What Does AK-47 Stand For? Here is the Answer and 5 Crazy Facts

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What Does AK-47 Stand for

AK stands for Avtomat Kalashnikova, which is Russian for Kalashnikov’s Automatic Rifle and is named after the man who developed the rifle (Mikhail Kalashnikov) in 1947. Kalshnikova was a Russian tank commander during World War II and began his career as a weapon designer after being injured in the battle of Bryansk. While in the hospital he overheard soldiers talking about the need for an improved Soviet rifle and decided to solve the problem himself.

Hopefully that is a pretty clear answer to the question what does AK-47 Stand for.

Common Misconceptions About What AK-47 Means:

Some people make totally wrong guesses at what AK-47 means. They think AK stands for things like automatic killer and that 47 means it can fire 47 rounds a second. Now that you actually know what it stands for you can share with them if they say something stupid like that.

An AK-47 is a gas operated assault rifled that fires 7.62x39mm ammunition. Below is a short YouTube video for a short history lesson about the AK-47

Here are 5 crazy facts about the AK-47 Rifle

  1. AK-47 Rifles Are Used to Gun Down Over a Quarter Million People a Year.

The Ak-47 is often called the deadliest rifle in the world. It has been praised and denounced. It is used to kill over a quarter million people every year. It’s very common in countries outside the United States and is widely used by foreign militaries, civilians, and terrorist organizations

  1. AK-47s Have Killed More People than Airstrikes, Rockets, and Artillery Combined.

The AK-47 is one of the most important rifles ever developed and if you’re in the US military this is a rifle you are most likely to fight against. I was blown away after reading a stat that they have killed more people than airstrikes, rockets, and artillery. I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising because they are so common in foreign countries.

  1. The AK-47 Rifle is the Face of Terrorism.

AK-47s are a popular Russian derived assault rifle used by many militaries and terrorist organizations for many reasons. These rifles are often associated with terrorism because they are used by Al-Qaeda and ISIS. After the attacks of September 11th many images of Osama Bin Laden surfaced showing him with an AK47.

  1. There are an Estimated 150 Million AK47 Rifles in Circulation.

Soldiers with AK 47 Rifles

Estimates on how many AK47s are in circulation vary, on the low end it is estimated that there are 35 million and on the high end 150 million.

So Why is it so commonly used?

  • Reliably is one thing that sets the AK-47 apart from many other low cost rifles. The AK-47 is a popular weapon in sand and desert environments because it continues to function well even when sand and other debris gets inside the rifle. With a rifle like the M4 you have to keep them very clean to stay reliable. The AK might not be that accurate, but at least you know it’s going to fire.
  • Low cost of production means the guns can be acquired even by poor militaries. In countries like Africa you can pick up an AK-47 incredible cheap (sometimes less than 300 dollars). For a high powered rifle that lasts a long time that’s very cheap.
  • Ease of use and availability mean the AK can be used effectively by those with little training. The gun hardly jams and requires little maintenance, so the operator won’t have to know much about gun maintenance, jam procedures, etc. It’s not uncommon to see kids on foreign countries walking around with these rifles.
  • Mass production of the AK-47 now puts the estimated number of AK47s in circulation between 30 and 150 million.
  1. It’s Seen as the Most Reliable Weapon in the World but Still Sucks

While the AK-47 is effective at close range, they’re not as accurate as weapons used by the US military like the M4. While they AK shines when it comes to ease of use and stopping power, outside of 200 yards the AK is sometimes referred to as a “spray and pray rifle.” That’s not to say that there aren’t high end and quality Ak-47’s, but most AK-47s aren’t accurate compared to other more expensive rifles.

Picture of an AK-47

Final Thoughts

If there was ever a gun to be knowledgeable about it would probably be the AK-47. Other than the M1 Grand (the gun that saved the world) It’s probably the most important gun in history. It’s not a great rifle but because it is so affordable, reliable, and easy to mass produce it is one of the deadliest guns in the world.

I hope after reading this page you now know the answer to the questions what does AK-47 stand for and what does AK stand for in AK47.

Most people can identify what the rifle looks like, but few people stop to ask what does AK47 stand for. The AK is a very important rifle and a hell of a lot of fun to shoot.

Let me know if you have any questions below or your thoughts on the AK-47.

Semper Fi,

Corporal Wabo

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