative Sig P365 holster that’s second only to CYTAC OWB. Hesitant buyers will welcome the generous two-week try-before-you-buy guarantee and lifetime warranty offered by this holster.

3. Alien Gear ShapeShift

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For a Sig P365 holster with comfort that’s out of this world, look no further than the Alien Gear ShapeShift. This concealed carry holster is made with neoprene that’s custom-molded with the P365 in mind, making it a perfect fit that requires no break-in period out-the-box. 

Alien Gear reinforced this holster’s base with spring steel and ballistic nylon, keeping the holster firm but flexible when it’s not occupied by a firearm. However, when it’s anchored, this flexibility lets the holster shift along with the wearer’s every movement, making it an extremely comfortable everyday carry.

Although it’s an appendix carry holster, you can position it wherever you like in your waistband. You’ll also be able to adjust the holster’s retention and set the draw position to fit your preference. And in terms of safety, the ShapeShift sports a trigger guard that prevents the trigger from being pulled accidentally. 


The Alien Gear ShapeShift is meant for anyone who prioritizes comfort when picking a holster. Thanks to its spring steel and ballistic nylon base, you’ll feel no discomfort when carrying the sig P365 for hours on end.

4. DeSantis Gunhide The Nemesis

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Don’t let the Desantis Gunhide The Nemesis’ ominous-sounding name fool you; this holster is anything but a nemesis. On the contrary, it’s an effective holster that does an incredible job concealing the Sig P365, and is perfect for Sig owners who prefer pocket carry.

Made with neoprene, this rubber exterior grabs the inside of the pant’s pocket, fixing the holster in place when the firearm is drawn. It’s able to do this because neoprene is a viscous material. To get a better sense of how this holster works, think flypaper. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the holster slipping out of your pocket upon presentation of the firearm.

Meanwhile, the Nemesis’ interior is lined with a slick pack cloth that reduces friction when drawn, as well as a foam core that reduces printing, concealing the firearm’s shape. The result is a holster that could pass for a wallet.

Being a pocket holster, it doesn’t feature any safety straps, nor does it need them. It’s also worth noting that this is the only holster on this list that’s suitable for ambidextrous folk, so they can keep it in either pant pocket.


The DeSantis Gunhide The Nemesis’ design makes it the perfect pocket holster for the Sig P365. Its sticky exterior keeps the holster in place inside the pant pocket, preventing an accidental slip-out during a firearm draw.

5. Tulster IWB Profile

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The Tulster Profile is designed to be a low-profile, minimalistic firearm holster. Built with 0.08” thick kydex, this no-frills holster has a matte edge finish, which provides maximum concealment of the Sig P365. In addition, its design is open-ended and can accommodate threaded barrels.

The trigger guard on the Tulster Profile is undercut, which lets the wearer easily release a magazine while the firearm is in the holster. Also, this holster’s 1.5-inch Quick Clip makes drawing and reholstering snappy, while its full sweat shield keeps the firearm dry and non-slippery.

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You can also adjust the holster’s retention to suit your needs using a screwdriver, thanks to an adjustable retention screw. In addition, the injection-molded belt clip makes it easy to adjust the cant settings from 0 to 30 degrees, giving total control over the holster’s draw speed.


The Tulster Profile Holster is a functional Sig P365 holster that’s perfect for anyone who prioritizes functionality above all else. 

6. DeSantis Gunhide Thumb Break Mini Slide

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Sig owners who want a holster that looks and feels high quality while also being functional will love the DeSantis Gunhide Thumb Break Mini Slide, which, by the way, is the second DeSantis holster on our list.

It’s made with premium saddle leather (double seam stitching) and comes in two colors: black and tan. In addition to its high-quality finish and comfy fit, its open-muzzle design adds an extra layer of sheen to an already aesthetically pleasing holster.

And the two belt slots on the Thumb Break Mini Slide measure 1 3/4 inches wide, letting the wearer’s belt pass through with ease. Additionally, they give you the option of positioning the holster vertically or with a slight cant.

Rounding out the Thumb Break Mini Slide features is an adjustable tension device that gives you more control over the holster’s fit. 


The Thumb Break Mini Slide is a conceal-carry holster that’s great for Sig P365 owners who want a holster with a premium look and feel. And an open-muzzle design adds the finishing touch to an already great-looking holster.

7. Relentless Tactical The Defender 

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The Relentless Tactical The Defender is a holster that can accommodate most subcompact 9 mm firearms, including the Sig Sauer P365. Avoiding synthetic materials, Relentless Tactical fashioned the Defender from American bullhide leather, resulting in a high-quality finish. It also comes in three color options: midnight black, whiskey barrel brown, and charred oak.

A blend of functionality, comfort, and durability, The Defender is a concealed carry holster that offers good retention for and quick access to the Sig P365. A single point attachment is all that’s needed when wearing a belt with this minimalist holster, and it also comes with a trigger guard, which prevents the trigger from moving.

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Additionally, this holster isn’t form-fitted, making it perfect if you plan on customizing your pistol (with a built-in laser grip, for example). Unfortunately, you won’t be able to adjust the cant on this holster, so it does require a bit of breaking in before you get used to it. But that’s a minor complaint given how comfortable it is to use.

On a final note, Relentless Tactical offers a lifetime warranty for The Defender, which is a nice incentive for anyone still on the fence about it. 


If you plan on making customizations to your Sig P365, the Relentless Tactical Defender is the holster for you. It isn’t form-fitted, which makes it such a versatile and accommodating conceal carry holster.

8. Fierce Defender The +1 Kydex

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The Fierce Defender The +1 gets its name from the fact that it’s got extra room for a spare magazine in addition to the Sig P365. It’s fashioned with 0.8” thick kydex, making it an extremely durable holster molded to the P365’s contours. This holster uses a CNC machine to mold the +1, adding to its consistency and 1/1000th of an inch accuracy.

The +1 is meant for appendix carry, riding on the high side to enable quick access to the firearm. Therefore, it’s a holster that Sig owners who actually use their weapons will really appreciate. It also offers adjustable retention for both the firearm and magazine. And it sports a flared opening, which makes it easy to reholster the firearm. 

In addition, Fierce Defender gives buyers a lot of customization options at an additional cost. You can decide whether to include a full sweat shield on the holster or go without. Moreover, you’re able to choose between a 1.5-inch and 1.75-inch belt clip for attaching the holster. Finally, you can get a conceal claw that’ll reduce the printing of the firearm.


For a holster that offers great retention for your Sig P365 as well as a little extra room for the firearm’s magazine, check out the Fierce Defender The +1 Kydex Holster.

9. ANR Design Kydex

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The ANR Design Kydex is an excellent appendix holster for the Sig P365. Molded from 0.8” thick kydex, this holster is quite tough. Additionally, although it’s meant to be worn appendix, the ANR Design Kydex Holster is versatile enough to be used in other carrying positions as well.

However, carrying versatility isn’t the only thing this holster has going for it. Boasting perfect firearm retention, a trigger guard, and a tall sweat guard that keeps the wearer’s perspiration away from the firearm when reholstered, it also brings safety to the table.

Thanks to the rubber grommets on the holster, you’ll be able to adjust the retention of the firearm for maximum carrying comfort. In addition, the holster’s 1.5-inch belt clip has been injected with polymer, making it more durable.

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For maximum concealment, this holster comes with a concealment claw that turns the grip of the firearm into your body using the positive pressure applied by your belt on the claw.

Finally, the ANR Design Kydex Appendix Holster is suppressor sight ready out-the-box, up to 0.450″ tall.


The ANR Design Kydex Appendix Holster is great for Sig P365 owners who want a minimalist design and maximum functionality. It’s also an appendix holster with versatility in how it can be carried.

What to Look for in a Sig Sauer P365 Holster

When choosing a holster for your Sig Sauer P365, there are a couple of things you should look out for to pick one that suits your needs. So let’s check them.

Holster Position

Holsters come in different carrying positions, including pocket, waist (inside or outside the waistband), ankle, belly band, and so on. Therefore, you’ll need to decide the type of holster that’s suitable for your needs beforehand.

Also, whether you’d like to conceal your firearm or not will be a deciding factor for the holster position. 

Material & Comfort

Good holsters are made with durable materials, including military-grade polymer, kydex, nylon, and leather. These materials should protect the gun from the elements and not wear down the gun’s finish over time.

Further, the material used to make the holster should take your comfort into consideration as well. You want a holster that you can wear comfortably over long periods without it chafing your skin.


Carrying a firearm should be safer with a holster. Particularly, you shouldn’t have to worry about the trigger being moved accidentally or the safety mechanism disengaging when you draw or reholster your weapon. The same goes for the accidental movement of the gun’s hammer.

Therefore, a holster that’s right for a handgun like the Sig P365 is built with the gun’s design and contours in mind.

Concealment and Carry License

If you don’t work in law enforcement or have an open-carry license, you probably won’t be using an over the waistband holster for your firearm. Therefore, casual gun owners who have a concealed-carry license will need to choose a concealed-carry holster by default to not fall foul with the law. 

Additionally, your dress sense will also dictate how much concealment you’ll want from your holster. For example, a pocket holster would work better for concealing the firearm carried by a casual dresser (t-shirts and shorts) versus an over-the-waistband holster.


You’ll want a holster with great retention for two reasons: the first is to hold your firearm in place so that you don’t have to worry about it slipping out by accident.

The second reason is to prevent other people from easily grabbing your firearm out of its holster. Therefore, choose a holster that comes with more than one hidden retention device.

Draw Ease 

Although a holster’s retention quality should be very high on your list of holster priorities, you also want one that balances that quality with the gun’s draw ease. 

In a life or death situation, you’ll need to be able to easily reach for your firearm to defend yourself. Therefore, carrying a holster that makes that difficult to do would be far from ideal.


It’s easier to return a firearm to a holster that’s rigid and holds its shape when not occupied by a gun. Also, with rigid holsters, you’ll only need to use one hand when returning the gun.

By comparison, a flexible holster that doesn’t hold its shape when the gun is drawn will require that you use both hands as you’ll need one hand to hold the holster steady when returning the weapon.


All good holsters come with the option of adjusting the retention and cant settings to your preference. This adjustability usually takes the form of screws and belt clips that you can easily adjust with a simple screwdriver.

Being able to adjust the retention and cant of a holster is important because both things affect how well the holster retains the firearm, as well as how easy it is to draw from the holster. Also, it adds an additional layer of comfort.


As mentioned, a holster made specifically with the Sig Sauer P365 in mind is ideal. However, the Sig Sauer P365 might not be the only firearm you own.

Therefore, it would make sense to go for a holster that’s capable of carrying different brands of firearms. If you decide on a firearm-neutral holster, just make sure that you keep other considerations, such as retention and adjustability, in mind.


Finally, your budget will most likely play a role in the holster you choose. It’s worth bearing in mind that the holsters that offer the most value for money don’t necessarily come with steep price tags. 

The price of a holster is usually determined by factors such as the material used to mold it, whether features such as sweat guards are provided out-of-the-box or sold separately, and its holster-specific features. 


What Is the Most Comfortable Holster for the Sig Sauer P365?

If you ask our opinion, we’re quite partial to the CYTAC OWB. It’s made with a military-grade polymer material that’s smooth and doesn’t feel harsh against the skin when worn over long periods.

It’s also effortless to draw and reholster the P365 from the CYTAC OWB, made possible by the holster’s release button, which can be operated with the press of an index finger.

Is It Safe to Carry a Sig P365 With a Round in the Chamber?

It depends. Some gun owners argue that there’s no point in carrying around an unloaded weapon, citing how difficult it would be to chamber a round if caught in a life-threatening situation. When you consider that guns and good holsters have safety features that prevent accidental discharges, it’s hard to disagree with the above stance.

However, in non-life-threatening situations, it’s better to be safe than sorry because human error can have tragic consequences. For example, if you have to interact with small and rambunctious children in your day-to-day life (perhaps family members), it would be much safer for everyone if you were carrying an unloaded gun or no gun at all.

What Holsters Fit Sig P365?

Any holster that’s made with the Sig P365’s contours in mind would make a good fit for this handgun. However, holsters that are made to carry multiple guns also work well with the Sig.

At the very least, the said holster would have to be able to restrict the gun’s movement during retention and hold its shape when the gun is drawn. Incidentally, every holster mentioned in this article works well with the Sig P365.

Can You Pocket a Sig P365?

Yes, the Sig P365 is small enough to pocket. This portable handgun measures 150 mm (5.8 inches) in total length. That’s small enough to fit in an adult’s open palm, yes, despite its 4.3 inches of height.

With that said, if you plan on taking advantage of the P365’s size, we suggest you use a pocket holster. We recommend DeSantis Gunhide’s The Nemesis. It’s one of the best pocket holsters on the market.

Final Verdict

So which of the above holsters suits the Sig Sauer P365 best? We believe that the award should go to the CYTAC OWB. In terms of safety, the CYTAC OWB is miles ahead of its competition, thanks to its level II retention trigger lock.

Additionally, the military-grade polymer material used to fashion the CYTAC OWB makes it more durable than the leather, neoprene, and kydex used in its counterpart holsters. It also helps that the polymer material is good to the P365’s finish and its internal screw design helps with retention.

Moreover, the CYTAC OWB scores points for being quite versatile, as it’s able to hold the Sig P365XL and the Sig P365SAS, too. For these reasons and many more, we believe it’s the best holster for the Sig P365.

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