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Some of My Favorite EDC Knives

32 Best EDC Knives in 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Is a knife a weapon or a tool? That’s been a long common discussion but here at Marine Approved, we have the answer, it’s both! Carrying a knife with you is by far the easiest and lightest way to ensure you’re ready for a plethora of life challenges and no

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Some of the Best Emergency Radios

10 Best Emergency Radios in 2020

The number of natural disasters has been steadily increasing in recent decades and many experts say this trend is likely to continue. From hurricanes slamming into the coast of Florida to torrential rains leaving many Texans underwater, there always seems to be a natural disaster happening somewhere. Unfortunately, these disasters

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Fixed Blade Knives Featured Image

25 Best Fixed Blade Knives in 2020 (Review and Buying Guide)

Even if you’ve amassed an arsenal of sharp pointy objects over the years, you’ll need a solid blade that can do it all. One blade to rule them all, no matter the situation, challenge, or environment. You need a quality fixed blade knife. You see, seasoned outdoorsman and survivalists all

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Backpacking Checklist Featured Image

Ultimate Backpacking Checklist (with Printable PDF)

A solid backpacking checklist will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time in nature. Before we get into the list, I want to point out that there really is not a one size fits all gear list. In the gear checklist below, I’ll include all of the items that

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Marine Holding Headlamps

15 Best Headlamps in 2020 (Hands-on Review)

One thing I learned in the Marines is that there is no such thing as being too situationally aware, and the first step in knowing what’s going on is being able to see what’s happening. Whether you’re hiking on the trail, running, setting up basecamp, or prepping your gear in

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Leupold VX-3I Riflex 40mm Scope

18 Best Air Rifle Scopes for the Money in 2020

The world of airguns is growing steadily every year and for good reason. Air rifles and pellet guns can offer distinct advantages over traditional firearms and for some shooters may even replace firearms altogether. If you’re getting into airguns, you may have run into scopes that are called air rifle

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The bow and arrow we will be making in this guide

How to Make a Longbow (The Best Method I’ve Found)

Longbows are great hunting and defense weapons. They are simple but very useful and powerful. This guide will take you through the following steps to create a bow. In this guide, you will learn how to make a “hasty” bow, which I define as an all-purpose bow that takes less

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United States Marine looking through a spotting scope

16 Best Spotting Scopes in 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Tracking down your targets and taking the perfect shot is all good and fun, but that process doesn’t come easy if you can’t locate and properly spot your targets first! Imagine having a portable lightweight high powered telescope at your disposal to scan over hundreds of acres? No more sitting

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Some of the Best Utility Knives We Tested

11 Best Utility Knives in 2020 (Hands-on Review)

Whether you are opening Amazon boxes all day, cutting insulation, or even cutting the tough tendons in a piece of meat, having the right tool for the job can make or break your outlook on life. You might be saying to yourself, “why should I care about utility knives?”. Well,

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Some of My Favorite Backpacking Knives

18 Best Hiking and Backpacking Knives in 2020

Any outdoorsman will vouch for the fact that a quality knife is one of the single most important and versatile tools in the world of outdoor sports and activities. A high-quality backpacking knife enables you to set up camp, cut up firewood, defend yourself, clean fish, field dress your hunt

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Marine Using a Lensatic Compass

20 Best Compasses for Hiking (All Types) in 2020

Marine or not, being proficient at basic land navigation and understanding how to use a compass is absolutely essential for anyone who plans to venture into unfamiliar terrain. Land navigation is a skill set that requires a lot of practice to become confident. In the Marines, we practiced land navigation

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