15 Best Car Holsters (Vehicles & Trucks) in 2023

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If you are planning on exercising that second amendment right and carrying your trusty hand cannons everywhere you go, it is inevitable that you will be mixing automobiles and firearms. It’s certainly no mystery that hopping in and out of the car can be a bit of a tricky maneuver with a piece of steel and polycarbonate strapped to your hip.

Appendix carriers get stabbed in the stomach, rear belt configurations get stabbed in the butt, and for you holster lovers; you know the seat belt mechanism, center console, and contours of the seat don’t always agree with your gear.

Car Holster Buying Guide

Taking your beloved hand cannons along for the ride simply just isn’t always the most comfortable situation in the world, but luckily for you, there is a multitude of options poised to create a safer and more comfortable environment inside your vehicle. I’m talking a car holster or vehicle holster.

Mounting your firearm in your vehicle isn’t only for comfort, though. There are many situations where drawing your firearm against the back of the seat or the sides of the center console may inhibit your speed and efficiency. If you’re going to carry your firearms in your vehicle, you should be considering the fastest and most efficient ways of drawing and securing your firearms.

In this article, we will discuss several different types of car-mounted holsters, gun safes, and nifty little tricks to make your 2A amendment experience and your vehicles work together. After a quick discussion, I’ll show you what I think are the best car holsters and where to source them!

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks for Car Holsters for Vehicles and Trucks in 2022
Keeper Gun Mount
  • Easy to use
  • Gun magnet mount for safety and protection
  • Each car holster magnet is 35 lbs
Tac-Mag Gun Magnet
  • Strongest Gun Magnet on the market
  • Weather Proof and Shock Proof
  • 100% LIFETIME Guarantee
Explorer Ch88 Car/Vehicle Multi-Use Holster
  • Car holster with 4 elastic hooks
  • Built in holster with belt clip
  • Heavy Duty Polyester 600 D
Universal Vehicle Holster for Car or Truck
  • Strap-based holster
  • Comes with an adjustable 70-inch band
  • Woven polyester
COJO MFG Ambidextrous Magnetic Multi-Functional Holster
  • V-shape magnetic cradle style
  • Will fit any handgun of regular size
  • Hardened plastic with high strength neodymium magnets

Considerations for Packing Heat While Riding Cool


Not every firearm comes with a safety locking mechanism and a lot of people that carry just can’t fathom not having a round in the chamber. This should be a no-brainer but the last thing you need when drawing your firearm is to have it wiggle around or press against other objects in your car; leaving you fighting the contours of your seat to pull your firearm out of its hiding place. Chances are, that firearm will end up being pointed in several directions that are not favorable nor safe, including at yourself and passengers as you try to wrestle it out against the seat belt.

Is that risk worth it?

If you’re a responsible gun owner, the answer is always a big fat no. Getting a car holster and mount reduces this risk significantly by offering you an easy place to set your firearm where it will always remain pointed in a safe direction. The struggle to deploy your firearm will be almost completely alleviated allowing you to focus on what’s important, which is securing your firearm and deescalating the threat.


We can’t talk about firearm responsibility without talking about securing them. Cars are broken into and stolen every second that goes by and the last thing we need is more firearms in the hands of people willing to steal things.

First and foremost, I’d like to warn you about leaving your firearms in the car indefinitely. Firstly, it’s not going to help you from inside the vehicle if you’re not inside the vehicle with it and secondly, the risk of someone coming across your firearm without you present is simply not a risk you should be taking.

At times you may be forced to leave your firearm unattended in your vehicle. For example, you may need to step inside the bank to withdraw more money for your next AR 15 build or maybe you come across a restaurant that doesn’t allow firearms inside. These very vulnerable time for your precious boomsticks. Give yourself some peace of mind and come prepared with a locking car-mounted holster.

There are many options for firearm enthusiasts to lock their firearms in place and even hide them away while still being easily accessible. Choosing to neglect this is choosing to be an irresponsible firearm owner. Please, don’t be “that” guy.


I truly wish peace and harmony to each of my readers and I pray that you never find yourself in a situation that is so dangerous it requires the draw of a firearm. That said, I am not going to neglect the fact that you may encounter nefarious individuals with your best interests at the bottom of their list.

If you need to draw your firearm for any reason, chances are the situation is going to happen quickly and without a whole lot of warning. The last thing you need on your mind is how you’re going to finagle your personal protection out of the back of your seat and through the web of phone chargers, seatbelts, and whatever else may be with you in your vehicle.

You need a single place you are familiar with that will consistently grant you access to your firearms and allow you to produce them quickly. Tucked into your belt against the seat while you are strapped down is not ideal and will not provide you with consistent results.

There are vehicle holsters that will allow your precious protection pieces a place to sit right between your legs, directly under your seat or even inches away from your hands on the steering wheel column. There is no chance a holster jammed up against you and the center console will allow for quicker deployment then a well-placed vehicle mounted holster.


Let’s be honest, a lot of the decisions that go into our firearm purchases are not made from the most protective or most economically friendly portions of our brains. Sometimes, you just want to look seriously tacticool. What is cooler than your sick whip having a freedom enabling cannon strapped to it? Who is going to pick a fight with the guy that has a firearm located under his steering wheel? How many other cars at the car show how serious their owners are about the 2nd amendment?

Further than just looking cool though, vehicle-mounted holsters also offer protection for your firearm and your personal holsters. Sliding in and out of your vehicle on a daily basis can cause a lot of physical damage to both your firearm, your holsters, and your car.

If you use a standard IWB or OWB holster while in your vehicle you might notice a lot of tiny little scratches up and down your firearm from it rubbing against your seatbelt mechanism. Buying a holster for the inside your truck or car will save your trusty sidekick from a lot of aesthetic damage, which can quickly devalue the firearm more than a vehicle holster would have costed you. Don’t let that happen, invest in a vehicle-mounted holster and protect your beautiful little hand cannons for as long as you can!

9 Vehicle Holster Mounts You Need to Know About!

Here we will discuss 10 mounts across many different platforms that may be useful to you. This list doesn’t even scratch the surface for all of the mounts you have access to and does not take any legal or accessibility implications into account.

Some of the links will be for a specific make and model. Compiling a list of the best mounts for every single firearm would be nearly impossible These are simply to portray the options you may have and are to help you look in the right direction! Each option will not fit every single firearm variation out there so please ensure they fit your specific model before purchasing. Many holster manufacturers carry their mounts in a wide range of sizes to fit many of the most popular firearms so if you come across one you fancy, check with them to see if they carry a version for a specific model.

Here Are the Best Vehicle and Car Holsters


1. Keeper Gun Mount (Best Magnetic Type)

KEEPER MG Gun Magnet for Vehicle - Magnetic Quickdraw Holder for Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun, Pistol up to 35lbs - Tactical Car Holster & Mount for Home, Desk, Truck Accessories for Men

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My Review: This holster offers quick access to your firearm, is easy to use, accommodates any type of gun, and the best selling magnetic vehicle holster on the market. I think that sentence best sums up this holster. With this gun mount, you have nearly unlimited mounting options.

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This mount can be used for handguns, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, etc. Due to its flexible mounting options, it can be used in cars, trucks, under a desk, on the wall next to your bed, or anywhere you want to mount your hand cannons and boomsticks. It has a durable anti-scratch cover so you don’t end up with scuffs on your rifle.


2. Tac-Mag Gun Magnet (Cheapest)

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My Review: This is a VERY popular vehicle mount that is simple and easy to install. The key to this little device is getting it mounted in the ideal location in your car and truck.

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Personally, I think the previous product on this list is a little bit better and only costs a few dollars more. You really can’t go wrong either way. Here is a YouTube video of this gun magnet being mounted.


3. Handy Dandy Magnetic Gun Holster

Gun Magnet 35 lb Rated | Adhesive Backing | Car Holster | Bedside Holster | Steering Wheel Gun Holster | Under The Desk Pistol Holster | Gun Holsters For Cars | Vehicle Gun Mount Pistol Holster In Car

Check Price on Amazon

Vehicle Types: Given the magnetic nature of this mount, you could pretty much hang this anywhere in any type of vehicle.

My Review: This mount is a very cheap and easy way to fasten your firearm somewhere in your vehicle. The magnets are strong and secure the firearm very well. You could also secure extra magazines to it. This is a very popular car gun holster you can actually pick up on amazon.

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Mount Type: The mount is designed to be stuck by adhesive or secured with screws to any flat surface and then utilizes strong magnets to hold firearms in place.

Size: This mount can hold any firearm up to 25lbs. A single magnet works great for small firearms such as handguns and you can use multiple magnets to mount shotguns and rifles.

Material: Magnetic mounts with a rubberized coating and 3m sticky tape.

Visibility: You could probably hide this mount in many different locations throughout your vehicle since you can either use sticky tape or screws to mount it.


4. Phantom QuickDraw Magnetic Gun Mount

VULCAN Quickdraw Magnetic High Grip Gun Mount Holster, USA Made, Vehicle, Truck, Car, Home, Wall, Concealed Flat Top Handgun Holder, Safe, Secure Firearm Accessory, Quick Load & Draw for Self-Defense

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My Review: Another excellent choice for those of you that enjoy magnetic car mounts, the Phantom quickdraw is priced fairly for above industry average quality! These are designed by military vets and clearly displays a great understanding of what you would need to quickly attach and detach a firearm inside your vehicle.

This mount is amazing. If something is going down, you can quickly grasp the grip of your handgun, push it in to rack a round if you don’t already have one live, and simply pull towards you to release the firearm and have total control in just seconds. It offers no gun security so obviously, we won’t be leaving our firearms in the car unattended but for fast response times, this mount is hard to beat.

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Mount Type: Permanent neodymium magnetic mount meant to be fastened by screws.

Size: Small to medium-sized firearms with a flat top such as Glocks. There is a special model for Sigs and 1911s not listed here.

Material: Black powder coated stainless steel utilizing high strength magnets

Visibility: Depending on where you place the mount, it could be easily visible in spots that offer the fastest deployability or hidden away deep under the dash or possibly drilled into the side of the center console if you have space.


5. Stinger Gun Magnet

STINGER Safety Trigger Guard Protection Magnetic Gun Holder, Easy Conceal in Car, Truck, Vehicle, Desks, Safes, Walls, Handgun Rifle Shotgun Pistol Revolver, Gun Mount Rack (2 Pack)

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My Review: Unlike most of the magnetic mounts I’ve reviewed, this one doesn’t hold the firearm from the top of the slide but rather cradles the trigger guard allowing the firearm to sit instead of being held up. Of course, this adds a higher level of stability for the mounting and attachment of a firearm and it guards the trigger against anything in your vehicle getting snagged on it.

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These are pretty simple cradle style mounts that are utilizing powerful neodymium magnets to hold the firearm in place. They are very friendly to the finish of your firearm and they attach to your vehicle via sticky tape and four countersunk screws with included anchors if needed. This particular mount is actually really great for the side of a truck console for example and is easy to hide away from plain view outside of the vehicle.

Mount Type: Neodymium magnetic cradle placed with sticky tape and four screws

Size: This actually works with any handgun I’ve ever had included some of the heftier Berettas and H&K’s. I’d imagine it would fit with most pistols, if not all pistols that aren’t unusually thick around the trigger guard.

Material: Consists of a stainless steel mount utilizing high strength neodymium magnets for handgun securing.

Visibility: It is certainly possible to obscure the mount and your firearm from outside peepers if you have a good place in your vehicle to mount it, like the side of a truck console between the seats.


6. COJO MFG Ambidextrous Magnetic Multi-Functional Holster

COJO MFG. Gun Holster for Car, Under Steering Wheel, Under Dash, Console, Glove Box, ATV, UTV, Golf Cart, Night Stand, Closet, Desk,

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My Review: This is yet another screw-mounted deal that utilizes magnetics in a cradle-like form to hold your firearm. Since it’s a cradle that has flaps on both the top and bottom, you’ll need to ensure your firearm will fit. Most firearms will sit in the cradle with their triggers protected and unable to snag on anything which is a huge advantage over the magnetic mounts that only hold the top of the slide. With that said, however, these mounts aren’t nearly as easy to draw from as something like the Phantom Quickdraw but they are safer for people that refuse to use the safety or have children around.

Mount Type: V-shape magnetic cradle style mounted via sticky tape and two screws. You can also utilize the included clips to wear this as a belt holster, although I don’t recommend it as a primary belt holster option.

Size: I’m fairly confident this will fit any handgun of regular size, including full-size double-stack 1911’s. Perhaps thick cylinder revolvers won’t fit but like the Judge.

Material: Hardened plastic with high strength neodymium magnets

Visibility: It’s possible to mount this and obscure the view of your handgun from the outside of your vehicle. It’s also easy to mount inside the center console, the glove box, under the dash, under your seat, etc.


7. Vaultek Slider Series

Vaultek Slider Series Rugged Bluetooth Smart Handgun Safe Quick Open Pistol Safe with Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (Biometric)

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My Review: Okay, so this isn’t exactly a holster but I do like to use these in vehicles because you can clamp them down and have quite a bit of security in the off chance you have to leave your firearm in the car unattended. Of course, I never recommend doing that, but sometimes there are extenuating circumstances where you don’t have the choice!

This is a very thin vault than can easily fit under most seats, between the console, in the trunk, etc. They do run on rechargeable batteries that last roughly four months so you’ll need to bring it in with you every so often tor use a Micro-USB charging brick to charge it in your car. These only require about two and a half hours of charging and they have a nice little light above the firearm cradle for easy use in the dark.

The safe unlocks quickly with a biometric lock, remotely via mobile Bluetooth application, or numeric passcode and works great in a vehicle that has a little extra space, like an SUV or a truck. You can use it in a car too but it might be difficult to mount it somewhere that’s easily accessible and unlockable quickly.

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The safe has excellent padding and is constructed from 16 gauge carbon steel. Of course, no safe is unbreakable, however, I’d imagine a lot of noise would have to be made to cut through this thing.

Choosing the model without biometric capabilities will save you a little money but I do suggest the biometric option if a quick deployment is something you think you would like to have as it is the fastest and least stressful way to open the safe.

Mount Type: 75mm and 100mm VESA mounts and a Vaultek proprietary mounting plate for vehicle mounting options.

Size: These will fit a single firearm with an extra mag for most small to mid-sized frames. The maximum compatible length is 8″.

Material: High Carbon steel construction with an anti-corrosive black oxide coating and a stainless steel mounting plate

Visibility: Obviously this safe just screams “gun inside”, however, it is very slim and rather easy to hide away from outside viewers if you have a spacious vehicle.


8. Universal Vehicle Holster for Car or Truck

Universal Vehicle Mount Car Truck Gun Pistol Conceal Ambidextrous Holster w/mag Pouch

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Vehicle Types: This holster will fit just about any type of vehicle given its universal nature. As long as there is something for the strap to reach around securely, it should be able to function properly.

My Review: This holster is probably your best choice if you want something simple, easy to use, and you’ve never had a car holster before. It requires no mounting, so you won’t have to worry about making permanent modifications to your vehicle. This holster will fit a plethora of different pistols, so it would be easy to bring along whichever piece you are feeling that day. As discussed already, the option to easily change its orientation is a huge plus, allowing this holster to be visible or hidden.

I also like the fact that you can use this holster for other applications than just for vehicle mounting. You can mount it to your bed frame, your motorcycle, your backpack, etc.

Price: Under $25. This price is nearly unbeatable and insanely low for a holster.

Mount Type: This is a strap-based holster that wraps itself around an object to secure it in place. It is ambidextrous and made for many models.

Size: Comes with an adjustable 70-inch band to strap around most anything. This holster will fit pistols of many sizes ranging from a full-frame S&W 1911 to a Springfield XDS.

Material: Woven polyester.

Visibility: The visibility of this holster solely depends on where you choose to put it. The strap is pretty basic and doesn’t really signify that it’s holding a firearm holster, allowing you to easily hide the holster itself.

What I really like about this is that you can easily choose to have it visible for aesthetics purposes and then easily change it to be hidden if the situation calls for such an arrangement.

Universal Car Holster

9. Pro-Tech Sticky Under the Dash Holster

Sticky Dash Holster for Under The Dash Fits All 380 and Subcompact Handguns

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Vehicle Types: Since this holster relies on sticking to something, I would assume almost any vehicle with a flat surface could accommodate this holster.

My Review: This holster is a great cheap option for those of you who do not wish to permanently modify your vehicle. So long as you have a flat hard surface to stick it to, you should be good to go. There are many complaints of the adhesive strips failing in extreme temperatures or with firearms that are heavier than the average compact frame. I wouldn’t count on this cheap holster as a long-term solution and if the adhesive fails, it could damage your firearm.

Overall, this is a cheap and simple option if you have a small frame pistol you’d like to mount in your vehicle. You could also stick this holster to pretty much anything outside of the vehicle as well such as a bed frame or wall.

Price: Under $30. At this price this is a steal for a simple and easy to use sticky holster. You can always buy replacement 3M sticky strips for just a few bucks if you wish to relocate the holster after you’ve mounted it.

Mount Type: This holster uses adhesive strips to stick onto a flat surface. It’s a very simple polyester pouch design.

Size: This holster is designed to fit small frame pistols such as snub nose revolvers or small compact .380s.

Material: Woven polyester and 3M sticky strips.

Visibility: This holster requires a flat surface to stick to, so unless your vehicle contains out of sight flat surfaces, this may not be easily concealable.

10. GunBunker Vehicle Gun Safe

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Vehicle Types: This vault will fit basically any vehicle that has space for a small metal box and somewhere to mount the cable to.

My Review: You pay for what you get and with that said, this vault delivers. It may be a bit more expensive than some of its competitors, but this vehicle vault is built to last and offers very strong protection for your firearms. If for whatever reason you must leave your firearm in the vehicle when you step out, locking it in a vault-like this is the best choice you have. The box is foam lined to protect your firearm while it’s locked inside, and the box allows you to mount it vertically or horizontally using supplied mounting hardware. You could also attach the cable to any permanent structure in the vehicle such as the seat mounts.

Size: This fault will fit any small to mid-handguns and is modeled around a double stack frame.

  • The dimensions of the outside are H 2.5” x W 6.5” x D 6.625” X B 8.875”.
  • The dimensions inside the box are H 1.5” x W 6.0” x D 6.25” x B 7.75”.

Material: Hardened steel and 16-gauge braided powder-coated steel cables.

Visibility: Since it is a black steel box, it may not be the easiest thing to hide, however, if you firmly plant this vault under your seat or in the center console it should remain invisible to anyone outside the vehicle.


11. Explorer Ch88 Car/Vehicle Multi-Use Holster

Explorer CH88 Car / Vehicle Holster Car Holster for Handgun, Vehicle Holster for Concealed Carry CCW

Check Price on Amazon

Vehicle Types: Any vehicle that has space for this all in one holster mount and has accessibility to mounting 4 elastic bands. You could probably use this on some motorcycles as well!

My Review: If you have a lot of room between your center console and steering wheel this may be the coolest thing you could add to your vehicle, firearms wise. It’s a whole plate of attachable storage that allows you to attach its Velcro body holster to it while you’re in the vehicle. I would imagine that any holster with Velcro could be used with the base and having the ability to store other things with it just make this a great multi-tool to have. Very tacticool!

Price: Under $50. This isn’t a bad price for a body holster and car holster in one!

Size: It has 13 different pieces and can be customized to fit your needs. The entire thing put together is 22” x 13” x 3” and will not only fit most small to medium size pistols but it will also hold phones, stun guns, radios, knives, extra magazines, ammo, etc.

Mount Type: This is essentially a Velcro tool belt for your car. Once you strap the base around your console you can attach several different components in a configuration that you choose. What’s truly unique about this is that the holster is meant to be carried on you and then placed onto the base when you are in the car.

Material: Elastic bands and heavy-duty polyester 600 D.

Visibility: This holster base will probably be visible from the outside as it really only mounts to the center console and takes up a lot of space. It does, however, have an inside pocket where you can store your firearm, offering a bit of protection from those pesky peepers.

Overall, if you have the room and want a holster that can store extra magazines, this may be the best car holster for you.


12. Adjustable Pistol Pocket Car Seat Holster

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Vehicle Types: This should fit just about any vehicle that has a seat.

My Review: This is a really cheap way to have your pistol situated right in front of you in an easy to reach fashion. It’s not the most comfortable as you’re sitting on it as it lays on top of the seat and can move when you enter and exit the vehicle. It also doesn’t conceal the weapon very well, but it does allow easy access. This is great for those of you who do not wish to modify the vehicle or rely on sticky tape.

Price: Under $20. This is a very cheap option that is great for testing the water of vehicle holsters without the need for any permanent modifications.

Size: 24” long and 11.8” wide. Will hold most pistols.

Mount Type: This holster is basically a seat cover that secures under the seat by a strap. The seat cover has a pocket for a pistol in the front, right between your legs offering great accessibility.

Material: Polyester 600 D

Visibility: This is going to be visible to just about anyone unless your legs are specifically situation in a way that covers the gun.


13. Quick Access Barrel Fitted Mount

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Vehicle Types: Any vehicle that you can use screws, magnets, or sticky tape on.

My Review: At first, this mount seemed like an awful design to me. Why on earth would I want to hang my gun by the inside of its barrel? After reading more and actually seeing one like this in action though, my mind was changed. This is probably one of the easiest ways to mount a handgun inside of a vehicle and the mounting procedure will not damage the inside of the firearm. This is cheap and very easy to use, however, to secure it you have to rely on sticky tape or screws. Both of which aren’t exactly ideal.

Price: Under $25. This is a very fair price for a very simply designed mounting option.

Size: 6.5”x 2”x 1.5”

This will fit any handgun that is chambered larger than .22. The mount itself requires a very small amount of space to mount and is very thin.

Mount Type: This mount is essentially a bar that you stick into the barrel of your gun. The bar is of course covered in nylon 11 to avoid harming the inside of the barrel and will fit pretty much any firearm with a barrel diameter larger than a .22.

Material: Nylon 11 coated corrosive resistant steel rod and steel base.

Visibility: You could choose to display your firearm proudly right out in the open or you could mount this somewhere it isn’t visible at all. It’s really your choice!


14. Highway Holster’s Seat Belt Fastened Holster

Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount

Check Price on Amazon

Vehicle Types: Any vehicles with open access to the seat-belt mount and a little space between the seat and center console.

Price: $40. This is a little pricier than some other options, but it does secure the holster very well and offers very easy access.

My Review: Before I review this product, I want you to understand that this does not include an actual holster. It is just an arm that is meant to accommodate a clip-on holster. This is great for those of you who already have a belt clip style holster as you can easily keep the firearm holstered while moving in and out of the vehicle. The arm itself is fully adjustable and will fit on virtually any vehicle.

Size: This mount allows for many different types of holsters to be attached to it and will fit basically any pistol. The arm and stand are fully adjustable allowing for many different variations.

Mount Type: This holster mount has an arm that connects to the seatbelt mechanism and extends out to the end of the seat where the gun is held. It is then supported by an adjustable arm that sits on the floor and can be fastened to the console.

Material: Molded ABS plastic with foam protection. The strap is made of polyester elastic and Velcro.

Visibility: This mounting solution holds your firearm right out in the open next to your seat where it can easily be seen by people outside of the vehicle so long as your legs aren’t in the way. It’s definitely not the most discreet option.


15. Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount

Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount (Mount Only)

Check Price on Amazon

My Review: This is a fantastic vehicle mount that will fit in most vehicles. For information on dimensions or how to install the holster, you can check out the Gum Creek website.

I think the video below does a great job explaining how this mount works. If you have any more questions after watching the video, feel free to ask me in the comments.

5 Additional Quick Tips on How to Choose the Best Car Holster for You

1. Laws

Firearms are here to protect us from threats but your choices in how you use them need to protect them from getting you into ruin with the law. Before considering any kind of vehicle-mounted holster you need to first plan and consider the future. Here is a good resource to check CCW reciprocity rules and regulations.

What area’s will you be driving through?

You need to consider whether your vehicle will be used to pick up the kids from school, driving through government restricted areas, or passing through borders where gun laws differ. All of these things may result in the possession of your firearm being illegal and having a car mounted holster isn’t going to save you from the legal ramifications of possessing a firearm in a firearm restricted zone.

What state is your vehicle primarily operating in?

Nothing says freedom like allowing each state in this beautiful country the right to govern themselves. Unfortunately, this comes with a few drawbacks. One of those drawbacks includes many different variations of firearm regulations. Pleading ignorance to the laws of another state is not a viable defense in court so it is up to you to study on the laws of each state you drive in. Some states may not allow a firearm to be visible from the outside, making a few mounting options illegal. Some states may not even allow a firearm in the main cabin of the car, making any mounting options near the drivers seat a bad idea.

What passengers will you have?

Having your piece mounted to the passenger side dashboard while you’re an Uber driver probably isn’t a good idea and aside from resulting in a low customer satisfaction score, this could also be illegal. Before mounting any holsters in your vehicle, you absolutely must consider the demographics and nature of the passengers you will be carrying.

Will you have kids in the cars? Will you have strangers? Will your wife be disgusted at the sight of a firearm in the car? Make sure to answer these questions and figure out how accessible these mounts will make your firearm to other people. In some instances, not securing your firearm away from children may be illegal.

Do not neglect to study the laws and regulations before choosing to mount a holster in your vehicle!

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2. Size

This should be fairly straightforward, but we’ve all seen it. “Selling my console holster because it doesn’t fit”.

Figure out where that holster is going to go before you buy it and ensure that location will have enough space. If you buy anything online, you can typically expect to find its dimensions so there’s really no excuse for buying a holster that doesn’t fit in its intended location.

3. Visibility

As we talked about before, the visibility of your holster and its firearm may cause legal implications. There are other factors to consider here than legalities, though. Do you want other people knowing you have a firearm in the car? Maybe they weren’t inclined to break into your vehicle before but after seeing that shiny Python strapped to the dashboard they’ve given it a second thought. Do you want potential threats easily identifying what and where your personal protection is? How will you handle police interaction during traffic stops?

These are all questions you need to clearly think through and plan for before mounting your holster. Sure, it may look really cool out in the open but that may not be the most intelligent place for your firearm to reside.

I would recommend you keep the firearm out of sight as much as possible while still allowing you, and only you, an easy and convenient accessible path to your piece.

4. Ease of Access

The possibilities of vehicle-mounted firearms are just about endless but not all of them create an effective environment for realistically accessing and using your firearm. Before you purchase a vehicle mount you need to consider what method of access is most effective for you if a threat produced itself.

Are you comfortable flipping open the console to grab your firearm or would it be easier for you to grab it under the steering wheel? Is the seat adjusting lever in the way of your under-chair mount? Will the seatbelt block your seat cranny holster? Will there be enough room for your hand between the door when it’s closed and seat if you choose to mount it there?

5. Mounting Variations

Unfortunately for the sake of this guide, we will not be able to cover every single mount available in every single variation due to the fact that there are just so many different vehicles each with their own unique methods of mounting.

Here is a list of popular variations that can get you started in the right direction:

  • Steering column mount
  • On top of the steering wheel in front of the dashboard
  • On either side of the seat, either between the seat and the door or between the seat and center console
  • Under the seat
  • In the seat pockets
  • Console mounts
  • Console vaults
  • Trunk mounts
  • Trunk vaults
  • Door mounts
  • Cupholder mounts
  • Visor mounts
  • Roof mounts
  • Headrest mounts
  • Glove box mounts
  • Windows mounts (not recommended)
  • Stability bar mounts for motorcycles
  • Gas tank mounts for motorcycles
  • Velcro mounts
  • Locking mounts
  • Cable mounts
  • Plastic or metal dock mounts


Why do I need a gun holster for a car?

A gun holster in a car keeps the gun safe. Also, because of the placement of the holster, the gun is easily accessible and every second counts at the time of an emergency.

Are car holsters legal?

It depends on the statewide regulations but in general, carrying concealed guns is not allowed and hence carrying guns in holsters openly is fine and legal.

Will a magnet gun mount magnetize my gun?

No. The magnet in the gun mount is effective to hold a gun, however not effective enough to magnetize the entire gun.

Some parts may be magnetized in the long run but it won’t affect the function of the gun.

Where can I hide a gun in my car?

Side of the radio, beneath the steering wheel, car door, car side panel, and trunk are a few places where you can hide your gun in the car.

Hiding also depends upon the kind of gun you are using.

Final Thoughts:

If you carry a firearm and own a vehicle then you absolutely should consider investing in a vehicle holster and/or mount. These can save you money, time, and could be the difference between life and death. It really is that serious! The entire idea of carrying a firearm is for added protection, and with that said, you should be doing everything in your power to create the safest and most effective environment to implement the capabilities of your firearm.

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