Best Tactical Gear: The Complete List

Are you an outdoorsman, military trained,  or a first-responder? Are you looking for world-class tactical gear? If so browse our 2022 top-picks on a range of must-have tactical items. Stock up on gear that has been authentically tried and tested to meet your stringent conditions.

Ghillie Suits


In this guide we review the best ghillie suits of 2022. Whether you are looking for a ready-to-wear suit, a viper hood, or suits with 550-webbing, we have culled a world-class selection for you. For the DIYer we have a step by step guide to making your own.

Learn where to buy the best ghillie suits on the market. Whether you are looking for a scratch suit or a textured one, we’ll point you in the right direction. Alternatively, learn to make your own suit geared to the AO where it is going to be used.




In this guide we check out the ultimate weighted, and plate carrier vest protection for 2022. Our select group provides protection from budget-beating models to A1 military spec vests. Also take a look at our recommended vests for military and service canines.  




In this guide we cover options for communication. Read our buying guide for selecting radios and get the low-down on radio licensing. Then choose from our top-picks for hand-held ham radios, two-way radios, and emergency radios for keeping in touch in a disaster. 




In our 2022 guide we cover what attributes to look for in a spotlight or a headlamp. Click through to pick from our 2022 list of 18 spotlights and 15 headlights. We then turn our attention to Emergency Lights, and list our six go-to models for worst case emergency scenarios.




In this guide we cover holsters. We look at the pros and cons of car, appendix, concealed, and drop-leg holsters. Our guide will help you choose the best fit for your function and also give you the blue-ribbon holsters of each type for 2022.


Best Trauma Shears

This article has our complete guide to stainless steel trauma shears for any EMS. Learn what makes a top-class pair and view our selection including a Leatherman Raptor, the best multi-purpose pair.     

Best Range Bags

Looking for the best range bags for your gear? Read the professional’s guide for what to look for in tactical bags, then select from our list of the best bags.

Best Tactical Pens

Choosing a tactical pen is tough. We examine pens for function, design, weight, and material. Now you can browse the hand-picked selection that includes the top-rated Smith and Wesson or Benchmade.

Best Tactical Pants

Are you looking for tough tactical pants? Compare our selection of rugged tactical pants made from ripstop materials. We tested the best brands such as Stryke and LA Police. 

Best Multi-Tools

Multi-tools or skeletools are a must-have for anyone trying to stay prepared in an intense situation. . Check out our selection of 24 superb pocket tools from world-class manufacturers such as Leatherman and Gerber.

Best Military Watches

Check out this list of military-grade tactical watches. All are fit for function from suppliers such as Timex, Garmin, Rolex, Casio, and G-Shock, with prices to match every pocket.

Best Tactical Messenger Bags

Discover 12 of the best MOLLE messenger bags, which are an essential part of your tactical gear. These over-the-shoulder bags have many pockets, compartments, and pouches for safely carrying accessories. 

Best Hearing Protection for Shooting

Don’t destroy your ears on the range. Learn about ear injuries and hearing protection while shooting. Check out our list of earplugs, earmuffs, and other hearing protection. 

Best Hand Crank Phone Chargers

Power when you need it can be life-saving, so discover our picks for the best hand crank phone chargers. This personal power dynamo can generate an emergency power supply for phones or any batteries.

Best Emergency Food Kits

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you could starve during a disaster. Learn how to create an emergency food store, calculate servings, purchase ideal food kits, and manage the shelf life of your survival food store. 

Best Emergency Water Storage Containers

Getting sick from contaminated water is no fun. Find the best water storage options, like BPA-free plastic barrels or stackable containers, and make long-term emergency water storage plans.

Best Concealed Purses

Do you carry a weapon in your purse? Discover chic purses that can holster your concealed weapon. Whether tote or crossbody, leather or fabric, these handbags comfortably carry a firearm. 

How to Make a Longbow

Are you a bowhunter? Work through our step-by-step plan for building a longbow and arrows. Learn about staves and tillering tools, and how to use them safely.

Best Tactical Boots

Are your feet killing you? Comfortable, lightweight, tactical boots that support the foot are imperative. Check our picks for 21 of the best leather and fabric boots for military and outdoor men.

Best Tactical Backpacks

Packing and carrying your gear requires a tactical backpack. Learn about MOLLE systems, capacity, webbing, compartments, shoulder straps, and padding. Then go and choose from 23 of the best packs.

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