What is the Best Camping Water Filter? Here Are My 2024 Picks

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Camping Water Filter Review and Buying Guide

Camping often takes place in remote locations where access to conventional water supplies is limited. Some camp sites have wells or water points where you can fill up your water jugs.


You never know if this water is totally safe, so it’s a good idea to run it through a filter of your own. It’s also not a bad idea to have more than one way to filter water while camping, especially if you’re planning on venturing away from the camp site and exploring.

Finding a portable and lightweight camping water filter that removes nearly all contaminants isn’t as hard as you might think. I think you’ll be impressed by some of the filters on this list!

Most of these products on the list are very inexpensive and last a very long time. Let’s get into the list and different types of filters to find the best one for you.

Best Camping Water FiltersUSPAmazon
Survivor Filter ProBest OverallClick here
Aquamira Frontier Survival Water FilterBest BudgetClick here
LifeStraw Mission Purification System Best Gravity Fed FilterClick here
Water Filtration StrawsBest Portable if BackpackingClick here
Camco TastePureBest Spigot Attachment Water FilterClick here

Here is a List of the Best Camping Water Filters


1. LifeStraw Mission Purification System (Best Gravity Fed Filter)

LifeStraw Mission Water Purification System, High-Volume Gravity-Fed Purifier for Camping and Emergency Preparedness, 5 LiterCheck Price on Amazon

LifeStraw’s gravity fed filter for is perfect for campsites. It can be hung up anywhere around the campsite for everyone to access.

You can choose between the 1.3 gallon (5 liter) bag or the 3.1 gallon (12 liter) bag. The high volume reservoirs are nice because you won’t have to keep going back and forth to the water point.

Even if you’re bringing your own water jug or bottled water it’s still a good idea to have this product just in case of emergency. Something might happen and you might not be able to leave the campsite when you planned.

Each filter is capable of filtering 4,755 gallons (18,000 liters) of clean water through the 0.02 micron filter capable of removing 99.999% of all waterborne viruses, including Hepatitis A and Rotovirus.  The water purifier also filters 99.999 percent of bacteria and protozoa.

This product is made in accordance with EPA guidelines and surpasses the rigorous standards for water filtration. To buy and/or read more about this gravity water filter for camping click here.

Bottom Line:

This gravity-fed water filter for camping and hiking is very convenient and ideal to hang around the campsite so everyone has access to clean water.


2. Survivor Filter Pro (Recommended)

Survivor Filter Pro - Hand Pump Camping Water Filter - Emergency Water FilterCheck Price on Amazon

If I could only buy one filter on this list this would be it. It is the best camping water filter for most people because it removes nearly all contaminants, bacteria, and viruses. On top of that, it filters the water faster because it is pump powered, making it much faster than gravity fed filters.

The dual hollow fiber membrane makes this filter 20 times more efficient than many of others on the market and gives this camping water filtration has a fast flow rate (17 ounces/minute).

This product has been extensively tested by labs in the USA to ensure quality. Tests showed this product effectively purified 99.9 percent of bacteria, staph, and viruses.

When this was listed it comes with a lifetime warranty is 100% money back guarantee, but if this is something that matters to you be sure to double check the product page before buying.

If for any reason you aren’t happy with it, send it back for a no-hassle refund. To see buying options or read more about this filter click here.

it comes with the tubing, hose clip, zippered carrying case, pre-filters, carbon filters, ultra-filters, and instruction manual.

The 0.2 Micron Filter Removes

  • 99.999 percent of protozoa
  • 99.999 percent tested viruses tested
  • 99.5 of Mercury
  • 93 percent of lead

3. Katadyn Vario Dual Technology MicroFilter

Katadyn Vario Water Filter, Dual Technology Microfilter for Personal or Small Group Camping, Backpacking or Emergency PreparednessCheck Price on Amazon

This water filter pump for camping works a little different than the other products on this list.

With this product, you pump water through a 3-step filter similar to #2 filter on this list. With this product, however, the water is pumped through the filter and into a storage bottle, as opposed to the products which pass the unfiltered water stored in a bag through the filter to be used as needed.

The 0.2-micron high surface area pleated glass fiber micro-filter effectively removes waterborne bacteria and other harmful contaminants.

Katadyn Vario water filters are capable of purifying two quarts per minute in fast flow mode and 1 quart/minute in lifesaving mode.

It comes with an adapter that easily connects to water bottles or output hose in order to fill larger containers or hydration systems.

This is a good water filter for camping or backpacking. Another great thing is that it’s backed by Katadyn Company’s 1-year limited warranty. To read more about this product check out the link below.

If you want to read more about this product or check the price on Amazon you can check out the link below.


4. Camco TastePure (Best Spigot Attachment Water Filter)

Camco 40043 TastePure RV/Marine Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector | Protects Against Bacteria | Reduces Bad Taste, Odors, Chlorine and Sediment in Drinking WaterCheck Price on Amazon

Many camping sites will have wells or water spigots you can get water from. This filter is easy to connect and ensures your drinking water is just that much safer.

The Camco 40043 TastePure Water filter with Flexible Hose Protector easy attaches and quickly filters large amounts of water.

Its 100-micron sediment filter removes bad taste and sediment from drinking water. It also attaches to any standard or garden hose connection, which makes it great for campsites to keep sediment out of RV water tanks and improve drinking water taste.

Its high-flow carbon filter with KDF helps to prevent bacteria from growing. It also CSA low led certified and complies to California’s AB1953 and Vertmont’s 193 low lead laws.

To read more about or buy the Camco 40043 TastePure Water Filter click here.


5. ICOCO 3 Stage Filter and Outdoor Camping Shower

LifeStraw Flex Advanced Water Filter with Gravity Bag - Removes Lead, Bacteria, Parasites and Chemicals Blue, 1 gal

This is another great campsite water filter. One thing I like a lot about it is that it can easily be used as an outdoor camping shower.

Its water bag holds 25 liters of water, which is about twice as much as the product above. The nylon coated bag is BPA free, ensuring the bag itself is not contaminating your water.

It comes with an advanced 3 step filter to remove harmful contaminants, water hardness, have metals, bacteria, protozoa, viruses, and other pollutants.

Step 1: cotton filter to remove mod, sand, or other large particles
Step 2: carbon filter to remove bad taste and heavy metals.
Step 3: UF hollow fiber ultrafilter membrane to remove bacteria, protozoa, and viruses.

Even though the filter holes are very small to ensure all harmful materials and organisms are removed it still has a good flow rate of around 1 liter/minute.

What’s Included?

  • 1 Waterproof Backpack
  • 1 Water Filter
  • 1 Shower
  • 1 Fiber Filter Module
  • 1 User Manual

6. Water Filtration Straws (Most Portable if Backpacking)

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness, 1 Pack, BlueWater filter straws provide an easy way to purify water when camping when access to a water spigot or well is limited. Most filter straws have an active carbon filter that removes potentially harmful contaminants when the user sucks water through the filter. Some of these water straws filter 1000s of liters of clean water without having to treat the water with chemicals like chlorine, iodine, or other chemicals.

Most are over 99.9 percent effective at removing harmful parasites and bacteria. They come in sealed bags, making them very easy to throw into your backpack while your hiking, or you can even keep them in your car or camper should something happen to your other water filters. They are very convenient and I have heard them called:

The Cheapest Life Saver You Will Ever Own.

How do Water Purification Straws Work?

When you suck into the filter, water it is forced through tiny holes in the filter (typically under 0.02-microns in diameter), causing harmful bacteria, parasites, and/or dirt to become trapped in the filter. The clean water passes through the filter for safe consumption. Clear the filter by blowing air out of the straw.


7. Sawyer Mini Straw

Sawyer Products SP128 Mini Water Filtration System, Single, BlueCheck Price on Amazon

Saw makes some of the best water purifier straws on the market. They come in an assortment of colors and pack sizes.

One nice feature about these water purification straws is that they easily attach to the included drinking pouch or to water bottles, hydration packs, or you can just drink directly from the water source.

Each water straw filter is rated to effectively filter 100,000 gallons of water. Removes 99.99999% of bacteria, like salmonella, E. coli, and cholera. Also removes 99.9999 percent of all protozoa, such as cryptosporidium and giardia.

Sawyer describes these water straws as the most versatile mini water filter straws on the market. These survival water straw filters are ideal for hiking, camping, outdoor recreation, and emergency preparation.

Comes with 7-inch straw, 16-ounce water pouch, and cleaning plunger.


8. Survivor Filter Micron Virus Tested Filter

Survivor Filter Personal Water Filter Straw - Ultra Water Purifier for Camping Gear, Survival Kit, Hurricane Supplies, Hiking Gear, Bug Out Bag, Emergency Kit, Vacation and Backpacking Gear, GreenCheck Price on Amazon

These water filter straws by Survivor Filters have a lot of unique features, including their ability to filter viruses as well as bacteria and parasites.

Survivor Filters Company stands behind their product with a lifetime warranty and 100 percent money back guarantee. If for any reason you don’t love this product, simply return it for a no questions asked refund.

Due to Survivor Filter’s 3-stage design these water filtration straws last a very long time.

Stage #1: The first stage is a cotton pre-filter that is designed to catch large particles that could get trapped inside the carbon part of the filter. Is easy to remove and replace (each straw comes with 5 of these filters), each treating 264 gallons of water.

Stage #2: Stage two a carbon filter, the type found in other straw water filters, which is also replaceable.

Stage #3:  Stage three is a membrane ultra-filter that effectively treats 26,417 gallons (100,000 liters) of water.

To read more about and get pricing information on Survivor Filter Straws below.

Bottom Line:

Survivor personal water filter straws are a little more expensive than the other products on this list, but because they also remove viruses and last longer than the other filters, I feel they are worth the money.


9. H20 Survival Water Filter Travel Straw

H20 Survival Filter is also good for camping or backpacking because it’s so small. It’s about the size of a pen and can easily fit into your pocket or any compartment of a backpack.

These filter straws effectively remove 99.9999% of bacteria, algae, spores, protozoa, cysts, viruses, and heavy metals. They are advertised for camping, hiking, travel, or emergency water purifier straws.

They are 6.5 inches long and 0.5 inches wide, which is very small compared to many other filters on the market which are over 8 inches long.

The only small downside to these straws is they don’t have quite as long of a lifetime compared to some of the other products on this list. They effectively filter 18 gallons (70L) of water per straw, which is still a lot, but not compared to some of the other straws on this. Click here to read more about H20 Survival filters.


10. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter (Best Selling Straw Type Filter)

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness, 1 Pack, BlueCheck Price on Amazon

Lifestraw makes some of the best known and trusted water filter straws on the market. Their award-winning filter has been used by millions of users around the world since its introduction in 2005.

The carbon filter effectively filters 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.0% of parasites in water. Each straw effectively purifies 264 gallons (1,000 liters) of water without the use of chemicals or batteries.

LifeStraws’ lightweight and durable design make them ideal to add to survival backpack or just to take with you backpacking.

Lifestraw personal water filter straws are manufactured under strict EPA guidelines for water filtration.

To use this product simply tear open the packaging and insert the straw into the water source. Sip clean and filtered water through the mouthpiece.

For more information on Lifestraw Water Filters check out the link below.


11. Aquamira Frontier Survival Water Filter (Cheapest Straw)

Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filtration and StrawCheck Price on Amazon

Aquamira filter straws good cheap emergency water filtration system. It is made in the USA and is great for hiking, camping, and emergency situations.

Its lightweight and compact design allows it to easily fit into your pocket. It effectively purifies water and removes protozoan cysts.

Each Straw filters 20 gallons (75 liters) of water. This product is easy allows the user to drink directly from the water source.

Note: this filter only removes microorganisms 3 microns or larger, bacteria and viruses are much smaller, meaning the pass through the straw.

If you want to further ensure your water is safe to drink, you could you could use disinfectant tablets (chlorine) and/or boil the water.

Bottom Line:

Each Straw has some pros and cons. Choose the best straw filter depending on your needs and budget.

I hope you got something out of my water filter straw review. Thanks for visiting my website. If you have any questions, comments, or questions about survival water filters, feel free to leave them below.


What kind of water filter do I need for camping?

Movable low-cost water filters which take less space are what you need for camping. There are many backpacking water filters that come in different sizes you can use for camping.

What is the best way to purify water when backpacking?

The best way to purify water during backpacking is to use chlorine or iodine tablets. They take less space and usually take 30-60 minutes to purify water.

Do water filters purify water?

No. Water filters generally remove waterborne protozoa and bacteria while water purifiers remove viruses along with protozoa and bacteria thus providing better protection.

What natural resources can filter water?

Sand and charcoal are the best natural filters. You can also use cactus, pine bark, coarse and different plants as water filters.

However, you need to know how to use natural resources as filters.

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