15 Best Range Bags in 2024 (Pistol & Rifle Shooting)

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Your wife has stopped complaining because she knows its futile. You now have an entire room dedicated to your armory. You have more attachments than rail space on your rifles. You could arm a small militia.

You’ve spent just about every day dreaming of that next upgrade or tacticool attachment for your AR or pistol, but have you thought about how you’re going to manage hauling all of this firepower, gear, and ammunition to the range?

Psssh, you wouldn’t be caught dead making multiple trips from the parking lot to the range, I mean, after all, you’re a MAN, right? So, what are you going to do? Stuff it all in a backpack? Destroy your gym bag with all the sharp edges? Drive your car straight through the front office and right up to the range counter?

I suppose you could do all of those things, or you could simply invest in a tactical range bag that will take care of transporting your firearms and gear.

Best Range Bags Review and Buying Guide (Featured Image)

You open your Amazon app to get started and… BAM! There are hundreds of options and you have no idea where to start! We need to narrow down your search.

Before reading through my review of the best range bags below, think about what you’ll be using this bag for and what features you’ll need.

Some shooters prefer to stuff everything in one bag, from ammo cans to their firearms to their protection to the lunch their honey made them. Some shooters prefer to carry a range bag with all their goodies inside but also a separate gun case or bag to transport the firearm on its own. I guess you do have two arms so either way will work!

It can be daunting, but you need to assess the situation from a tactical standpoint, so let’s get to it!

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I’ll start with 5 pro tips, so you can find the perfect shooting range bag, and then I’ll review some of my favorite bags and tell you what I think is the best shooting range bag.

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks For 5 Best Range Bags in 2024
Osage River Tactical Bag
  • Comes in four colors
  • 600D ballistic nylon
  • Heavy-duty steel-plated zippers
Orca Tactical Shooting Range Bag
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Double sewn
  • High quality YKK zippers
5.11 Tactical Range Bag
  • Lightweight but sturdy polyester construction
  • Zip down front organizer
  • Removable ammo and brass totes
Gunmate Shooting Range Bag
  • Lockable zippers
  • The main compartment is covered by a roll-up flap
  • Shoulder strap included
Under Armour Cordura Range Duffle
  • 100% woven nylon
  • Can be worn as a duffle or backpack
  • UA Storm weatherproofing and completely water-resistant

Considerations When Shopping for the Best Range Bag

What can you shove in there?

I think a better question would actually be what can you NOT shove in your range bag.

Deciding on a shooting range bag is largely going to be determined by what you are planning to put in your future range bag. Take a few minutes and daydream here. What does your ideal tactical loadout consist of? What cool gadgets will have the entire firing line gawking at your gear? What solutions to problems will you always be prepared for and have on hand? How can you possibly carry so much cool stuff in a normal bag?

Now that we’ve spent your boss’s money (I know a lot of you read from your offices) dreaming about being at the range, let’s discuss a few things that any range bag will be tasked with transporting.

I recommend skipping to around 2:45 in the video if you want to learn more about the range bag setup. If you just want to check out the bags, use the quick navigation menu above or keep scrolling!

Ear and eye protection. It’s easy to forget these when you’re excited for range time, but you gotta have them so you don’t go deaf like everybody in the military.

Staple gun for hanging targets on target boards or bulletin boards (for bragging purposes of course).

Spare magazines. Load these suckers up before heading out to save yourself range time.

Auto/easy loaders so you aren’t stuck filling mags half the time you’re at the range.

Brass catchers and brass bags for being the environmentally conscious person we all know you are!

Firearm maintenance tools and multi-tools because you never know what you might face at the range.

Targets for when your range membership or club doesn’t provide them. It’s no fun aimlessly shooting into the dirt/sand mounds!

Medkit for those inevitable accidents. Ever rip your hand open on a pointy pistol slide? Even though you told everyone you don’t feel pain, bleeding on your gear is not cool.

Water. If you want to shoot your best, you’ve got to stay hydrated. Dehydration causes hypertension which can throw you off your game.

Bottle opener for when you win that bet and your buddy owes you a cold one after the range.

Extra batteries for your camera, ear protection, optics, flashlights, lasers, etc.

GoPro/action camera, mounts, accessories, memory cards, etc. Like they say, if you don’t have pictures/video, did you even have a range day?

Gloves for protection, cleaning, etc.

Cleaning kits. Would you rather clean your firearms at the range with your range buddies or at home with your kids running around and bothering you?

Towel, In case things get really serious and you start sweating.

Food, because you don’t want to have the shakes when you’re out there at the range.


I think it’s pretty obvious that your Kentucky Long Rifle isn’t going to fit in in a gun range bag made for CQB (close quarter combat) PDWs (personal defense weapons). So, whip out your measuring tape and write down the dimensions of your longest rifles to ensure they’ll fit like a glove in your new range bag. Always remember to add a little space for extras like water bottles, brass catchers, optics, ammo, extra mags, etc.

As mentioned before, some of the guys at the range prefer to keep their rifles in a bag or case of their own and simply use the range bag for everything else. In deciding on the size of your range bag, you’ll need to think this one through. Do you need a 5-foot-long bag to carry a water bottle, 500 rounds, lunch, ear protection, eye protection, and your cell phone charger? Probably not, and a backpack style range bag may be a better fit and would allow your free hands to carry your precious baby to the range.

Also keep in mind that some range bags will be coined as “small, medium, and large”. Typically, specific brands will have a choice of several sizes and these sizing options will be proprietary to that brand. This means each brand’s “small” may be a different kind of small, so keep an eye on the actual dimensions, and don’t always rely on the mentioned sizing terms.

So, in summary, when choosing a range bag, you will first have to decide what its contents will be and how much space you’ll need to fit those contents. Having specific dimensions is probably the best way to approach this. The last thing you want is to have the last 5cm of barrel sticking out of the side of your bag.


Range bags come with tons of varying functions and features. Of course, to choose which functions you want, you’ll need to have already covered everything we’ve talked about thus far, especially the part about deciding what will go into your range bag.


The number one thing your gun range bag must-have if you’re touting around valuable hardware is padding. You’ve spent a pretty good portion of Jimmy’s college fund on your set up and you need it to look nice for all the babes at the range. Bumps and dings can happen when lugging tons of gear and firearms to the range and back so padding is a must.

Make sure the bag is padded in all the right areas for your firearm and if you’re carrying optics, ensure they either have their own dedicated padding or you choose a range bag with a padded optic section.

Adjustable dividers 

Somedays you’re going to casually pop off a few rounds at the range and head home for an early night’s sleep. Somedays you’re going to run through a 5000-round marathon. You need a range bag that can accommodate both. You need adjustable dividers.

The last thing you want inside your range bag during transportation is hard metal objects rolling around and smashing against one another. This is easily avoidable with dividers that you can use to hold things in place or free up extra space when needed.

Just like women, firearms come in all types of beautiful shapes and sizes. Your decked-out AR 15 is not going to occupy the same shape as little Jimmy’s 22LR, so adjustable dividers will allow your bag to accommodate multiple different firearms easily.

Usually, more tactical gear is a good thing, but with range bags, you really should only need to buy one to accommodate everything.

Multiple areas of storage 

You do not want your lunch sitting next to your old nasty shooting gloves. You also don’t want your sick YouTube dedicated camera to be cuddling with your steel magazines. Make sure your bag has several different pockets for the multitude of things you’ll be dragging to the range.

In a perfect world, your range bag will have dedicated pockets for each and every one of your attachments and pieces of gear for maximum footsie restriction.

Integrated water storage 

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to collect tactical man stuff, you probably have a camelback or some type of water hydration system, but does your range bag offer this function as well? I mean, come on dude.

What if you’re stuck in the desert and the only thing you have with you is your range bag? The reality is though, your bag will be with you a large amount of the time that you’re at the range and to perform your best, you must stay hydrated.

Sure, a water bottle could do the job but why not look full speed with a range bag hydration station?

Water protection 

Speaking of having water in your bag (hopefully only in your bags water bladder), you shouldn’t need to worry about the water outside of your bag.

Whether your trekking through the forest during a tropical rainstorm or there is a surprise water gun fight at the range, your gear deserves protection.

Buy a waterproof bag, even if you don’t think you’ll need it. Think of it as insurance and thank me later.

A solid YKK Zipper 

Double quadruple check that your range bag has a zipper that is as rough and tough as you are. The last thing you want is a surprise purchase when you’re out and about and as you’re stuffing that last piece into your bag; your zipper goes AWOL.

If your zipper shows weakness at the range, everybody will know you’re a plebe and it’ll be embarrassing, so make sure the range bag you choose has a high-quality zipper that you’ll always be able to count on.

Adjustable Straps 

You don’t absolutely have to have straps, but if you’re using a backpack or shoulder style bag, it’ll have straps regardless. Make sure they’re adjustable and durable. Your range bag’s weight will probably change several times and for maximum comfort, you need to adjust the straps so that the weight has a good center gravity relative to your body. You may also want to strap your range bag down in some instances so having strong hooks and straps to tie off to will come in handy.

Lock Enabled 

The absolute last thing any firearm enthusiast wants is for his weapons of mass destruction to fall into the hands of a dirty thief. Firearms are a very hot target for theft and you should always be doing your best to protect from these types of threats. And no, shooting thieves is not always legal or possible, but locking your valuables up is with a locking range bag is. There are many different types of locking range bags. Some just have the traditional zipper lock and some have mounts that can be locked to your vehicle or gun safe. You can even find range bags with combination locks installed which are easy ways to keep thieves out of your bag when you’re focused on destroying those evil pieces of paper downrange.


(Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment): Some bags may come with Molle technology which currently leads the industry in load-bearing bags and backpacks. This is the technology used by the military and tends to be extremely durable and customizable. This webbing system also allows you to attach pouches and many other things to your bag so the customizing options are endless!

Bag Type

There are several types of range bags and which one is best for you will largely depend on the activity and contents that bag will be tasked with.

Range Bag Backpack: If you’re going to be moving about the range and even shooting with your bag attached to you, you won’t want a hand-carried or shoulder sling-type bag. You’ll need a trusty backpack that you can synch tightly to your body and always have available.

These types of bags are typically smaller, though, and may have trouble carrying full-sized rifles. They’re perfect for small arms, attachments, ammo, and lunch! They’re also the best option when it comes to integrated hydration packs that we spoke about earlier. If you’re not familiar with a camelback, it’s essentially a water bladder that sits inside your bag with a hose attached. In the Marines, we weren’t allowed to go anywhere without one (it got really annoying). Anyway, the hose exits the bag through a small hole and usually wraps around one of the straps, placing the nozzle right next to your face for easy water access.

Shoulder strap: These bags are typically ideal for longer style rifles and carrying lots of equipment. They are usually rectangular in shape are best fit for simply walking from the parking lot to the range. They typically offer a large opening and are great for ease of access to all of your gear at once. Unlike a backpack, you’ll be able to sort through and find everything with one glance. These also come with adjustable dividers and typically offer more padding and protection than a backpack style bag.

Pistol range bag: If you prefer a hand cannon to a boomstick, a pistol range bag may be all you need. These are usually quite small and easily carried by hand. You can even find inserts or moldable forms to fit your handguns perfectly. They typically offer pretty great protection and plenty of easy to reach pockets for spare magazines.

Fanny Pack range bag: If you really want to be tactical and impress the chicks and/or bros at the range, you can implement a fanny pack style tactical bag which offers impeccable access and portability. You can shoot freely and comfortably with a whole bag of mags at your disposal.


Probably the most important part in your range bag decision-making process is the price. I’ll be honest with you; your range bag should probably reflect the same pricing structure that your gear and firearms do. If you have top of the line gear and the most sought-after firearms, you should match that with a top-quality range bag. On the flip side, if all you’re carrying around is a $60 hi-point you bought off some shady craigslist dealer, you probably don’t need a fancy full-featured range bag.

I wish I could forecast the exact damage your bank account will incur when range bag shopping, but this isn’t that simple and will mostly depend on you.

Okay, fine. Do you want a price range? Sure thing. $20 – $2000. Does that clarify things for you? No? Alright, I get it. Let’s talk about some specific bags then and what you can expect to spend.

Quick Answer: Here Are the Best Range Bags


1. Osage River Tactical Bag (Best Value)

OSAGE RIVER Tactical Range Bag for Handguns and Hunting, Travel Duffel, Standard Duty, Black

Check Price on Amazon

Bag Type: Hand-carried pistol bag

My Review: When I get my hands on anything made by Osage River I picture a couple of bro’s hanging around drinking some brews and talking about how to build things that men actually need. They laugh and discard silly ideas of things that most people wouldn’t use. Then they build the most badass, durable, spacious bags they can possibly design.

This bag, although incredibly cheap, has a very well-designed construction. The padding is plenty to keep your goodies safe and the bag itself doesn’t give away what it might be contained, which is a huge plus for me as I never try to look “tactical” when going out. I like to keep a low profile, so this bag is on the top of the list for me when it comes to range bags. The actual compartments are amazing and hold everything I’d ever need to take to the range when firing only pistols. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t use it as a gym bag a few times as well, it’s definitely versatile and very comfortable to tout around casually.

Potential cons:

I’d like to see a size in the middle of what is offered and the dividers leave much to be desired in terms of customization.

Key Features

  • Two sizes: lightweight (13.5×10.5×7.5”) or standard (18x13x10”)
  • Comes in four colors (black, coyote tan, gunmetal grey, OD green)
  • 600D ballistic nylon
  • Heavy-duty steel-plated zippers
  • Reinforced handles with detachable shoulder strap
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes with 2 removable Velcro dividers

2. Orca Tactical Shooting Range Bag

Orca Tactical Gun Range Bag for Handguns and Ammo Shooting Range Firearm Pistol Duffle Carrier - Designed for 2021 (OD Green)

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Dimensions: 16″L X 11″W X 9″H

My Review: Overall, this is probably one of the best small range bags you could buy. It can fit several handguns, a bunch of extra mags, ammo, etc and you’re good to go. You can lock them up with a regular padlock and know they’re well protected with all the padding Orca has installed. The reconfigurable Velcro divers are nice and allow this bag to be used in many different ways.

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Here is a picture of the inside of the bag:

Orca Tactical Gun Range Bag for Handguns and Ammo Shooting Range Firearm Pistol Duffle Carrier - Designed for 2021 (OD Green)

Key Features

  • Lightweight and durable made from 600D polyester fabric
  • Double sewn
  • High quality YKK zippers that are lockable (lock not included)
  • Removable Velcro dividers
  • Several compartments, pouches, and storage
  • Velcro faced accessory pads on the outside
  • Polymer bottom
  • Three color configurations available

3. 5.11 Tactical Range Bag (Highest Rated)

Check Price on Amazon

My Review: This is of the most basic grab and go pistol range bags on the market, the 5.11 Tactical Range Bag is perfect for those who prefer function over form. No, this range bag isn’t tacticool or pretty. Yes, this range bag is absolutely amazing for a grab and go pistol bag. It has more than enough room for all of your hand cannons’ goodies, protective gear, extra mags, ammo, spent brass, and even lunch! This bag is huge, you can comfortably fit 4 full-size pistols inside with room to spare! 5.11 Tactical has always been a top brand on my list and this bag doesn’t disappoint. The price is indicative of a bag that is created for shooters by the input of range instructors. There aren’t extra bells and whistles that are unnecessary, driving the price up.

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If you aren’t exactly sure what you need in a range bag and you’ve never owned one before, I’d give this range bag serious consideration. The same goes for if you’ve owned several bags before but you’re looking for simplicity and lightweight grab and go style pistol storage.

Potential cons:

It Lacks MOLLE webbing on the outside and may be a tad too large for single pistol storage.

Key Features

  • Lightweight but sturdy polyester construction
  • Zip down front organizer with 8 Magazine storage pouches
  • Removable ammo and brass totes
  • Integrated hydration storage
  • Reinforced handles
  • Removable padded shoulder strap
  • Comes in either black or sandstone colors
  • Heavy duty padding and segregated inserts

4. Smith and Wesson Tactical Range Bag

Smith & Wesson M&P Officer Tactical Range Bag with Weather Resistant Material for Shooting, Range, Storage and Transport , Black

Check Price on Amazon

My Review: It wouldn’t be a complete range bag page without old trustworthy Smith & Wesson having their input heard loud and clear and hey, you have to have somewhere to carry all those lunky and heavy M&P’s, right?

This bag somehow manages to carry so much stuff in its rather medium-sized 18x10x10” rectangular form factor. S&W really went out of there way to ensure optimum versatility. They are well aware we all have different ideas of what range day looks like and they really did offer a ton of customization and room to play around inside this bag. Furthermore, they include a very nice 2” padded shoulder strap and the handles on the bag are also excellent quality, ensuring you can carry all your gear easily and comfortably for many years to come.

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So, what’s inside? You get 8 pistol mag pouches, 8 different storage pockets of various sizes, 2 9.5” padded pistol cases, and 2 full-length accessory areas with a removable ammunition bag and it all comes equipped with 2 adjustable hook and loop dividers.

What’s outside? The Officer Tactical Bag is fully weatherproof and constructed of heavy-duty ballistic nylon with every intention of being abused and withstanding harsh environments. If rain can’t warrant a range day cancellation for you, this is the bag to get!


5. Gunmate Shooting Range Bag (Cheapest)

GunMate 1919687 Range Bag , Black

Check Price on Amazon

Bag Type: Hand / shoulder carried pistol range bag

My Review: This is the go to bag if you’re looking for CHEAP and SIMPLE. It really doesn’t get anymore barebones then this without sacrificing major usability. At $32, this bag is a decent started bag or perfect for those of you who don’t lug much aside from a pistol itself to the range. You pay for what you get and I think at this price point, it’s a great deal as a budget option. This bag also seems to have a bit more padding than other bags in its price range. This also helps it maintain a rigid shape, which I’m a big fan of!

Potential cons:

It has no MOLLE webbing and lacks features such as mag holders.

Key Features

  • 16x8x7”
  • Lockable zippers
  • The main compartment is covered by a roll-up flap with a dual zipper design
  • Shoulder strap included
  • Velcro inserts
  • Maintains its shape better than most budget pistol range bags

6. Sentry Sentinel Pistol Shooting Bag

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Dimensions: 10” x 6” x 5”

My Review: This pistol range bag doesn’t get the props it deserves. If you want to know more about it, you can find more information on the Sentinel website here. It has plenty of space for multiple guns and a nice mounting system on the front. All around, this is one of the best range bags you’ll find. To see the range bag review, skip to 5:41 in the video below.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty 600 Denier tear-resistant fabric
  • Dual zipper panels
  • 1200 cubic inches of storage
  • Two external compartments
  • YKK Coil zippers
  • 1080 Mounting panel
  • Wraparound carry handles

7. Charter Arms Transport Organizer

Charter Arms Ultimate Heavy Duty Gun Pistol Firearm Range / Patrol Gear Protective Transport Organizer Bag

Check Price on Amazon

Dimensions: 16” x 9.5” x 9” central storage and 18” x 9.5” x 10.5” overall size.

My Review: This is an easy go-to for getting the job done. It won’t wow your range buddies, but it will get your handguns and all your range gear from point A to point B in a budget-friendly way. I’d say this is the best range bag for the money and when choosing this as a budget option, you really aren’t sacrificing much aside from styling.

Key Features

  • PVC coated foam padding
  • Double stitching
  • Heavy-duty lockable zippers
  • Velcro dividers and organizers
  • The main compartment has a concealed zipper for the firearm storage area

8. BlackHawk Sportster

BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag Black Nylon 74RB02BK

Check Price on Amazon

Bag Type: Hand carry pistol bag

My Review: This is one of the last range bags I reviewed, and I’ll be honest, I almost didn’t want to add it to this list after reviewing so many other amazing range bags. However, considering it’s around $40, it’s a bargain for those who want a small lightweight bag that simply “gets the job done”. It’s not fancy and it doesn’t have a whole lot of extras, but it is low cost and it is well made.

A lot of these range bags have pockets facing each and every direction which can sometimes be a little annoying if you’re trying to grab something in a pinch and forget which pocket it’s in. This bag has two top facing compartments that are perfect for those who like a dumping ground. With plenty of space for full-sized pistols and all of their goodies, this bag just simply works.

Something I found on Amazon reviews was to buy small square plastic crates and place them inside, giving this bag a more sturdy shape and a little more storage versatility. The bag itself kind of lacks sturdy infrastructure so by using the money you saved by buying this bag, you can just throw in some little crates and have an expensive bag for under $50!

Potential cons:

The elastic shoulder strap clips feel cheap and the bag lacks a rigid shape

Key Features

  • 2 pistol design
  • Detachable shoulder sling
  • Lockable zippers
  • 16x8x9”
  • These zippers are among my favorite in budget range bags

Rifle Range Shooting Bags


9. Savior Equipment American Classic (Highest Rated Rifle Bag)

Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Long Rifle Pistol Gun Bag Firearm Transportation Case w/Backpack - 36 Inch Obsidian Black

Check Price on Amazon

Dimensions: Available Length in 36″ 42″ 46″ 55″

My Review: This thing is amazing, it’s no wonder why it’s top-rated. You can easily store 2 rifles and plenty of other equipment inside of this bag and it comes with top quality padding to keep it all safe and secure. This bag really is a firearm enthusiasts’ best friend. It comes with every possible function you can think of, including locking zippers, multiple carry options, multiple color options, multiple sizes, and a very friendly price. If your goal is to just buy something in a hurry that will do the job, go ahead and click the link above and save yourself the time of reading or searching for any other range bags.

36 Inch Case Internal Size – 36″ x 12″
42 Inch Case Internal Size – 42″ x 12″
46 Inch Case Internal Size – 46″ x 12″
Double Pistol Pocket Size – 25.5” x 11.0”
Front Middle Tactical Pocket Size – 7” x 8.5”
Front Side Tactical Pocket Size – 5.5” x 8.5”
55 Inch Case Internal Size – 55″ x 12″
Double Pistol Pocket Size – 34” x 11.0”
Front Middle Tactical Pocket Size – 11.5” x 8.5”
Front Side Tactical Pocket Size – 7.5” x 8.5”

Potential cons:

Probably a bit overkill if you just have 1 rifle

Key Features

  • Lockable compartment
  • Can hold 2 rifles & 2 pistols with gear
  • Lockable zipper sliders on both compartments
  • Woven cinch straps
  • 600 Denier Premium PVC Shell
  • Molle Grid
  • Paracord Zipper tag
  • D ring and backpack straps
  • Lifetime warranty, No questions asked
  • Four color options

10. BlackHawk Sport Tact Carbine Gun Case (Cheapest Rifle Bag)

BLACKHAWK Sport Tact Carbine Gun Case, 36-Inch

Check Price on Amazon

Dimensions: 36” long

My Review: This is the perfect bag for someone that doesn’t have a ton of different things to bring to the range, and just wants an easy to carry bag. It’s cheap and it gets the job done well.

Potential cons:

This is not the best option for maximum protection. It does offer some padding but not nearly as much as other bags.

Key Features

  • Tight weave heavy 600 denier polyester with PVC laminate
  • Dual-density foam form
  • Heavy-duty straps
  • List Dual zippers offer locking options
  • Five external mag pockets
  • Two accessories pockets

11. Lynx Defense 42” Rifle Bag (Very High Quality)

Lynx Defense 42” Rifle Bag

Check Price on Amazon

Dimensions: 42” X 14” X 4” and weighs 8.04lbs.

My Review: This bag is meant for the hardcore enthusiast who has some serious firepower they want to protect during transit. This bag is American made and manufactured to be the best in quality. It has options for 5 different color configurations and is highly adjustable for many different uses and needs. You can read more about this bag on the Lynx website here. Lynx Defense claims these bags are used by professional competition-grade shooters and I could see why. More than enough storage space for all my range goodies and perfect protection for my beloved cannons.

Potential cons:

This bag may be a bit too expensive and costs more than low-end rifles do

Key Features

  • 500D Cordura Fabric
  • Criss-Cross buttstock and barrel holders
  • 4 customizable straps
  • Removable shooting mat
  • Two gun compartments
  • Three customizable magazine and ammo pockets
  • Two small arm storage pockets
  • Two large zipper compartments
  • Gun dividers

Backpacks and Duffle Range Bags (Multi-Purpose)


12. GPS Tactical Range Backpack

G.P.S. T1612BPT Tactical Range Backpack, Tan

Check Price on Amazon

Dimensions: 11x8x3” interior

My Review: This backpack range bag is likely one of my favorite pistol range bags on this list! At just over a hundred bucks, it’s not too expensive but it comes with qualities I’d expect to find in an over $200 bag. At first glance, the bag is incredibly durable and sturdy. The interior frame is very rigid and sits tight against the back. This is perfect for when you load this bad boy up, as it can certainly hold a ton of weight. As far as storing pistols go, there is plenty of room for multiple full-size framed pistols with room to spare. The backpack also has lockable zippers, perfect for you Californian law-abiding citizens! It comes in black or tan and offers tons of MOLLE webbing for you to dress up with morale patches and show the world what you’re about.

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In particular, I love the design of the bag. Simply put, the bag opens like a traditional backpack but also has a side door where you’ll find a very unique configuration for pistol storage. It almost kind of reminds me of how multiple hard drives sit in a computer case. There are pull handles on each component that easily slide out, revealing the pistol in its own storage case, complete with mag holders. It’s a bit tough to explain but once you see it, I hope you fall in love with it as much as I have!

Potential cons:

Made in China despite advertising claiming it’s made in the USA

Key Features

  • 1000 denier polyester with Teflon coating
  • Honeycomb internal frame
  • Tan or black color configurations
  • Triple-stitched mole webbing on the face of the bag
  • Four outside zipper pockets
  • Has an extremely rigid internal frame that bears large amounts of weight
  • Intuitive segregated pistol storage design

13. GPS Handgunner

G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack Black GPS-1711BP

Check Price on Amazon

My Review: Are you wild about shooting? The gentlemen at GPS certainly are and they’ve brought us one amazing little pistol range bag that I would certainly consider if you plan to bring multiple handguns to the range.

These guys seriously know what we avid firearm enthusiasts need and that really shows in the design of this particular range bag. Now, this is more of a backpack form factor and they do have other form factors including rolling bags with telescopic handles and other bags that can carry up to 5 pistols called the Executive Backpack, but I really like this one because I enjoy the backpack form factor and even further, it carries a lot of my gear without taking up storage for firearms and really just fits my style of range day perfectly.

I also reviewed the GPS Tactical Range backpack and I like that one too, but I felt that it’s a better bag for people carrying only maybe one or two handguns to the range, while for me I like to break out several different models when I hit the range, so the Handgunner is a better fit for what I personally enjoy. If you don’t have multiple pistols, I’d go check out the Tactical pack they make instead of this one. Both are similar in price and quality but built for different types of people!

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Right up front, you get a super-wide front pouch that opens up to a foam cradle capable of encasing four different full-frame pistols. The way this was integrated is honestly pure genius, as the foam cradle actually folds out from a vertical position inside the bag out into a nice flat little bench-style firearm holder instead of forcing you to reach in and dig around for what you need. The foam cradle is among one of the best I’ve seen in a range bag and is carefully cut out by a professional CNC machine instead of those cheap foam cutouts that never seem to fit right.

The bag is well made and certainly worth the hundred dollar price tag. That does sound expensive, but you’re getting a bag purpose-built for carrying firearms instead of a cheap retrofitted backpack that you’ll find in some of the lower-tier backpack style handgun transporters.

Attention to detail is something I truly appreciate and the guys behind this bag did an excellent job including high-quality zippers that are lockable, magazine storage on both sides, plenty of storage space for ammo and other goodies in the main compartment, and ensuring the backpack is free-standing, whether full or not. These bad boys are available in both flat black and digital camo color schemes.


14. Under Armour Cordura Range Duffle (Best Duffle Type)

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Dimensions: 53L capacity 23″ x 11″ x 11″

My Review: This duffle bag is great for people that need a multipurpose type bag. Use it for the gym, the range, whatever, it’s great and will hold quite a bit of gear. The UA Storm technology is well known to be highly water-resistant and the quality of the bag overall is very high. The zippers are heavy-duty and lockable making this a very secure solution for transporting firearms and since its soft and well padded, all your range goodies are protected.

Potential cons:

The metal wire frame can get bent and will deform the bags overall shape.

Key Features

  • 100% woven nylon
  • Can be worn as a duffle or backpack
  • UA Storm weatherproofing and completely water-resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant PU coated underside
  • Padded and ergonomic foam straps
  • Black or Graystone colors
  • It keeps it shape even when empty or overloaded
  • Massive compartments that can hold everything you’d need for a day at the range.

15. Drakon 40L Survival Tactical Go Bag Backpack

Drakon Outdoors 40L Waterproof Dry Bag Survival Backpack - Roll Top Go-Bag Perfect for Boating, Camping, Hunting, Kayaking - Black Padded Adjustable Straps With MOLLE System

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Bag Type: Tactical Backpack
Dimensions: 40L capacity 7” deep 12” wide and 28” tall.

My Review: This backpack is seriously tough. It is top-rated on every site it’s featured on and with good reason. This is the perfect bag for range day or to be used as a bug-out bag. It’s purpose-built to be weather resistant and has a water-sealed folding top.

Key Features

  • Full face Molle design
  • 5 external adjustable and removable pouches
  • Watertight seams and so watertight that you can use the bag itself to carry water inside of it.
  • 500D PVC Tarpaulin material
  • Several compartments and removable pouches


Why do I need a range bag?

Range bags are used to carry guns, gear, and gadgets that you carry on for your adventure. Range bag organizes everything and keeps the firearms secure.

What should be in your range bag?

Main gear, eye protection, ear protection, first aid kit, spare mags, ammo, gloves, multi-tool, small flashlight with batteries, and cleaning supplies.

The above is the minimum that you should have in your range bag.

How do I choose a range bag?

You should choose a range bag mainly on the basis of guns and gear you have. Range bags are customized to hold guns and other accessories.

Apart from that, you can choose on the basis of straps and ruggedness.

Do I need to lock my range bag?

A range bag must be locked while traveling from one design to another. In California, by law, you have to lock the range bag.

It is also advisable to lock the range bag while taking the gun from your car to your home.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right gun range bag comes down to how it will be used and what qualities your specific activities require. All in all, a range bag shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg and they can be found at pretty much any sporting goods stores or online via Amazon. A range bag is an absolutely essential piece of gear that any avid firearms enthusiasts should have. Without a solid range bag, you risk damaging and losing equipment that is probably a lot more expensive than a range bag would cost. Think of a quality range bag as insurance!

Your armory is only as good as what you can transport it with. Or is it? Probably not, but you get the point. If you don’t already have one do yourself a favor and get a range bag!

Semper Fi,

Corporal Wabo

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