21 Best Best Concealed Carry Purses in 2024 (with Buying Guide)

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Best Concealed Carry Purses Review

A lot of people say concealed carry purses aren’t the best option… and they’re right.


On the body carry configurations aren’t always an option. A lot of outfits just can’t accommodate a concealed carry weapon (CCW), and I don’t blame you for leaving your CCW at home because it’s uncomfortable! With this said, despite your outfit, if you often find yourself carrying a purse then you have options.

Concealing your personal protection device safely inside a purse that is optimized for such an item is far better than not carrying at all. I think the following quote sums it up best.

“A gun in the hand is worth the entire police force on the phone.”

In other words, I want you to be prepared with the necessary gear no matter the situation. Let’s begin by discussing what characteristics make a purse a concealed carry purse and what attributes you should be considering!

Quick Summary: Our Top 5 Picks For Concealed Carry Purses in 2024
Roma Leathers Locking Concealment Purse
  • Genuine leather and outstanding design
  • Lockable zipper
  • Soft cloth inner lining
GTM Gun Tote’n Mama Handbag
  • Single access rear zipper compartment
  • Slash resistant (wire reinforced strap)
  • Includes removable holster
Lady Conceal YKK Locking Satchel
  • Dual side gun compartment access
  • Faux leather with a wide base
  • Includes universal holster and adjustable straps​
Purse King Magnum CC Bag
  • Crossbody capable
  • Wide and comfortable straps
  • Soft and minimalistic
Don’t Tread on Me Leather Purse
  • High-quality leather
  • Small and compact design that is highly adjustable
  • Adjustable cross-body strap

7 Tips on Choosing the Best Concealed Carry Purse

A Dedicated Pocket for Your Gun

I recommend choosing a CCW purse that has a dedicated gun pocket. You’re going to have enough things rushing through your head should you ever need to draw your gun. You don’t want to accidentally pull out your hairbrush instead of drawing your firearm. That would just be awkward and potentially even more dangerous! You also don’t want things getting stuck between the trigger guard and trigger.

Your gun pocket should be large enough to accommodate the firearm you own, so ensure the pocket is the correct size! For best fit, the size of the frame (compact, sub-compact, medium, full size, double stack, etc) should roughly be the same as the size of the pocket. Too small and your firearm won’t fit, too large and your firearm will be apt to moving around and perhaps even falling out!

Zipper Position and Location

One of the most crucial components of carrying a firearm is your ability to deploy and utilize it quickly and efficiently.  You don’t want your gun to be located inside a zipper pocket inside of a zipper pocket that’s inside of another product. A well-designed purse will allow you to access the firearm through a single exterior zipper. During a situation where you would need to draw your gun your hands will likely be shaking from all the adrenaline, and unzipping two zippers just takes too long. Criminals also watch for people reaching into bags so the last thing you want is to draw attention to your struggles with the zipper!

Zipper Down

Any reputable gun purse manufacturer will have already have considered this in their design, but just double check. You want the zipper to pull down not up. That way you can use your body weight to pull the zipper down and the purse won’t get out of control. This also aids you in your one-handed operation. A zipper that pulls up will likely need your other hand to hold it in place, wasting time and making your actions far more obvious!

Holster Compartment (Removable Preferred)

If the CCW purse doesn’t come with a holster, you can buy a separated pocket holster so long as it fits properly in the pocket and is very secure (although it’s easier to just buy one with a pocket holster).

Gun Compartment Size

Even if your handgun fits in the dedicated gun pocket, you want to make sure that you can get your hand around the pistol grip and that it isn’t too hard to draw. You also want something that will keep your firearm in the position that you left it in so that you can reach in blindly, instantly locating the grip and drawing your weapon in the right direction.

What is it Made of?

Most concealed carry purses are expensive, so be sure the one you’re buying is made from quality materials that will withstand the test of time. There are a lot of purses out there to choose from that are made from high-quality leather and nylon. Personally, I’d also want a purse that is thick and sturdy as to protect my firearm from the occasional bangs and dings of normal everyday life occurrences.

Matching Your Style

You aren’t going to want to have to buy one to match every outfit you have because that would end up being quite expensive. Try to get one that is a neutral color that will match any outfit. Also, you have to like it, or you likely won’t bring it with you. Luckily for our purse wearing readers who enjoy their 2nd amendment rights, they won’t need to sacrifice style for CCW application!

Without further delay, let’s dive straight into the market’s best firearm friendly purses!

Here is a List of the Best Concealed Carry Purses

1. Roma Leathers Locking Concealment Purse (Best Design)

Roma Leathers Leather Locking Concealment Purse - CCW Concealed Carry Gun Shoulder Bag, Black (7008-BLK)

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My Review: This purse checks all the suggested boxes when it comes to a good concealment purse.

The outside of the purse doesn’t have any markings that will give it away as a conceal carry purse and there is a leather strip that hides the zippers of the gun compartment. Another great thing about this purse is that there is a leather panel that hides the vertical zipper (which can give away that it is a concealed carry purse if people are looking for it).

The gun compartment pouch has two YKK lockable zippers (one on each side) that open into the 7.5 inches by 10-inch compartment that is Velcro lined to hold the holster in place. The dual-sided zippers make it easy to draw your gun whether you’re right handed, left handed, or ambidextrous.

The two lockable zipper compartments come with 4 keys (all keys work on each compartment) which is a big plus for this concealed carry bag.

If you like the look of this purse, I think you’ll be totally sold after reading customer reviews.

Key Features:

  • Genuine leather and outstanding design
  • Easy access zipper compartment (dual side) with a removable Velcro positioning holster
  • Lockable zipper
  • Soft cloth inner lining
  • Thick and sturdy straps
  • Many color configurations available
  • Straps are strong (but not slash proof)

2. GTM Gun Tote’n Mama Handbag (Small and Compact)

GTM Gun Tote'n Mamas Concealed Carry Basic Hobo Handbag, Black, Smal

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My Review: The GTM company is known for making some of the best concealed carry handbags on the market, and this is one of their top-rated products.

If you’re looking for a small conceal and carry purse this one might just be what you’re looking for.

As far as overall design goes, this purse is a close second to the first one on the list. Instead of the zippers on the front face of the bag, this purse has a rear zipper gun compartment.

The bag is very well made and is advertised as being “butter soft” within a few weeks and highly durable.

Potential cons:

The small cons I see are that it’s not lockable and there is limited storage space.

Key Features:

  • Single access rear zipper compartment
  • Slash resistant (wire reinforced strap)
  • Includes removable holster
  • Holster held in place by velcro

3. Browning Alexandria FAUX Leather Purse

Browning Women's Concealed Carry Purse, Premium Holstered Handbag with Safety Locking Option, Alexandria (Charcoal), One Size

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Note: You can find this purse in two more colors here.

My Review: Browning… You mean they make something other than shotguns? Yes! And they make some very functional conceal and carry bags. I like this purse because the holster can be reached from all angles (left, right, and even the top for a quick draw).

The Browning Company has a long history of making some of the highest quality firearms and judging by the customer reviews on this purse they haven’t deviated from their quality on other products.

If you’re looking for a little larger purse with lots of storage space this is a good option. It has a wide base, so you won’t have to worry about it falling over if you set it down. The purse dimensions are 13 by 15 by 10 inches.

One downside of this purse is the straps aren’t long enough for most women to carry cross-body, so if you plan on carrying your purse cross-body you may what to choose one of the other purses on this list.

Key Features:

  • Single access zipper compartment
  • Dual side and top access to the gun compartment​
  • Locking holster
  • Wide base design constructed of very soft faux leather
  • Cannot be carried cross-body

4. Tactical Weekender Tote Bag by 5.11

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My Review: 5.11 Tactical is a brand you’ll see all over our website and for good reason, they’ve tried, true, tested, and ran by people that are experts in all things tactical gear related. 5.11 Tactical does have multiple offerings that may suit your needs in terms of conceal carrying a firearm in your purse and we’ll talk about several of the options available to you from them!

First and foremost, the Weekender Tote bag. This is regarded as the flagship purse concealment option as it consists of the highest quality materials, largest and most versatile firearm storage area, and overall it’s just a fantastic purse.

Now, 5.11 Tactical usually offers their gear in a stunning appearance of both style and tactical-like flavor, however, I’m very surprised and happy to see how minimalistic they’ve gone with their approach to designing firearm concealing handbags. The Weekender really does appear to be a very vanilla looking bag that would fit right in with any of your friend’s bags without giving off the idea there may be a weapon stashed inside. I believe they have done an excellent job with the styling of all of this lineup as the very idea of carrying a firearm should rely on covertness and being inconspicuous.

Now, the style may not be very tactical in nature but the craftsmanship and build quality certainly are. That 64% polyester and 36% nylon blend creates an exceptionally strong structure and shell while still being malleable enough to comfortably fit a pistol inside without giving off its silhouette. The bag is also extremely tough and durable and although it isn’t technically waterproof, it does shed off raindrops quite well and gives your firearm a nice and comfortable place to rest without fear of it getting wet or the material being so thin and cheap that it wears through revealing your firearm. This is important because the bag is also very lightweight and usually, you would have to trade off structural integrity for lighter weight but not here as 5.11 has done an excellent job encompassing both attributes nicely.

Of course, 5.11 Tactical is a very well known tactical gear brand and as such, having their coveted logo on the outside might just give up your covertness, but never fear, their branding only appears on the inside of the bag away from plain view.

For those of you looking for body armor and would like to have a system that works with your purse, check out the Marine Approved plate carrier guide where you’ll find the 5.11 Tactical TacTec plate carrier. This system is compatible with the Weekender Tote bag giving you more options to conceal and change your carry style on the fly.

Key Features:

  • Constructed of a heavy-duty 64% polyester and 36% nylon blend which provides a bit of water resistance while being lightweight
  • Dimensions are 14.5” high and 23” wide with 7 slip pockets, 1 zip compartment, and 2 exterior storage options
  • The straps provide for a 12” shoulder drop
  • Stress points including straps are Bar-Tack reinforced for incredible durability and strength
  • Available in either Fern Green or Black color configurations
  • Does not include a holster – I recommend purchasing a holster that is built specifically for your firearm that is either velcro or nonslip

5. Tactical Tiffany Tote Bag by 5.11

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My Review: The second entry on this list from one of our favorite brands, 5.11 Tactical, is the Tiffany Tote bag which consists of a purpose-built design revolving around being able to carry any and everything you would need for a quick response situation. These bags are excellent storage options for carrying your firearm and all of its goodies due to its purpose-built storage design.

Inside the bag you’ll find a very deep storage container where the only 5.11 Tactical branding resides, ensuring that no one from the outside will recognize you’re carrying a bag made by a tactically focused brand. Inside that deep pocket are triple stitched magazine slots that will keep your magazines from sliding around inside the bag or coming into contact with your other goodies, like your phone. The bag has plenty of options for concealing a firearm such as the inside zipper container or the faster outside horizontally positioned slide pocket.

These bags were purpose-built for those of you looking for an inconspicuous bag that allows you to carry your firearm protection with you throughout the day without raising an eyebrow and then also being tactically friendly and super handy when you hit the range after work as it should allow enough storage for you to carry your extra magazines, ammunition, ear protection, and anything else you may need for some quality range time.

Key Features:

  • Constructed of a nylon and polyester blend which allows for decent water resistance and an overall high durability structure
  • This bag can carry well over 10lbs of gear and is dedicated to being able to carry everything you would need to practice at the range
  • Like most of the other 5.11 purses, these are compatible with the TacTec system
  • Integrated magazine section and covert zipper compartment inside
  • Available in Black or Sage Green color configurations with non-tactical badging accents
  • Does not include a holster – I recommend purchasing a holster that is built specifically for your firearm that is either velcro or nonslip

6. Tactical Lucy Handbag by 5.11

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My Review: The Lucy handbag is designed to be a smaller alternative to the Weekender and the Tiffany Tote bags while offering similar covertness and firearm concealment options but with less space for extra gear and goodies. Some of you may find that the Weekender and Tiffany bags are simply too large for everyday carry and are ampler as range bags and I couldn’t agree more, so let’s dive into a smaller alternative.

Now, the Lucy is smaller, but it isn’t “small” by any means. You can still carry a full-size frame with extra magazines, ear protection, and all of your day-to-day goodies inside of its large deep carry main pocket and stuff extra goodies inside the hidden interior storage compartments. This bag, like all of the 5.11 Tactical bags, comes with self-healing YKK zippers and on the Lucy, these are lockable, ensuring that even if your bag leaves your hands for a moment that it will be exceptionally difficult for an assailant to use your weapon against you.

Key Features:

  • Constructed of 420D nylon that provides a lightweight platform but high durability and a decent amount of resistance to water
  • Lockable and self-healing YKK zippers
  • No tactical badging and instead features a very covert and inconspicuous design
  • Hidden exterior slip pouch for quick access to your firearm
  • Does not include a holster – I recommend purchasing a holster that is built specifically for your firearm that is either velcro or nonslip

7. Tactical Sarah Satchel by 5.11

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My Review: The Sarah Satchel is one of the more compact options in the current 5.11 Tactical lineup but make no mistake, this purse can do it all with room to spare and is very large compared to just a regular handbag. First and foremost, it was designed to give you options. You can carry the Sarah Satchel as a body satchel as the name suggests or you can quickly and easily convert it to a more traditional handbag form factor by releasing the body strap.

The Sarah Satchel is one of the more heavy-duty options as it consists of a thick and durable 600D polyester construction. This is the most resistance to water and tearing of any fabrics found on the 5.11 Tactical lineup and you’ll immediately feel how thick and durable the materials are.

Key Features:

  • Constructed of 600D polyester which offers a very thick and durable construction as well as a very good resistance to water
  • Utilizes a quick-access magnetic closure mechanism as well as the 5.11 self-healing YKK zippers
  • Available in Black or Sage Green color configurations
  • Vertically positioned firearm compart with a very sleek and inconspicuous flap cover
  • Compatible with the 5.11 Tactical TacTec system
  • Does not include a holster – I recommend purchasing a holster that is built specifically for your firearm that is either velcro or nonslip

8. Lady Conceal YKK Locking Satchel

Concealed Carry Purse - YKK Locking Laced Ann Concealed Weapon Satchel by Lady Conceal (Cinnamon)

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My Review: Lady conceal makes a lot of well designed and cute purses. This one here is made of high-quality FAUX leather and has laced sides.

The adjustable straps are versatile and allow it to be carried crossbody. The top of the purse has a zipper, which opens into the satin lined spacious compartment. Inside the bag, there are two large pockets and a large zippered pocket for your private materials.

The YKK locking zippers are dual sided and open to 8.5 x 7-inch pocket that features a universal holster, making this a great ambidextrous concealed carry purse for both right handed or left handed women.

Key Features:

  • Dual side gun compartment access
  • Faux leather with a wide base
  • Includes universal holster and adjustable straps​
  • YKK locking zippers with 4 keys included

9. Purse King Magnum CC Bag (Cheap)

Purse King Magnum Beige Concealed Carry Handbag

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My Review: If you’re looking for a sleek, cute, and cheap concealed carry purse this is a good option.

The straps are adjustable and long enough for shoulder or crossbody carry. There are over 12 colors to choose from, so you can find a color to match just about any outfit. There is a front zipper pocket that serves as an organizer for credit cards, cell phones, glasses, or other small items.

Please read the next couple of paragraphs if you plan to buy this purse! There are a few things that put this purse below the others on this list. First, there is no holster inside the zipper, so if you do plan on using this as a conceal carry purse I recommend buying a separate holster. If you don’t your firearm will not be secured.

Another thing is there is one way to get your gun. You’ll have to make sure you practice the fastest way for you to get to the gun if you do buy this purse if you’re left-handed.

Some women say that they don’t like when conceal companies put their logo on the purse because it can identify it as a CCW purse, but I seriously doubt anyone is going to recognize the crown emblem.

Key Features:

  • Crossbody capable
  • Wide and comfortable straps
  • Soft and minimalistic
  • No gun holster
  • Does not lock
  • Straps are not slash-proof
  • Not good for left-handed women

10. Goson Leather Crocodile Print Locking Purse

Goson Premium Crocodile Embossed PU Faux Leather Concealed Carry Purse Tote

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My Review: If you’re looking for a nice leather concealed carry purse that locks this is another good option for you. It is great for righties and lefties because the gun pocket can be accessed from the left or right side.

Like most the other purses on this list, it also has the Velcro positioning holster to keep your firearm safe and secure. It comes with 4 keys that work on either of the 2 locks, so you can keep some in a safe location in case you lose one.

The interior is large enough to fit an iPad or other small personal items. There are lots of pockets and even one just for your cell phone. The gun compartment measures 13 by 8.5 by so it is even a good concealed carry purse for large handguns.

A lot of the women reviewing this purse said they were getting lots of compliments and no one even knew it was a gun purse.

Key Features:

  • Large gun pocket
  • Velcro positioned purse holster
  • Quality crocodile print leather
  • Good for right or left-handed shooters
  • Lockable gun pocket with spacious interior
  • Not a good concealed carry crossbody purse
  • Straps not slash-resistant

11. Don’t Tread on Me Leather Purse (Crossbody)

Conceal and Carry Black Leather Purse Compact Design but Highly Efficient includes Built-in Wallet and Locking Zipper for weapon security"The Lisa"

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My Review: If you’re looking for a compact and small crossbody conceal carry purse with a universal holster this is a great option. The wide crossbody strap will make you feel comfortable and secure.

Important note: If you carry a large handgun this probably isn’t a good CCW purse for you, but if you carry a small to medium-sized handgun then this bag will work great.

The adjustable crossbody strap (22-44 inches) is made from strong leather. The lockable compartment has a high-quality zipper that locks (multiple keys included). An important note for this purse is that it’s not optimal for left-handed shooters. If you are left-handed you may want to consider another handbag on this list.

Key Features:

  • High-quality leather
  • Small and compact design that is highly adjustable
  • Adjustable cross-body strap
  • Lockable gun compartment
  • Adjustable purse holster included
  • Not a good for large handguns
  • The strap is not slash-proof
  • Designed for right-handed shooters only

12. Browning Catrina Cross Body Handbag

Browning Women's Concealed Carry Purse, Premium Holstered Handbag with Safety Locking Option, Catrina (Black), One Size

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My Review: This purse is available in two sharp looking colors (grey and black). It has all the features you’d expect from a Browning purse. Let me go into detail about a few of them.

This is another purse that is great for a right, left, or cross draw. The leather strap is adjustable and removable.

The purse has a wide base, with overall dimensions of 9.5 by 10 by 3 inches, so you won’t have to get frustrated about it falling over.

It has a lockable holster that can be reached from the left or right side for quick access to your firearm. The locking holster adds another level of security to ensure that no one can access your firearm but you.

Key Features:

  • Quality Faux leather
  • Can be carried cross body and is good for right or left-handed shooters.
  • Lockable holster included
  • Wide base

13. Valkri Juno Crossbody CCW Handbag

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My Review: The Valkri Juno is (from a man’s perspective) one of the nicest looking all leather conceal carry purses on the market today! I’m a big fan of the all white with black accents style though so many I’m a bit biased. Anyways, the purse is purpose built to be resistant to the purse swipers with a reinforced anti-slash shoulder strap. This is yet another fantastically designed zipper pouch design where the zipper moves downward to open instead of upwards. The bag is usable for both our righties and our lefties!

The purse also comes with a handy dandy little nylon insertable holster that’ll fit most handguns on the smaller side of the spectrum (5” height).  This holster is slightly adjustable and will adhere to the sidewalls of the purse via velcro, allowing a smooth draw without your holster flying out with it. Overall, this purse seems to be a fancy medium between economical pricing and quality performance. Shoving a firearm in its respective pouch doesn’t take away from the storage of the actual purse and makes sure everything is nice and safe inside.

Key Features:

  • Theft resistant with a slash proof strap
  • Easy access to the firearm for either handedness
  • The weight of the firearm can cause the purse to fall over when sitting by itself and nothing inside

14. Epic Chic Accessory Crossbody Firearm Purse

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My Review: This purse comes in 6 different colors all consisting of high-quality faux leather construction. The bag is very low profile and gives nothing away, making this bag a top choice for those of you looking to be as discreet as possible. The purse comes included with a detachable strap, however, it doesn’t appear to be slash-proof or anything abnormally special. This purse also implements a magnetic locking flap that ensures it stays closed while on the go. As a final extra goodie, the package I’ve linked to includes a color-matched nylon holster.

The firearm pocket is lockable and extremely easy to access. It’s 7” x 9.5” which is an incredible size considering the overall size of the purse itself! This is probably one of the best options for a low profile lightweight “going out” purse.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-lightweight and compact design while still offering plenty of space for the trusty hand cannon
  • Included color matched holster
  • The purse is very top-heavy and has trouble standing up straight when a firearm is the only item enclosed inside (not an issue if the purse has things inside)

15. Gun Tote’n Mamas Ostrich Town CCW

Concealed Carry Ostrich Town Tote by Gun Tote'n Mamas (Orange)

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My Review: Despite the title being Ostrich, this is purse is actually constructed from all American cowhide which undergoes a debossing procedure to create a nice looking ostrich material style pattern. It’s available in three colors – brown, black, and light blue, and features 2 open side pockets equipped with high-quality zippers. You’ll be able to use the short top positioned handles to carry the purse or you can attach the included shoulder strap for cross carry use!

The firearm compartments are made of ballistic nylon and are capable of fitting even the largest full-frame pistols inside.

Key Features:

  • Solid metal legs at the bottom that protect the purse when setting on the ground and aid with stability
  • Ambidextrous entrances for the firearm compartments
  • The shoulder strap isn’t slashing proof

16. Bulldog Cases Carry Tote

Bulldog Cases Tote Style Concealed Carry Purse with Holster, Navy Stripe, 17L

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My Review: This is a rather cute striped red or blue CCW purse that most certainly wouldn’t have me wondering if the owner of this purse is packing heat. It looks cute and innocent, which is exactly what you want for a CCW purse! This package is also inclusive of a color matched holster optimized for small framed compact pistols and revolvers. The holster is a very nice touch and makes for a more secure but seamless drawing action. The firearm feels well protected inside the purse and doesn’t give anything away in terms of firearm appearance!

Key Features:

  • Cute and doesn’t attract any attention to what’s inside
  • A perfect match for those carrying compact frame
  • Not built to handle heavy abuse

17. Roma Leathers Brown CCW Purse

Roma Leathers Leather Concealed Carry Cross Body Gun Purse Left or Right Hand W/Holster-Brown, Medium

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My Review: If you’re looking for a super durable crossbody concealed carry purse with plenty of room but isn’t bulky, this purse by Roma Leathers is a great choice.

The purse has a front pocket with a leather over flap with a magnet for closure. The front compartment has 7 slots for credit cards, a drivers license, and other forms of identification.

Key Features:

  • Real leather
  • Durable and slash resistant reinforced strap
  • Includes nylon holster
  • Locking compartment in the back for important items
  • Overall size is 10” x 10” x 4”

18. Heshe Vintage Leather Body Bag

Heshe Vintage Womens Genuine Leather Handbags Tote Bag Top Handle Bag Satchel Designer Purses Cross-body Bag (Sorrel)

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My Review: A beautifully stunning leather construction, the massive Heshe bag is a definite choice for our readers who love storing their sidearms in their bags. This isn’t marketed as a CCW purse, however, it is set up perfectly to act like one! With a large top to bottom zippered outer compartment that is well padded and protected. You can fit just about any size frame of pistol inside and since it’s so big, it doesn’t give away what’s stored inside! This setup also included some pretty hefty straps that aren’t marketed as slash-proof, however, they seem to be incredibly durable to me, probably pretty close to slash-proof.

You can use this bag as a shoulder bag or as a crossbody configuration. I do recommend purchasing a small nylon or Kydex holster for your firearm to pair with this bag as it doesn’t have one included. The compartment is well padded and protected but as always, I recommend that further step of protection the holster has to offer.

As a side note, these tough leather bags do need a bit of a break-in period before they are comfortable to wear and use on a daily basis. A lot of people like to apply a hot and wet cloth around it and just work it in deeply with your hands for a few minutes to loosen it up!

Key Features:

  • Real top-grain leather that is durable and vibrant in color
  • Strong silver-colored mounting hardware really set this piece off from its competitors
  • The leather is very stiff and firm when the purse is brand new.

19. Roma Leathers ambidextrous Gun Bag

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My Review: It’s no surprise to see another purse by Roma Leathers on this list. This particular model is well designed, look great, and have all the features a high quality concealed carry purse should have. It is made of soft leather, has multiple pockets, a built-in organizer, and a cell phone pouch.

The carry pocket has velcro inside it, so the holster, which also has velcro, can easily be removed and the angle can be adjusted to the user’s preference.

Key Features:

  • Lockable gun compartment
  • High-quality leather
  • Ambidextrous
  • Multiple colors available
  • Plenty of organization compartments
  • Well constructed zippers

20. Roma Leathers Locking Gun Purse

Roma Leathers Concealed Carry Purse - Genuine Leather Locking CCW Gun Bag - Left and Right-Hand Draw (7096-BRN)

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My Review: This purse by Roma leathers has a durable and highly functional design. It has two large separated compartments It has a large gun compartment

The most common criticism of this purse is the double straps. Some women say it takes some getting used to and hate when one strap falls off their shoulder. While this is not the highest-rated purse on this list, it’s certainly not a bad option.

Key Features:

  • Removable velcro holster
  • Dedicated weapon compartment
  • Locking gun compartment
  • Universal holster
  • Lots of pockets

21. Dina Lock Concealed Carry Satchel

Concealed Carry Purse - Dina Lock Concealed Carry Satchel (Stone)

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My Review: The small lock you see on the front of the purse actually provides not function and is purely for decoration. This purse has a 7×11” gun pocket that will accommodate most popular CCW firearms.

The gun pocket can be accessed from either the left or right side. The inside of the gun compartment has velcro to hold a firearm securely in place. It also comes with a matching gun holster, or you can swap the holster out with another one if you prefer.

This purse is a little larger than most of the others on this list, but overall it is a very quality purse.

Key Features:

  • Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Interior zipper pocket
  • Faux leather
  • Comes with wallet and holster

Conceal Carry Carry Tips for Women

1. Carry cross-body when possible

Crossbody carry might not be as comfortable but it makes it so a thief or criminal can’t just grab the purse, leaving you defenseless.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice…  with proper technique.

Practicing with proper technique will all you to react instinctively when a situation arises that you need to draw your gun. The way you practice will be how you draw. It’s just muscle memory.

Here is a great video with proper draw technique.

In the Marines we practice the same simple things over and over again, so movements are reflexive when shit hits the fan.

3. Track Your Progress

One thing my dad and I use to track how long it takes us to draw our weapon and try to get faster is a shot timer. It’s a simple little tool that can add some pressure and make it feel like you’re drawing your weapon under pressure and with a sense of urgency.

There is a lot that you can buy on Amazon. This one here is pretty solid, but there are cheaper options available as well.

4. Don’t Tell Anyone You Have a Firearm

The element of surprise is the biggest advantage you have while concealed carrying. In some situations, you may have to wait for the right moment to draw your weapon, preferably when the target is off-guard.  In the meantime, if someone knows you are concealed carrying they could say something stupid or clue the target that you have a concealed weapon. The only people who know you carry a gun should be your range buddies, or even better, only yourself!

The leading cause of firearm thefts is from those you likely know and trust the most. That’s right, gun owners often find the perpetrators of their missing firearms to be friends and family that had prior knowledge of the firearms in question!

If you are looking for concealed carry backpacks, you can read our compiled list here.

5. Know Your Rights and wait for a Lawyer

If a situation arises where you had to fire your weapon be polite to Police and first responders, but don’t say too much until you have a lawyer present. Make sure you have your weapon holstered so police and others don’t see you as a threat. Once Police arrive on the scene, your hands need to be as far as possible AWAY from your firearm and you should notify them of your firearm immediately. Make first responders as comfortable with you as possible and remember that they don’t know who the threat is upon arriving. A firearm in your hands with someone shot in front of you looks awfully suspicious to people that didn’t see the action so quickly defuse any doubts without hesitation.

If Police begin to question you, the best option is probably to just say you were scared and used your weapon for self-defense, and that you plan to cooperate fully, but would like to wait for your lawyer.

Remember, firearm usage has to be justified in a way that proves your life was being threatened. You cannot produce your handgun because someone annoys you or damages your property. There must be an immediate and viable threat to your well being or you’ll find yourself in a whirlwind of trouble!

6. Brush up on Self Defense Tactics

Having a firearm on you is great, but in some cases, you could get jumped unexpectedly. Taking some basic self-defense classes is a good way to get an attacker off you or to create space between you and the target to draw your gun.

Obtaining a concealed carried weapons (CCW) permit, even where states don’t require it, is always advisable. CCW training not only reinforces safety protocol but teaches you how to handle malfunctions and the legalities of handling and using a firearm in public. The classes and permits are usually fairly cheap and only take a few hours to complete.

Proper education is always a top tier investment!

7. Consider Carrying a Non-lethal Self Defense Weapon Like Pepper Spray

Having a bottle of pepper spray in your concealed carry purse is also a good idea. Not all circumstances justify lethal force, so having a non-lethal weapon isn’t a bad idea. There are also knives and tasers you can choose to use instead as well!

8. Practice Situational Awareness and Go with Your Gut

This seems simple but paying attention can really pay off. If you notice something out of the ordinary or get a bad feeling about someone or a certain area the best thing to do is avoid it. It’s amazing how our instincts can clue us in of if someone or something is dangerous.

9. Always know where your gun purse is

The major downside of concealed carry purses is women often set them down, say in a shopping cart. This can allow others to get to your gun if you’re not paying attention and creates another thing to think about during a draw situation.

10. Practice Proper Weapon Safety

Make sure you learn the fundamentals of shooting before you begin carrying a gun. There are basic weapon safety rules everyone should know before carrying a gun. If you draw your gun and are not properly trained you could possibly make the situation more dangerous for yourself. That sounds kind of scary, but carrying a gun is a big responsibility. A lot of countries don’t even trust their civilians to carry a weapon, so take it seriously! That said if you’re properly trained concealed carrying is a great way to protect yourself and your family.

Remember that carrying a firearm is a massive responsibility and although it is a right given to you by the US Constitution, it is your responsibility to educate yourself on the proper way to handle a firearm and when to use it. Using a firearm improperly can not only lead to murder and/or manslaughter, but it also leads to the further destruction of good peoples rights in the future.

11. Relax and Be Confident

After practicing your skills at the range and becoming familiar with the gun you intend to carry try to relax and be confident. Concealed carry is proven to deter crime. It’s very unlikely you’ll ever need to draw your weapon, but if something does happen you’ll be very glad you took the time to prepare. There is an old well known saying “the best camera is the one you have on you.” Well, the same goes for purses, the best concealed carry purse is the one you are actually willing to carry and have on you. So, make sure you find a purse you actually like rather than the one you think is the most functional.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a purse concealed carry?

A carry purse that has a gun compartment can be classified as a Concealed Purse. These purses also come with an internal holster to hold a gun which can help in quickly drawing a gun which then could be fired from inside the purse itself.

Should women conceal a gun with a purse?

A woman can carry a well-designed Concealed Purse which should have a holster to hold the gun in a place where it can be drawn easily whenever required. It is an accessory carried by women all around the USA for their personal safety and defense.

How to use a concealed carry purse?

A concealed carry purse has an appropriate holster where a gun can be rested. Once needed, the one carrying the purse can easily draw the gun from inside the purse itself. When it comes to drawing and shooting, a good purse will allow the owner to shoot the gun from within the purse itself.

Can I conceal a gun in a purse everywhere in the USA?

It actually depends on the state you’re in, different states have different laws regarding this. States such as Texas and Missouri have laws in the place where a gun could be carried in a Concealed Purse.

If you have any comments, questions like if you’re model of gun will fit in a specific purse, you can ask me below or reach out the manufacturer.

Let me know if you’ve had a good experience with any of these purses or if you think there is one that I should add to the list.

Semper Fi

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