17 Best Hidden Gun Storage Furniture 2024 | (Marine Approved)

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Clever Hidden Gun Storage Options Review

We explore innovative hidden gun storage options, offering alternatives to traditional safes for responsible firearm owners. Highlighting unique solutions like furniture with concealed compartments, the guide showcases options to securely and discreetly store guns, emphasizing ingenuity and practicality in gun safety and storage.

Owning boomsticks comes along with great responsibility, and some of this responsibility comes in the form of gun storage. We all know better (hopefully) than to mount weapons on the wall to impress our friends, and we all know how popular of a target firearms can be for burglars.

Sure, you can always go out and spend an arm and a leg on a full-size gun safe and take up tons of precious space in your home. These safes typically are made from several inches of reinforced steel, and nothing screams “firearms in here” more than a massive block of locked metal. 

Although secure, it certainly won’t be difficult for a thief to find out where those guns are, and if they want them badly enough, they will get them. No safe is 100% secure, and at the end of the day, if the thief has time on their side, they can always just jack the entire safe and worry about opening it later.

So, aside from buying a large metal gun safe, what can we do to be responsible firearm owners and store our firearms with security and peace of mind? We can take the Marine sniper approach and hide them in plain sight. That’s right! Hidden gun safes are here and available for just about any firearm you can think of. From small inconspicuous tissue boxes to full wall-inserted safes hiding behind a mirror, you’ve got options.

So many options, in fact, that I can’t possibly write about them all or review each and every one of them, so don’t hesitate to do a little research outside of this guide and come back, sharing what you found in our comments section!

Here Are the Best Hidden Gun Storage Options (Listed by Price)

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks For Hidden Gun Storage Furniture in 2024
Secret Decor Solid Wooden Handgun Picture Frame
  • Holds a pistol, mag, some ammo
  • Holds your photograph
  • Black, natural, or brown tint
Concealment Shelf with 3 Hooks
  • Easy install
  • Holds keys
  • Has chalkboard for messages
Hidden Gun Cabinet with Digital KeyPad
  • Fits between wall studs”
  • Holds full-size rifles
  • Anti-theft alarm
Tactical Walls Full-Length Concealment Mirror
  • Capacity: 14” x 40” x 3.5”and 14” x 10” x 3.5”
  • Comes in 5 finishes or no finish for you to customize
  • Choose between magnetic or RFID locking mechanisms
Folding Storage Ottoman Bench
  • Functional furniture.
  • Holds carbines, handguns, and plenty of ammo
  • Fits well in a den or living room

1. Secret Decor Solid Wooden Handgun Picture Frame

Hidden Gun Storage, Concealment Gun Safes for Pistols, Secret Decor Solid Wooden Handgun Picture Frames Box (Black)

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Price Range: $29.87-$31.87

Capacity: 1 standard handgun

My Review: This is a standard-looking picture frame. It will hold 1 handgun, an extra mag or two, and some ammo if you use a slim box.

It comes with a photo, but you really need to replace it with a picture that means something to you. Random landscape scenes stand out. A picture of kids, parents, and pets belongs in your house. If you are going to hang a landscape photo, it will be a lot bigger than this.

You could probably fit two compacts or sub-compacts in here as well. It probably will not hold hand cannons. Certainly, it will not hold a hogleg because there is just not enough space for the barrel.

The heavy magnet lock is easy to open with a tug. This means the hidey hole is not kid-safe. If you need kid-safe, then you must have an actual lock.

It is pretty easy to mount. A pair of holes, a screw in each hole, and you are done. I do recommend drilling the holes vertically and having them centered over a wall stud. This way, your screws sink into supporting lumber instead of sheetrock or empty space behind the way. This also provides a lot more weight support than tapping into just a wall.

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Functions and Features

  • Magnetic closure
  • Swings open left or right depending on how mounted
  • Sturdy
  • 9.5″x7.5″x1.85


  • No batteries
  • Easy open
  • Looks like it belongs in the house


  • Not kid-safe
  • Easy open

2. Concealment Shelf with 3 Hooks

MOCAS Concealment Furniture Hidden Gun Storage for Pistols, Hidden Wall Gun Safe Concealment Shelf with 3 Hooks for Secret Decor, Wall Art Storage Cabinet Wooden Storage Shelves Indoor Picture Frame

Check Price on Amazon

Price Range: Around $32

Capacity: 1 standard handgun

My Review: I am always looking for a place to put my keys, which usually means I am looking for them later. If you can get into the habit of hanging your keys on a hook by the door, then you do not have to hunt for a place or the keys.

This concealment shelf comes with 3 hooks. If you are handy enough to hang the box, then you are certainly handy enough to put another hook or more for more keys. You can even put hooks going up the side. I did on mine.

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Like the picture frame box above, I recommend a vertical mount. Center the box over a stud in the wall. Drill your pilot holes, one above the other, and sink the screws into that 2×4. This is a solid way to mount this kind of box.

It will hold a standard handgun, two compacts, an extra mag or two, and ammo if you have a slim box.

Buy some chalk if you want to leave messages. The chalk is dusty, and if you have a super finicky gun, this is not the secret holder for that gun.

Key Features 

  • Real pine
  • Chalkboard -leave messages
  • Easy install
  • The Center peg holds the gun
  • 3.15″D x 11.8″W x 11.8″H


  • Sliding door
  • Keeps gun very handy
  • Keeps keys handy
  • Easy install
  • Easy way to leave short messages


  • Sliding door
  • Not kid-safe

3. Hidden Gun Cabinet with Digital KeyPad

SAPITAL 53" Gun Safe, Gun Safes & Cabinets, Wall Safes Between The Studs 16" Centers, Rifle Safe, Hidden Gun Cabinet with Digital KeyPad and Adjustable Gun Rack

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Price Range: $160-$180

Capacity: 5.7″D x 18″W x 53″H or 4.65″D x 16.3″W x 45″H

My Review: Installing this safe may be more than you want to do. It involves cutting a hole in a wall between 2 studs. You need to know that your wall studs are 16″ apart before you start cutting, or you are headed for a big mess.

The other difficulty here is hiding the safe. This takes a full-size mirror, tapestry, or something else big enough to hide the space.

You have 3 choices, the smallest being a pistol safe. The other 2 are larger and will hold 2-3 long guns.

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The interior of the two larger safes is somewhat customizable. With the limited space, how much you can change the inside is also very limited. If you put 3 rifles in the biggest one, you have no shelf space worth talking about. Store 1 rifle, and you can put ammo, mags, and some handguns inside as well.

Sometimes I like keypads, sometimes not. Since it is battery-powered, it does not depend on the electrical grid. Batteries also die, and they can cause corrosion once they die. Best to change the battery once a year. This keypad has an alarm, which is very good. Punch in the wrong code 4 times, and a 1-minute alarm goes off.

Because this fits into a wall, you have a lot of placement options.

Key Features

  • 14.37″(W) x 5.7″(D) x 49.3″(H) inside (biggest)
  • Keypad entry
  • Alarm
  • Hides well


  • Goes inside a wall
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Kid-proof
  • Once hidden, is excellent concealment


  • Requires some skill to install
  • Needs something big to hide it
  • Not a true gun-safe
  • Hide it well and takes time to get into
  • Limited space

4. Tactical Walls Full-Length Concealment Mirror

Tactical Walls Hidden Safe

Shop or Read Reviews

Price Range: Under $500
Capacity: 14” x 40” x 3.5”and 14” x 10” x 3.5”

My Review: Tactical Walls seem to be one of the highest quality in-wall gun storage solution companies I could find and have created a very well designed piece of gun security. These fit between any standard studs and are incredibly easy to install with full instructions provided.

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The safe itself can easily fit 2 rifles and tons of ammo, accessories, handguns, etc. The mirror looks great and does a fantastic job of concealing the contents of this wall safe. You may choose between two locking mechanisms – RFID or magnetic. A huge plus for our beloved LE and Military readers, there’s a discount!

Functions and Features:

  • Comes in 5 finishes or no finish for you to customize
  • Choose between magnetic or RFID locking mechanisms
  • These come with 2 compartments
  • Multiple adjustable inserts
  • Shatter-resistant mirror concealment design
  • Birchwood construction
  • Fully customizable with options including LED lights, coat hooks, Velcro loop backing, storage pouches, and custom-made inserts.
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Military and LE discount available
  • One of the best in wall concealment designs available


  • Built-in mirror provides concealment
  • Not obvious
  • Mirror is handy
  • Magnetic lock 
  • Keypad lock available
  • Easy access


  • Requires some skill to install
  • Will not hold long guns
  • Magnetic lock, not kid-safe

5. Chinoiserie Diversion Book Safe

Chinoiserie Diversion Book Safe Storage Box (Size 8.7"×6"×2") With Security Combination Lock, Chinese style Ornaments Secret Hidden Safe (The Art of War - Combination Lock)

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Price range: Around $20

Capacity: 1 handgun: 8.7″×6″×2″

My Review: This is just too good. “The Art of War” by ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu is a masterpiece of strategy, politics, economy, and military. As a Marine, I find this book to be a source of inspiration as well. For a company to take the title and turn it into the wrap-around on a gun safe is too appropriate.

This does look like a book unless you get very close. As long as it stays on a bookshelf, it should stay there until you need it.

The book has a 3-wheel combination lock. These are pretty easy to pick, so the kid-proof resistance is what I call medium. It is better than nothing, but not as good as a key lock. The key lock version is better for security, but that also means keeping up with a key.

This one is also extremely portable. It is a book disguised as a gun safe! You can literally take it with you. Throw it in the back, and a casual observer will never suspect it hides a gun.

If Art of War is not appealing, the company offers the same gun safe with A Dream in Red Mansions, Historical Records, Journey to the West, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Key Features

  • Steel case
  • Combo lock or key lock
  • Cool title


  • Art of War – how cool is that?
  • Looks like a book
  • Fits on bookshelf


  • Easy to break open
  • Holds 1 gun, extra mag, limited ammo
  • Combo safe will delay opening in emergency
  • Ditto key lock

6. Gurexl Nightstand with Gun Compartment

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Price: $130-$150

Capacity: 2 handguns, extra mags, ammo

Everybody needs a nightstand by the bed. This one comes with the bonus of a lockable top compartment to hide 2 handguns and some extra mags.

Sometimes, these will ship without the foam insert, as seen in the picture. You really do not need the foam, as the guns will just lay there. Opening the slide top will not move them unless you yank really hard on the top.

The drawers work. They are not going to hold a lot and do not need to. This is for your bedside. 

The motion sensor light is wonderful. Set it to motion as you approach the bed, and it comes on when you enter the room. As you can set the light’s brightness, maybe it will not bother your partner asleep on the other side.

The light under the sliding top, to shin down on the open space, is also very handy in the middle of the night.

Functions and Features:

  • USB charging ports
  • 3-color dimmable lights
  • 2 drawers


  • Compartment locks
  • Slides open
  • Typical home furniture
  • Charging stations
  • No installation needed
  • Kid resistant


  • Expensive
  • Assembly required
  • Motion sensor light

7. Bedside Holster

Bedside Holster, Pistol Holster, Bed Side Holster, Under Mattress Handgun Holster, Tactical Gun Holster with Flashlight Loop Holder Black

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Price: About $14

Capacity: 1 gun

My Review: If you want the fastest access possible for your handgun at your bed, this is it. The bed holster’s huge flap slides between the top mattress and the box spring. Your gun hangs down beside the bed. You can also stick it in a chair, hang it on a wall, table, or more. If you want it to attach to a chair, you may need to take the seat cushion up to set the top half between the frame and cushion.

The holster has elastic in it, so it will hold full-size, compact, sub-compact handguns.

In order to conceal the gun, the covers or sheet have to hang down low enough to keep the gun hidden. That may be an issue for some people.

This is definitely NOT kid-proof. The gun is just held in a holster where anyone can reach it.

Functions and Features:

  • Nylon construction
  • The top flap has material to help it grip
  • 2 extra pockets


  • Rapid access
  • Can hang from surfaces
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to move


  • Won’t hold large-frame guns
  • Not kid-safe

8. Peace Keeper Tall Rectangular Clock

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My Review: This clock certainly isn’t a good option if you have kids around your home because it doesn’t lock, but for you looking for a non-locking storage solution this clock will certainly get the job done. This clock looks great and is large enough to store most handguns, cash, passports, jewelry and other important items.

The only major complaint I hear about this clock is that it doesn’t have a way to hold a firearm upright and some people say the clock they received had has some scuffs and blemishes. The bottom line is it’s around $50 so don’t expect too much.

Key Features

  • Working clock
  • Working clock Easy to access hidden compartment (a magnet holds it shut)
  • Rich, dark mahogany finish that looks great
  • Runs off 1 AA battery
  • Has a surprising amount of storage space for a small clock

9. GunVault Handgun Safe

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Price Range: Around $80

My Review: If you’re looking for a concealable hidden gun safe with tons of mounting options, this may be just what you’re hunting for. Is it the end all be all primary firearm storage solution? No, but it is perfect for an office desk, nightstand, or wherever you wish to mount it. It has programmable electronic entry capabilities, as well as a manual key backup in case of malfunctions or the batteries die.

This is a handy option for those you who spend a lot of time at your desk and want to have a quick access to a firearm. Once opened, there is an LED light on the top of the safe that comes on so you can see your firearm in low light scenarios.

The video below does a good job talking about how to mount it and gives a pretty good video review of the safe.

Key Features

  • Tons of mounting options
  • Easy to conceal
  • Good Value

10. Tactical Walls Concealment Wall Clock

Concealment Wall Clock

Shop or Read Reviews

Price Range: $250
Capacity: 14” x 10” and holds up to 10lbs

My Review: Although there are cheaper clock concealment options available all over the web, this is easily one of the best. I’ve seen this up close and personal and had absolutely no idea it was containing a firearm! It’s really easy to open, you just press on the top of the clock near the 12 section and the bottom flips up! The clock is attached by Velcro and allows for rapid deployment of your firearm while offering top class concealment.

Notable Features

  • Clock concealment disguise
  • Impossible to tell that it has a secret compartment
  • High-quality clock design
  • Velcro face attachment system
  • Padded insert

11. Tactical Walls Concealment Shelves

Check Out Tactical Walls Website

My Review: As mentioned earlier in this review, Tactical Walls makes some very high quality hidden gun storage solutions, and their concealment shelves are no exception.

The 812PLS is their smallest shelf, it has a foam-lined hidden compartment that is 8 inches long by 12 inches wide. It utilizes a magnetic opening system, compared to the 812RFID listed next on this list that has an RFID opening mechanism. It comes with a high-quality polyurethane foam insert that can easily be customized.

The 812RFID was released after the 812PLS and utilizes a more advanced RFID opening system.

They also carry a full-size concealment shelf that can fit a rifle, pistol, and additional goodies. I attached a video below from Tactical Walls that gives a brief overview of their product lines.

For more information on these shelves, check out the Tactical Walls Website through the button above.

Key Features

  • Tactical Walls makes some of the best hidden gun storage products available
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Multiple shelf sizes available


  • Easy conceal
  • Wall mounted
  • Fingerprint access
  • Pin code access


  • Will not hold long guns
  • Needs a battery for the lock

12. KINGS MAGNET Gun Holder

KINGS MAGNET Gun Holder | Rubber Coated Magnetic Concealment Mount for Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns for Men and Women | Hidden Storage for Vehicle, Truck, Car, Bedside or Home, 2 Pack

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Product dimensions: 28”D x 48”W x 7”H
Product weight: 140 lbs

My review: I am a big fan of these magnets. They offer good concealment, especially under desks. Reach under, and your hand is on the gun. A tug, and you are in business. It can be mounted on a wall, headboard, or just about anywhere you can sink the screws and have enough space for the gun.

The rubber coating is necessary. This prevents your gun from being scratched. Do not get the magnet holds without the rubber cover. You also want the rubber as a barrier between the gun and the magnet to lessen the magnetic attraction. Easier to get the gun off. Since it will hold about 40 pounds, using the entire surface, these are pretty strong.

That 40 pounds does mean the entire magnet. As your gun is likely to be held only by the barrel or the slide, the working weight limit is a lot less. Still, this should hold a loaded magnum automatic without issue.

Yes, it works with polymer guns. As long as the slide is still metal that sticks to a magnet, it will work.

If you are holding a shotgun or rifle, get at least 2 magnets. If you are trying to hold an AR-style, you may need 4. Even that might not work, as significant parts of the AR are made from aluminum, which is not magnetic.

This is seriously not kid-safe. It is a magnet holding the gun. You can install it out of sight of an adult, but kids will crawl under and poke around. A kid will find this.

Key Features

  • Mounting hardware included
  • 2-pack is cheaper
  • Holds up to about 40 pounds


  • Mounts about anywhere
  • Super fast access
  • Will hold all but the biggest hand cannons
  • No locks


  • Not kid-safe
  • Watch placement under desk (don’t bang your knee)
  • No locks
  • It must have enough magnetic metal on the gun for it to work

13. XDeer Security Flat Wall Safe

XDeer Security Flat Wall Safes In-Wall Hidden Safes Biometric Safes Fingerprint Safes Electronic Hidden Safes with Numeric Keypad Protecting Handguns, Money, Jewelry, Passports - for Home or Business

Check Price on Amazon

Price: Around $170

Capacity: 4.13″D x 16.22″W x 22.04″H

My review: This is a handgun only. It will store several, with mags and ammo.

The fingerprint entry promises it opens in a 1/0th of a second. That is much faster than a key. You do have to move whatever is hiding it. In an emergency, do not worry about that picture hanging over it.


  • Real mirror
  • Looks like it belongs
  • The compartment fits into the wall
  • It can hold 2 carbines, several handguns


  • Installation requires some experience

14. Folding Storage Ottoman Bench

SUPER DEAL Folding Storage Ottoman Bench, 43 Inches Footrest with Padded Seat Large Box Storage Chest for Bedroom Living Room Entryway, 660 lbs Capacity 15" x 43" x 15" Dark Gray

Check Price on Amazon

Capacity: 15″ x 43″ x 15″

Price: Around $30

My review: This ottoman doubles as storage space. You can pack a lot in there. The weight capacity is listed as 660 pounds. As long as you do not stress the sides, you can fit more in there. Ammo weighs a lot.

This one is good for carbines and handguns. You will not get long guns in there. Using the Mossberg 500 as a benchmark at 47.5 inches, that is already longer than the exterior of the settee. The inside is even smaller.

You can certainly pack several AR 15s with folding stocks into it. If you get a gun like Shockwave, you can put a bunch of them in there as well.

I am mildly bothered by this being a piece of hollow furniture with the immediate and easy access that affords. Still, how many thieves will break into your house and try to tip over your furniture? Not many.

Pile some photo albums or other stuff on top of the guns.

Key Features

  • 3 colors
  • Padded top
  • 15″ high, good footrest


  • Lots of storage
  • Functional furniture
  • Rapid access


  • It does look a lot like a storage chest
  • Will not hold long guns
  • Not kid safe

15. Stalwart Diversion Book Safe (cheapest)

Check Price on Amazon

Price Range: Under $15
Interior capacity/dimensions: 9.2″ x 5.7″ x 1.6″. Will hold 1 pistol, possibly two small compacts if you don’t mind them touching

Note: They sell this safe with a few different covers, including the Rome cover here and the Paris cover here.

My Review: I think if you have a good environment for this type of thing such as a home library or well-equipped bookcase, this might actually work! It’s full metal construction, so obviously if someone shifts through a drawer with this in it, they may be able to pick up on the fact that it’s a safe fairly easily, but so long as it’s hidden among other books, I doubt anyone would give it a second look. Personally, I’d throw some felt or something on the bottom to ensure it doesn’t make a metallic noise if it’s moved somehow. It does come with a cardboard style cover and the “pages” are plastic, but it still makes a metallic noise nonetheless.

As far as serving as a gun safe goes, it’s a risk because although you can lock it, someone can easily just make off with the entire thing and bust it open later. The key to success with this little safe is a tactical diversion and staying hidden! You can easily fit most handguns inside and possibly two compact handguns. I’d recommend buying a foam pad and cutting out the shape of your gun for maximum protection and concealment.

There are tons of these available and the one I reviewed was just the one I so happen to have seen in real life so use it as a reference! Some more advanced models even come with a few pages attached, giving it a more authentic book-like feel. There are also some that come with felt lining or foam lining, which may better suit a firearm.

Key Features

  • Lockbox English dictionary style safe
  • Provides a great diversion to hide valuables, firearms, etc
  • Easy to lock and store on a bookshelf or in a drawer
  • Blends in with other books on a shelf
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes with two keys


  • Looks like a dust collector cabinet
  • Actually holds dust collector items


  • Seam on the side is obvious
  • Not kid safe

16. BlueStone Safety Holster

Check Price on Amazon

This is probably the simplest concealment option on this entire list. Essentially, it’s just a heavy duty piece of elastic attached to rubber pad. Simply screw the 4 included screws through the 4 screw eyelets and into the surface you’re mounting it to. Most people seem to use it under a desk, in a closet, or under a counter.

Although this holster does offer extremely quick access to your firearm, it’s also the least secure. It is advertised to fit “most” firearms, just be aware if you have a very large handgun this may not be the best option for you.

Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • Quick access to firearm
  • Tons of mounting options


  • Mounts about anywhere
  • Super fast access


  • Takes some effort to conceal, depending on the mount
  • Holds 1 gun
  • Not kid safe

17. Tactical Coffee Table Hidden Gun Table Safe

Tactical Coffee Table Hidden Gun table Safe with Trap Door & RFID Lock - 47in x 23.5in x 19in (Dark Walnut)

Check Price on Amazon

Price range: $500+ with shipping

Capacity: 47in x 23.5in x 19in x4

My review: If you need a coffee table, this is a great choice. The table top is made from pressed wood bits. So many tables like this are the same.

At 30 pounds, it is about the weight you’d expect from a coffee table. Guns and ammo will, of course, make it heavier.

The RFID lock does give cause for pause. You must find that dongle or key to make the thing open. If you are in an emergency, you may not have time to do that.

This kind of storage will not work well with a magnet closure. It’s just too heavy unless you install a LOT of super magnets, which make it that much heavier. As the magnets have to be all along the lip, you will have to push on each end with magnets.

It will hold several handguns, 2-3 carbines, some ammo, and extra mags. You do need to be careful how much weight you put in the compartment. Too much as the lock may not work or could even break.

If you are handy, you could install additional decorations to high, heavier locks.

Key Features

  • Real table
  • Looks like regular furniture


  • A real table
  • Hides guns well
  • Hidden space not obvious
  • Kid-resistant
  • 6 color choices


  • Expensive
  • Requires RFID key to open
  • Assembly required

Hidden Safe Buying Guide and Considerations

In this guide, we’ll cover why you should most certainly 100% absolutely positively invest in a gun storage solution that works for you. Everyone’s home is different and not all firearms are created equal so please keep in mind that you’ll need a plan before considering a storage option. Not every safe may work in your environment and you may even be better off buying a full gun case instead! Hidden gun storage is for those who plan and strategize ahead of time and for those who pull it off nicely, there is considerable upside! After discussing why it’s important and the benefits of a hidden gun storage solution, we’ll dive into where you can buy these bad boys and what some of my favorites are to date.

Why is having a gun safe so incredibly important?

If you’re new to owning a firearm or you’re considering picking up your first boomstick, you may be wondering why a safe is necessary in the first place. I mean, after all, you’ll likely be spending quite a bit on your boomsticks and even more on decking them out with the most tacticool attachments you can find. Finally, anyone who’s been shooting before knows ammo and range time is certainly not cheap. So why should you spend money on a safe? Why should you include gun storage in your boomstick budget? Why should you be concerned about gun storage? Do you have better options than an actual gun safe?


You know the saying “I never thought it would happen until it did” and all of the other BS people use to try to excuse themselves from the mistake of not being prepared. Being prepared is worth 100x the amount you’ll spend preparing and is one of the most important safety aspects of owning a firearm. If your firearms are stolen and put into the hands of dangerous criminals, it is YOUR fault! That’s right, it is 100% on you. It’s unfortunate we live in a world where people are inclined to break in and take our personal belongings but since we know this happens and we know there is always a chance, it is our duty to prepare against such happenings.

I’ve even heard the excuses “yeah but I have guns, I’ll just shoot em!” and that’s fine and dandy so long as you’re actually home, but do you plan on never leaving your property ever again after buying a firearm? Doubtful. Just like kids, the precious classic car, the wedding ring, the buffalo wings you left in the fridge with a do not eat sticky note, etc, you cannot be around to protect them 24/7.


You may not be able to protect them 24/7 for the rest of their lives, but you can ensure they live a healthy self-inflicted gunshot free upbringing. By owning a firearm, you are increasing the effectiveness of protecting your family from intruders but you are also increasing the risk of those shiny firearms attracting attention from curious kids.

Although they likely mean well, a kid’s possession is no place for a firearm and often leads to some of the most tragic firearm-related accidents. This one is on you, the responsible gun owning adult. If you own a firearm and you have kids, you absolutely must invest in some kind of gun storage that is lockable.

Throwing your firearms in the closet under a blanket will not cut it. Maybe you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a kid so let me remind you that they love to play hide and seek and they love to explore places they aren’t allowed to explore.

You may also pride yourself on being the cool dad that taught their kids gun safety at a young age and I do applaud you for this, however, what they do when not supervised is another story and there’s really no reason to risk unfortunate mishaps, no matter how much training you think they’ve picked up from the pops.

Friends and Family

It’s incredibly unfortunate that we have to safeguard our firearms from our friends and family. It happens every single year, hundreds of thousands of firearms are stolen right under the gun owners nose, often by those they trust the most. In the world of firearms, you must trust absolutely no one but yourself.

If you’ve been out shooting with your friends and family, then they are well aware of what firearms you own, where you live, and even when you aren’t home to protect them. They are the absolute best candidates to steal your firearms and yes, it does happen all the time. Everyone is trustworthy… until they aren’t. There’s no reason to risk it.

For whatever reason, may it be to sell them for quick cash, use them in a crime, use them in suicide, etc, family and friends are never to be trusted with the location and security of your firearms. Investing in proper gun storage and keeping said gun storage a secret is of the utmost importance and is your duty as a firearm owner.

This also means the people nearest and dearest to you may know the combination you use on a traditional safe or they know exactly what shoe you hide the key in. That’s why hidden gun storage that only you know about is so incredibly useful. Anyone looking for your guns will likely be looking for a safe. Hidden away in a bookcase or behind a clock face are some of the last places thieves will be searching.


A huge factor when considering hidden gun storage is accessibility and ease of access. Since you are impeccably intelligent, and you’ve kept your hidden gun storage systems a secret, you can place them strategically around your property for quick access should you need some firepower in a pinch.

Maybe you’re checking to see who’s knocking at the door and its an unexpected and unwanted visitor but oh no, your gun safe is in the back of the house and locked up tight. The unwanted visitor can become an unwanted intruder in just seconds, far quicker than you can scurry to the basement, fumble the key out of if hiding spot, and unlike the safe. Or… you have a handy hidden coatrack gun compartment conveniently placed right next to the door that allows the rapid deployment of your street sweeper.

Whatever the situation may be, hidden gun storage adds a level of strategy and convenience that no full-size gun safe will give you. Having firearms placed around the house in spots only you know about also reduces the risk of all of them being stolen at once. If someone jacks your whole safe, every firearm is jeopardized. If someone finds only one of your hidden firearms, they may just assume that’s all you have and make a hasty retreat.


I’ve mentioned secrecy a few times already, but I’ll go ahead and write a dedicated section because of how important secrecy really is. Yes, it is extremely exciting to purchase a firearm and the first thing aside from actually shooting it you may feel inclined to do is show it off to your friends. Unfortunately, this is the reason so many firearm thefts occur.

You shouldn’t be post pictures of your guns all over social media, they shouldn’t be flashed around to all of your guests, and they most definitely shouldn’t be sitting on the kitchen table or mounted on the living room wall.

One of the best aspects of owning and having possession of a firearm is secrecy. Having a concealed advantage over possible attackers and intruders gives you a massive strategic advantage. If people know you are armed, it’s likely they will be prepared and even come armed themselves. If they don’t, they may not come packing as much heat. No matter the situation, keeping your firearms a secret is always an advantage.

Keeping your gun storage furniture a secret also falls into this advantage. If intruders know where your guns are stored, they may have a plan in place to keep you far from reaching your firearms and they will target those specific locations for theft. Hidden gun storage should be used synonymously with secret gun storage. If it’s not a secret to everyone but yourself then it’s not really hidden.

Hidden Gun Storage Options

Ultimately, if you have a few basic tools and some handyman skills, the options are nearly endless. There are tons of people that handcraft their own gun storage solutions and do an impeccable job creating hidden gun safes.

If you don’t have time, tools, or skills to make your own, buying one is easy and there are a whole plethora of options across the web!

Just to name a few, you can find handgun tissue boxes, wall clocks that reveal a handy gun storage compartment, hidden gun safes mounted inside the wall behind a mirror or picture frame, hidden walls, slide out cabinets, bookcase gun cases, coat rack cases, magnetic locking cases, flip out coffee table cases, and so many more.

It’s really impossible to list all of the options you have here because that’s the point of hidden gun security. You can turn just about anything into a hidden gun hideout and there will continually be new gadgets and safes added to the market.

As far as materials go, anything is fair game. Most hidden gun safes will likely be wood or metal but it entirely depends on what you’re using for concealment. Remember that hiding in plain sight is the idea here, we don’t want to create something tactical in appearance, we want something that looks innocent and doesn’t draw attention to itself.

With that said, I once was shown (bad idea on his part) a hidden gun safe that was hidden in the coatrack that was mounted RIGHT next to an actual gun safe! I would have never guessed it had he not shown me, it was hilariously genius and I’d bet that anyone trying to steal his firearms would solely focus on the gun case itself and probably not ever think to break open the coatrack literally inches away from it!

Creativity is rewarded when it comes to hidden gun storage and that is the beauty of this niche. In researching this topic and actually shopping for myself, I probably watched about 6 hours of YouTube videos in awe at how creative and handy peoples hidden gun storage furniture really is!

Buying Guide

In the buying guide I’d like to discuss a few tips and tricks and then I’ll recommend a few of my favorite hidden gun storage ideas and options at various price points.

First and foremost, you have to make sure the safe is going to fit what you’re trying to conceal. This should be a no-brainer; however, I had a buddy trying to conceal a Magnum Research .50 Desert Eagle in a concealed wall-hung shelf. The shelf said it was built for pistols, so he just assumed his beloved Deagle would fit, however, it was roughly an inch too shallow and the handgun was not able to be concealed and closed up inside. Physically measure your firearms and compare them to the dimensions of the available space.

Secondly, ensure there is room for other gear as well. A firearm is of little use without magazines, clips, ammo, ear protection or whatever else is required to operate it. Perhaps also including a knife and flashlight to your little concealment boxes may be a good idea.

Figure out how your firearms will be mounted and whether that mounting solution will work for you. Some hidden gun safes hold your guns in place with magnets, straps, foam cut outs, etc. For me personally, the idea of metal on metal makes me cringe, so exposed magnets would be a no-go for me. Some firearms may also be too heavy for the mounting solutions so ensure the weight is accounted for. This goes for mounting your hidden safe as well, ensure the weight is properly distributed and mounted accordingly.

Some of the available safes on the market may include fireproof options which are an absolutely fantastic idea. Not only will you be able to install these safes and have the peace of mind of always being able to recover your firearms after a fire, but you can also store important documents, ID’s, pictures, safekeeping’s, money, etc inside with your firearms. These safes, to me, are like insurance for things you can’t get insurance policies on and thus have a great deal of dual usage value.

Figure out what locking mechanisms, if any, you’ll need to utilize. If you don’t have kids, having hidden gun storage that doesn’t lock will likely suffice as the true feature is its secrecy. If you do have kids, however, I strongly suggest you choose something that is lockable and secure. You know kids, they will likely find anything given enough time. Some boxes have simple and nonchalant magnetic locking mechanisms that allow you to unlock them by sliding a magnet along one of its edges. Some are key locked, passcode locked, and some are even puzzle locked!

A lot of products comprising the list below may require mounting and minor carpentry work. Please make sure what is required of you before purchasing as these will rely on proper mounting, bracing, and cutting to work!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have dedicated Gun storage?

A Gun Storage is an ideal place to store guns. This can either be something that hides a gun sneakily or it can be something that can be used as a display case for your firearms. Guns should be stored carefully and should have dedicated spaces where they can be safely be placed.

Should I store ammo in a gun safe?

Ammo should specifically be stored somewhere that is completely moisture-free. Moisture is something that can spoil good ammo and can totally make them useless or dangerous to use. It is suggested that you store ammo in someplace that has managed humidity.

Can you store guns in a storage unit?

It is illegal to store guns in storage units. It is recommended that guns be stored with the owner in safe gun storage and as per laws in the US and other places around the world, it is very illegal to store arms in public storage units.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are many different creative ways to hide your firearms using gun concealing furniture and in-wall safe systems! I strongly recommend you invest in some kind of gun storage if you own any firearms no matter their value. Whether it’s a full-service gun safe or a clock with a secret compartment, you need a safe place for dangerous weapons. It is your duty as a responsible gun owning adult to ensure the security of your firearms!

Since it’s incredibly popular in our community to hand build a gun safe or some type of concealing furniture piece, I’d love to see what our readers build! If you’ve built one, don’t hesitate to share it with us here in the comments section.

If you’ve bought a hidden gun safe and care to share your secret with us to let us know how it’s working out for you, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment and share your experience! The market for concealed gun storage is growing rapidly as more and more creative business’s design and manufacture new products. With that said, there’s no way to keep up with them all so if I’ve missed one you like, share the information with everyone and drop it in a comment below!

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