The 6 Best Foregrip Bipods Available in 2022

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Maintaining a firm grip on your boom stick is by far the most important factor when it comes to weapon effectiveness. Without a solid grip, your groupings are doomed to look like that splatter painting you made in 3rd grade and we aren’t talking about the paint that actually hit the paper.

Whether you’re hunting, competition shooting, or taking out those evil paper targets at the range, you stand to benefit from both a grip attachment and a bipod. The problem here is that rail real estate is limited and adding too many attachments really weighs down your rig.

Lucky for us, the tacticool gods are watching over us and have provided us with a beautiful marriage between a tactical grip and a bipod. We’re talking about foregrip bipods!

ar 15 with bipod foregrip

These little gadgets typically come in the form of a vertical grip with legs and provide you excellent shooting efficiency by allowing you to maintain a firm grip on the move and a steady stationary platform when a solid surface is available.

In a perfect world, we’d all probably like to lie down to take our shots. For me, I am most accurate laying down where I am comfortable, and the rifle is nearly weightless. Shooting prone is even better if you can find something to rest your rifle on like fallen timber, a sandbag, or bipod legs if you have them. Unfortunately, lying down isn’t always an option, especially if you’re shooting in a personal defense or in close quarters situation.

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The bottom line is a bipod grip offers extreme versatility and efficiency. There are few attachments as versatile and as helpful as a bipod grip. Sure, you can definitely use your rifle without one, but holding on and stabilizing your AR-15 or other rifle is a risk without one is more challenging, and your groupings will likely suffer.

Is a Bipod Foregrip Right for You?

Military Operator Using Tactical Foregrip

Bipod grips are best utilized on firearms that are used in a wide range of firing positions and scenarios quickly and unexpectedly. If you’re quickly having to navigate a building and then the next thing you know you’re laying outside of that same building taking 500m shots, a bipod foregrip combo will most certainly be of use to you.

The major selling point for a bipod grip is the fact that it jams two useful tools together to save rail space and shave off a few ounces on your setup. Adding a standalone grip and bipod together may not be possible for those of you with short barrel rifles (SBRs) or other attachments cluttering up your rails, thus allowing the bipod grip to outshine the two attachments alone.

Most bipod grip systems allow the shooter to quickly deploy the bipod by twisting or squeezing. This allows a firm grip to be had throughout position transitioning as you deploy the bipod, saving you precious seconds from having to reach up and deploy the bipod.

a Bipod fogrip also allow the firearm to easily stand on its own if you need to work on your firearm in the field. I think most people really enjoy having the option to deploy a bipod if they need it as some sort of an “it’s better to have and not need than to need and not have” kind of mentality.

The price of bipod grips is actually very cheap, almost always significantly cheaper than buying both a high-quality vertical foregrip (VFG) and bipod together. This makes the bipod grip a great economical choice for those of you looking to deck out your piece for cheap.

The Cons – Sacrifice for Efficiency

AR-15 with Foregrip Bipod Attachment

With that said and despite the bipod grip being a versatile multitool, it isn’t going to provide best in class performance for either a VFG or bipod. This tool is designed to save space on the rail and shoves two tools in one, which, like always, means you’ll be making sacrifices on behalf of both tools’ performances.

As far as a VFG goes, bipod grips are typically much larger than what most people consider sufficient for a VFG. They are not only longer in length but also considerably thicker than a VFG making for an awkward grip that some of you may not be used to. If you’re someone who already uses a standard size VFG, try a bipod grip, I don’t think it will take you too long to adjust.

A bipod grip will never offer as many features and stability options as a standalone bipod. Most bipods are considerably more durable than a bipod grip because they don’t need to worry about stuffing all of its components into a small grip handle. This means hitting the floor with your bipod grip deployed may not be the best option as you run the risk of damaging the unit. Bipod grips also don’t offer as much flexibility or tilting options, which is later expanded on in this guide.

Bipods do what they do best when they are positioned near the front of the firearm, however, to use it as a VFG as well, you will most likely need to position the bipod grip a bit closer to your body than the ideal position for a bipod. This makes for slight awkwardness in both grip position and bipod position.

Buying Guide and Considerations:

In this guide, I’ll be explaining the different types of grip bipods, how to select the perfect one for the infamous AR15 platform (most firearms will follow the same principles) and then showing you a list of my favorite grip bipods across several different price points.


When referring to length I am talking about how high the firearm is elevated from the base of the bipod’s feet. There are many different bipods created by different manufacturers that may all have different leg lengths.

With this said, if you know where you’ll be shooting from such as a shooting table you already have or a specific hunting set up, you’ll be able to purchase the perfect bipod length by simply measuring the height you need.

Some bipods even come with adjustable length capabilities. These generally come in the form of extendable legs or extendable feet. If you don’t have a good idea of the height you need or you think the height will vary, adjustable bipod grips are certainly the way to go.

Fold Direction:

Bipods have 3 main folding options which include folding into a vertical grip, folding away from the shooter and folding towards the shooter. Since we’re discussing grip bipods specifically, we’ll primarily be referring to bipods that fold into a vertical grip.

With this said, that does not mean other folding configurations are not usable as a grip, however, the vertical grip configuration is by far the best in terms of grip capabilities.

Fixed vs Tilt:

Fixed bipod grips are generally more rigid and do not allow for the firearm to move side to side. These typically have flat feet and very straight legs. These are generally better for those who are firing at one fixed target for an extended period of time and will not be engaging moving targets or multiple different targets.

Tilting bipod grips offer a focal point on an axis on the center of the barrel allowing for the shooter to tilt the firearm side to side, granting more mobility in a fixed shooting position and multiple shooting angles.

Choosing between the two is really of personal preference. The fixed bipod grip is a lot simpler and typically has less chance for malfunctioning. Fixed bipods are typically slimmer and can sometimes be deployed quicker and offer a bit more stability of a platform when deploying in a rush. Tilting, however, is really a great advantage to have as you won’t have to move your whole setup to take shots at multiple angles. These may also offer more comfort depending on the environment.

Almost all of the options we have for a bipod grip will be fixed. Bipod grips just do not have the space required or design capabilities to allow for tilting maneuverability.

Here are the Best Foregrip Bipods

Before we get started, I will warn you that this market is extremely small. There aren’t many options to choose from and most of what’s been developed in this sector have been largely focused on airsoft guns. That said, there are most certainly solid options to experiment with and I wouldn’t be surprised to see new advancements come up any day now, which I will do my best to update here!

Budget Bin:

If hitting the dirt and taking pot shots with large caliber rifles in a war zone is what you’re expecting, these probably won’t be your best bet. If lightly setting your rifle on a shooting table and having a casual day at the range with your AR15 and then packing that bad boy back up into a hard case and carefully storing it away is what’s in store for your setup, these are perfect! For roughly the same price as you’d find regular grips or bipods for, you can get the best of both worlds with these bad boys. If you’re on the fence about stuffing a bipod into a grip and you just want to see what it would feel like to try it, I’d recommend starting here.


1. Grip Pod V2 (Editor’s Choice)

Marine with Bipod Foregrip-Attachment on M4

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My review: The Grip Pod LE was designed for law enforcement use specifically. The Grip Pods V2 is a step up and is military grade. If you’re just a casual shooter the LE version will probably work just fine for you, but if you’re looking for a true buy once cry one grip pod the V2 will not disappoint.

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Here is a good video that reviews the Grip Pod V2 and explains the differences between the LE version and the V2. The video isn’t the clearest but the content covered is great!

Potential cons:

  • Heavier than most grips (7 ounces)
  • Out of most shooters price range for a grip

Key Features:

  • Polymer covered stainless steel reinforced legs
  • Quick attachment and detachment
  • Well balanced design
  • Diameter: 1.75”
  • Deployed height: 8.25”
  • Length closed: 5.75”
  • Available in Black, Tan, and Multi-Cam

2. Grip Pod LE

Grip Pods LE Version

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Industry Leader: It’s no secret that Grip Pod is the industry leader and makes the best foregrip bipods out there. They are adopted by law enforcement, military branches in and out of the US, and more.

My review: The Grip Pod LE is, in my opinion, the best foregrip bipod for most shooters. The Grip Pod Company is the industry leader in this category of firearm accessory.

There are several other versions similar to this grip with slight variations for different scenarios and price points. The LE is the cheapest of the Grip Pods and was designed for Law Enforcement. It is one of the easiest to use bipod grip attachments out there. It’s true, it is a bit cumbersome for a grip, but the benefits of rapid deployment outweigh any complaints about the size.

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The system as a whole does seem to be pretty tough, however, the legs are constructed from a durable polymer and may not withstand excruciating abuse. For light to medium shooting, it’ll do you just fine and provide fantastic firearm stability for much cheaper than quality stand-alone grip and bipod would cost.

Here you can find a product sheet here to find the perfect Grip Pod for you. There are several that have purpose-built applications.

Potential cons:

  • Polymer constructed legs will not withstand major abuse or large amounts of force
  • The grip is a bit thicker than some shooters prefer

Key Features:

  • Crafted from aerospace aluminum and a hardened polymer
  • Passed military drop testing
  • Quick attach and detach cam lever system
  • Black or tan color configurations
  • Quick button release design
  • Closed length: 5.75”
  • Deployed height: 8.25”
  • Diameter: 1.75”
  • Weight: 6oz
  • Fastest deployment of any grip bipod system

3. UTG Combat D Grip (Best Value)

Leapers UTG Combat Grip

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My review: The D grip by UTG is pure simplicity encased in a block of aluminum. Upon pressing a stiff little button, two aluminum legs fly out forcefully and that’s it. It’s simple and easy to use and will likely be much more durable than the polymer or ABS plastic competitors. My only complaint here is that its quite heavy and really needs to be mounted far out on the rail, making the end of your firearm heavier than it really needs to be.

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Obviously, this isn’t a total deal breaker and you are trading lightness for durability which I almost always prefer anyways. All in all, this is a cool little gadget to give a shot and with a low price of $35, it’s a pretty small gamble.

Here is a good video that reviews the Combat D bipod foregrip. I recommend skipping to around 0:30 in the video to see it in action.

Potential cons:

  • Heavier than most products in this niche
  • Deployment can hang up sometimes

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty aluminum construction with hard coated anodized finish
  • Ergonomic grip and textured bipod feet
  • Compatible with nearly all Picatinny rail systems
  • Push button bipod deployment
  • Grip length: 5.1”
  • Fully extended length: 8”
  • Weight: 12.15oz

4. Vbestlife Tactical Grip Bipod (Cheap but Not Durable)

UUQ 6’- 9’Tactical Rifle Adjustable Bipod, CNC Quick Detach Lever for Picatinny Rail Mount(360 Degree Swivel), w/Spike Feet (Black)

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My review: Personally, I would suggest spending a bit more on something of higher quality, but if you’re looking for a cheap placeholder or perhaps you’re planning to use it on an Airsoft rifle, it’s alright. It’s pretty cheaply made, but for those of you on a super low budget, it at least looks tacticool.

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It certainly isn’t going to be a professional shooter’s best friend nor will it be a suitable battle buddy, but it’s cheap and it does do the job given you don’t stress it. The all-plastic construction means it’ll certainly be doomed if takes abuse, but this also means it’s one of the lightest and most compact bipod grips on the market. So long as it isn’t seeing combat like conditions, it’ll likely be just fine for some CQB (close quarter combat) maneuvering practice and then laying down and taking shots at a range. The extendable legs offer a bit of versatility and the grip itself is thin, unlike most of the products in this category meaning a more comfortable fit for most people.

Potential cons:

  • Not designed for taking any kind of impact whatsoever
  • Completely plastic

Key Features:

  • ABS plastic construction
  • Push button bipod activation
  • 100% money back guarantee (30 days)
  • Extendable legs up to 9.4 inches

5. Jinse Bipod QD Quick release with grip

JINSE Picatinny Bipod, 6.5-9 inch Quick Release Shooting Bipod, 360 Degree Swivel Hunting Bipod

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My review: The Jinse bipod grip system is perfect for those of you looking for versatility and something that isn’t made of plastic. With rugged and durable aluminum construction, it appears to be worth much more than its $50 price tag. The grip is detachable which offers a lot of configurable options with this attachment. The legs can fold forward or backward, allowing you to hang them off the edge of the rail if you need more space. Overall, this is a great little system. It doesn’t hide the bipod at all or do anything exceptionally crafty, but it is metal and it is cheap making for a great little experimental attachment or weekend fun and gun system. The only downside I see with this bipod is that it seems to be manufactured by a third party then branded. You will see the next foregrip bipod on this list is nearly identical, so I recommend buying whichever is cheaper at the time of purchase.

JINSE Picatinny Bipod, 6.5-9 inch Quick Release Shooting Bipod, 360 Degree Swivel Hunting Bipod

Key Features:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Adjustable arms, spring tension, and end caps
  • 5 different positions
  • 30-degree tilt panning
  • 6.5” to 9” leg lengths
  • Throw lever style quick release mount
  • Compatible with any Picatinny rail system
  • Comes with spikes
  • List ItemCan be attached as front or rear folding bipod
  • Detachable vertical foregrip
  • One of the most versatile bipod grip attachments on the market

6. Crushhunt Rifle Bipod Foregrip

CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Carbon Fiber Bipod with Adapter for M-Rail

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My review: This foregrip bipod is nearly identical to the Jinse Bipod above so I’m not going to go too in-depth with this review. It seems like the companies that sell these bipods buy them from a third party and then brand them.

It can be mounted directly to a Picatinny or Weaver rail. One nice thing about this bipod is that the legs are adjustable from 6.5 to 9 inches. The feet of the legs have rubber feet for stability. The quick detach and pivoting mount makes the bipod very fast to set up.

Overall, for the price this seems to be a decent foregrip bipod, just don’t expect any extreme durability. Another plus for all you Amazon Prime members is that this bipod can be picked up right on Amazon.

Battle Ready Bipod Foregrips:

These are bipods that are fully capable of being utilized in combat and are used by the men and women serving our country and upholding our freedom. These are built to withstand stress and abuse!


What do foregrips do?

Foregrips or bipods allow the person to rotate the gun in all directions with ease and stability. Some foregrips also help in reducing the recoil.

Is a foregrip necessary?

Yes and No. Many professionals do not prefer using foregrips but it can be useful at times for beginners.

You can use the foregrip to barricade the rifle. You will have a good hold over the gun using a foregrip.

What are angled Foregrips good for?

A foregrip is used to put the gun onto your shoulder for better grip and stability. It also provides a more comfortable option while shooting as the shoulder muscle will absorb the force generated while shooting.

Are vertical Foregrips good?

Yes. It is worth the money as it provides excellent grip. You can use it to grasp the gun more firmly and will be useful while having a close fight.

It also lessens the wrist pain while on long patrols.

Wrap Up:

As you can see, the availability of options regarding grip bipods is underwhelming. There is really only one major player here, Grip Pod, and even they don’t have much outside of their standard line. Hopefully, in the future, there will be more innovation on this front as I do appreciate the idea and I think attaching a bipod to a VFG can certainly be of use to a firearm operator.

As always, if I’ve missed something, please share your wealth of knowledge in the comments! If you’ve bought one and would like to show us, don’t hesitate to upload a little boomstick eye candy and let us know about your experiences!

Semper Fi,

Corporal Wabo

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