The 7 Best Gun Safes under $500 in 2022

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Whether you are a private citizen, a hunter, or a security professional, as a weapon owner, you are obliged to guard your guns with the utmost care. To ensure that nobody can steal them and that no one can accidentally get hurt, you must store them in a safe place.

A safe is essential in helping you follow the rules and, above all, to live peacefully despite the presence of a weapon in your house. Later in this article, I will help you find the best gun safe for under $500 in 2022.

A safe compartment contains strong material for safeguarding your guns. Moreover, you can use it to store money, documents, jewelry, besides other valuables. Safes are mostly manufactured out of steel and a thick layer of concrete, reinforced with solid steel plates with extremely high strength. 

A digital, biometric, or mechanical key lock is added for extra security so that unauthorized persons can not open it. You will find many different models on the market with various ways of opening them. You should always look for a Class 350 safe. When the outside temperature reaches 2,000 degrees fahrenheit (ca. 1,093 °C), the safe’s interior stays below 350 degrees for up to four hours. .

7 Best Gun Safes Under $500 in 2022

1. SentrySafe SFW123GDC 

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 This gunmetal gray SentrySafe looks beautiful and has a combination lock system. It has a medium interior size that allows you to store your documents and firearms without problems. SentrySafe has been using molded plastic interiors for years and it works great. Some people consider this a bad thing but it is proven to resist fire. 

This interior can keep all your essential valuables safe from temperatures up to 1700 degrees fahrenheit (ca. 927 degrees Celsius) for an hour. Plus, your firearms and documents will stay dry even if you submerge the safe in eight inches (ca. 20 cm) of water. You can adjust the interior sections as you like in the 1.23 cubic feet. Big enough to store more than one pistol while still having room for cash and documents. 

The exterior is solid steel and features double protection with combination locks. These featured locks will further increase the security of your safe, and you can use both at the same time. If someone wants to open the safe and only has either the key or the combination, the lock will not open. Even if you’re not home, with this gun safe under $500 in 2022, you’ll know your family is protected, and the valuables are protected as well.


  • Fireproof 
  • Waterproof Safe 
  • Digital keypad
  • Locking key for extra security
  • four live-locking bolts
  • locking drawer 
  • interior light
  • pry-resistant hinge bar
  • Bolt down kit


  • Should not use rechargeable batteries 
  • No batteries included

It has a solid steel exterior and double protection with a combination lock. Adding these features to your safe will further increase its security, and you can use both of them simultaneously

2. RPNB electronic Rifle Safe

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Safes come in all shapes and sizes and you can even find large, deep options that can host rifles and guns for under $500 in 2022. The RPNB safe is larger and deeper than similar ones from the competition and can fit up to five rifles with a maximum length of 49″, with or without scopes.

It also features a separate ammo cabinet inside to store a handgun, bullets, money, and other valuables in your home or your office. This safe has an extremely durable and expertly crafted structure using a sturdy 16-gauge carbon steel construction and is very well secured.

The model has all the features that any decent safe should have, is tamper-proof, has five live-door bolts, and a seamlessly welded pry-resistant steel body.

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When it comes to security, this RPNB model also offers a lot. A reliable lock mechanism adds a higher level of assurance with its electronic keypad by creating your own three to eight-digit code or locking the safe with the backup keys. The locking system is effortless to use, and the additional key locks will further increase its security. 

It also includes, for your security, a yellow light that will light up and beep after three incorrect entries. The safe will time out and sleep for 20 seconds before the next try, and the time-outs will extend with every wrong entry. The safe is quite heavy, tough, and rugged. This gun safe under $500 will provide long-lasting strength and use for many years to come with its non-corrosive, black rocky finish. The durable, professional appearance makes it easy to incorporate into any interior design.


  • Larger and deeper
  • High level digital security
  • Anti-theft protection & tamper proof 
  • Tough and rugged
  • Five live-door bolts  


  • Not water-resistant
  • Not fire-resistant


The non-corrosive, black rocky finish of this gun safe under $500 provides long-lasting strength and use for many years to come. It is an easy addition to any interior design due to its durable and professional appearance.

3. First Alert 2092DF 

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 This is another great gun safe for under $500. It is unbreakable and built with quality with a vast storage capacity. This model will keep your documents safe from heat and fire damage while also keeping them dry from water. It will withstand the heat of 1700 degrees fahrenheit (ca. 927 °C) for up to an hour. Meaning you have time to deal with a house fire if it ever starts.

The safe can withstand household fires, direct fire attacks, and potential water damage. Tests show that it will withstand all these threats and your documents and valuables will stay dry and safe. The inside temperature will stay around 350 degrees fahrenheit (ca. 177 °C), which means even your medical supplies will be safe without any harm.

The First Alert safe has a digital locking system, which allows you to access it in less than a minute, making it ideal for storing and getting your firearms in an emergency. This safe is also not without its extras. The exterior, made from high-quality plastic, also features a keypad used for the locking system, which lets you access your safe in 2022 fast and easy if you need something quickly. 

This safe comes with two sets of backup keys in case the batteries of your digital locking system die or the system stops working at all. It will give you the freedom that you always have access to it. The pre-drilled holes in the model make it compact enough for both floor and wall mounting. 


  • Fire-resistant 
  • Waterproof safe 
  • Backlit digital keypad
  • UL classified
  • four live-locking bolts
  • bolt down hardware
  • pry-resistant hinge bar
  • Batteries included


  • No interior light 
  • No locking drawer
  • No bolt down kit 


For your standard gun safe, this safe has a flame-retardant body, a waterproof pad with backlighting, and a pry-resistant hinge bar.


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JINXNOBI is a small biometric safe for your home with an interior volume of about four cubic feet. This luxury fingerprint safe will add extra security to your home. With a size of 25.5 × 17.5 × 16 inches (ca. 41 cm), it is ideal for your bedroom. You could also use it as a document safe in your office, as a safe for a hotel to store valuables, or as a gun safe for your home.

It’s a heavy personal safe and manufactured with a 14-gauge steel body and a six-gauge steel door, weighing 90.5 pounds (ca. 41 kg). This safe vault features a durable powder-coated finishing to prevent corrosion and ensure long-lasting protection for your home security. The advanced anti-theft protection includes three-way five live bolts and dual anti-impact hinges for the ultimate prevention against break-ins.

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JINXNOBI is a simple home security system with three ways to open this biometric safe. With a touch of a finger, you can open the safe with its fingerprint access. You have the option to store up to 20 unique prints. 

It also features an electronic programmable digital lock to open the safe with a three to eight digit combination and backup keys to open the safe for emergent entry. Furthermore, this safe for under $500 is equipped with an anti-theft alarm entry system, a tamper and motion-sensitive alarm feature that sounds like a security alarm when repeatedly entering the incorrect codes. 

It has a nicely-designed look, a textured coating on the outside, and can be a good choice of a floor safe for your home or office. 


  • Biometric fingerprint access
  • Three ways to open
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Temper and motion-sensitive alarm


  • Not water-resistant
  • Not fire-resistant


For your home with a volume of four cubic feet. Your home will be more secure with this luxury fingerprint safe.

5. SentrySafe SFW123CS 

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Another SentrySafe product is on my list. It offers perfect security and is fire and water-resistant. It is designed with a plastic interior to keep your papers, media devices, and guns safe. It has a spacious interior and will certainly do its job and keep your valuables safe from fire, water, and intruders.

The safe has a shelf inside, which allows you to section it off and store various sized items. If you have two firearms in your home, you can easily store both of them inside the safe.

The safe is resistant to fire for up to one hour at 1700 degrees fahrenheit (ca. 927 °C). If you are frequently away from home, you have no reason to worry about what will happen to your items stored in the safe, even in case of a fire. 

The exterior is also well sealed, even if submerged for 24 hours in eight inches of water. It means that water will not damage the safe or your belongings inside it and you can easily wipe the water away.

The exterior is also well sealed and even if submerged for 24 hours in eight inches of water, it will not enter the inside and will not damage the safe or your belongings inside the safe.

A combination locking system ensures that no one can guess the lock combination with its multiple combinations. Its live-action bolts will expand if you expose the safe to heat and, therefore, will only increase the door’s security.


  • Fire-resistant 
  • Water-resistant
  • Spacious interior
  • It comes with a fire replacement guarantee
  • Multi-position shelf


  • Only one mechanical dial lock 


Fire- and water-resistant, it provides perfect security. Papers, media devices, and firearms are safe in its plastic interior.

6. AMSEC FS149 (American Security Products) 

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This American Security Product is also a one-hour fire-resistant safe with a combination locking system. The door of this model exceeds two inches thick and is class 350 rated. This safe provides excellent protection for your guns and other belongings, however, keeping any electronic devices inside the safe is not recommended.

This is the second safe for under $500 on my list that is not waterproof. Water could enter the interior and damage your electronic devices, something to keep in mind.

In any case, the safe has enough storage space inside and it is possible to bolt it to the floor if you want to make it even more secure.

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I also want to remind you that the manufacturer did not make this safe to protect it from professional burglars. Its main purpose is to safeguard your documents from flames and keep your guns in a secured place.

The AMSEC FS has a moveable shelf inside the safe to provide enough space to store larger items such as small artworks and antiques, your jewelry, or your guns. When you close the door of this safe, two side bolts slide into place.


  • Fire-resistant
  • Dial combo lock with key
  • 1/2 inch thick steel plate door with one hour UL fire rating
  • Includes one shelf
  • Multi-position shelf 


  • Not water-resistant
  • Not the best locking option


Its main function is to protect your documents from fire. 

7. Steelwater AMSWD-530 

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The Steelwater AMSWD-530 is an elegant and large fireproof safe. With its highly durable structure, it is well built. This model has all the features that an excellent fireproof safe should have. It can withstand heat for up to two hours at 1850 degrees fahrenheit. 

Its fire resistance will keep the entire frame safe and protect the uniquely designed keyboard from damage. When it comes to security, this AMSWD model offers a lot more. The main features are two layers of steel (no plastic interior – steel inner walls and door) and a high-security dual locking system. The locking system is simple to use, and the additional mechanical lock will further increase the security of this product.

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With 143 pounds, this safe is quite heavy for its size. Its stationary rectangular locking bolts on the hinge side give you the best possible protection. The combination and high-security dual locking system is added to by a preset wheel non-changeable combination dial plus another lock that retracts the bolts make this model a good choice. Both the combination and the key have to be unlocked to open the safe, adding more security. 


  • Fire-resistant 
  • Dual lock system
  • Removable tray
  • Adjustable and removable shelf
  • Two Hour Fire rated at 1850°F 
  • Both combination and key have to be unlocked to open the safe


  • Not water-resistant
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes but no mounting kit


This safe offers some of the highest quality features and is recommended for those requiring high-end security. 

Buying a gun safe for under $500: What to look for?

The characteristics of armored gun safes

Solidity, safety, and large capacity, completed by a prestigious design. These characteristics distinguish gun safes for under $500 in 2022.

As already mentioned, a gun safe is a secure place to store your pistols, rifles, and ammunition. A gun safe is essential for protecting your guns from ill-intentioned people or curious children. To repeat, individuals who intend to have guns at home must ensure safe storage and that only you or authorized family members can access..

Keep in mind that the storage of firearms can be a very serious issue. 

A safe can guard numerous other valuable objects and documents to remain in a secure place and thus prevent them from being stolen or damaged.

But the main topic in this article is to store firearms since they require special care and cannot be within reach of anyone, especially children. Vaults for storing weapons have special characteristics to store different firearms safely.

Below, you will read the main aspects to consider when buying a gun safe for under $500 for your home.

What to consider when purchasing a safe to store weapons

There are several determining factors in choosing a gun safe. Storing firearms at home requires great responsibility, so having a safe designed for such use is ideal for preventing weapons from being available to anyone. To acquire a gun cabinet or a safe for your firearms, you must consider:

Type of weapons to store

The size of the weapons to be stored is important. It is necessary to acquire a safe with the correct dimensions if you also want to store shotguns, rifles, or other similar firearms. Some safe models allow you to store them even with the scope mounted for greater convenience.

The safe for your weapons should have removable shelves that allow you to combine the different types of weapons and accessories comfortably and easily.

The inner shielding

The gun safe must have an internal armor made of resistant materials such as concrete, steel plates, fibers, among other materials. It gives great resistance to physical or thermal incursions.

Door thickness and locking mechanism

The door is one of the key places when talking about security features. It must be thick enough to guarantee the protection of your valuables. It should feature a system that prevents lateral intervention, like a pry-resistant hinge bar and live-locking bolts at the top, sides, and bottom.

Comply with regulations

Any gun safe must comply with regulations approved by manufacturers for the type of device even those under $500. It guarantees its functionality in terms of the security of your firearms.

Opening and closing protection

There are various types and locking devices adopted in the different models of gun safes under $500 in 2022. The opening and closing systems can differ, especially in the number and diameter of the cylinders and the characteristics of the lock.

Double-bitted key lock

The most traditional type of lock, with an opening/closing mechanism, is based on a double-wing key. Simple and effective, this type of closure is also the cheapest one.

Lock with a profile security cylinder

Thanks to the particular characteristics of the internal mechanism, this lock guarantees even greater protection than that with a double-bitted key, proving to be more effective both against break-in and key duplication attempts.

Key and mechanical combination

This type of lock combines a key with a mechanical combination which is usually a numerical code to be entered and generally uses a knob to open. The safety of gun cabinets equipped with these locks increases as you must unlock both locks to open the door.

Electronic combination 

The locks with electronic combinations offer the same level of protection against break-in attempts as those with mechanical combinations and, in addition, they are particularly comfortable to use. To open the gun cabinet, you just need to type a numeric code on the appropriate keypad.

There are also several additional safety mechanisms present in the different gun safes under $500 on the market in 2022. For example, it is an option to choose gun safes equipped with locks that make it impossible to remove the key when the bolts are retracting .This is a simple mechanism that limits the possibility of leaving the door open.

For increasing the solidity of the locking mechanisms, different models are equipped with manganese steel plates to protect the bolts and lock. In the case of gun safes with electronic combination, it is also possible to opt for models that allow you to set multiple user codes and programs that delay opening the door (a useful anti-theft mechanism).

A wide range of models is available.

The range of gun safes for storing weapons and accessories will only be complete by mentioning the models dedicated to storing rifles, hunting weapons, and those designed for storing ammunition. If you have firearms at home, the best way to protect them against theft and possible accidents is to have a gun safe.

It is most important to consider all the above aspects when choosing a suitable safe to store guns. However, the concept of a gun safe can be broader than you think, considering all the different versatile gun-safe models. 

Therefore, the final purchase can often be more complex and difficult than expected, but luckily in this article, I will give you some small but fundamental tips to make the purchase that best suits your needs.

Digital safe

A digital gun safe is normally accessible through a four to six digit code programmed by the owner. No electrical installation is required since those keypads are battery-operated. If your batteries are dead, you can change them directly at the electronic panel in front of the safe without opening it, this provides greater ease without losing security.

Safes with biometric functions

In addition to the security ensured by a system with solid steel live locks, there are gun safes under $500 using biometric fingerprint recognition to enhance your security control. Normally powered by four AA batteries, you can register 100 users with their password with 100,000 different password combinations. These gun safes also have at least two keys for emergencies, thus providing much more peace of mind.

Mechanical safes

There are several models of mechanical safes for people who prefer the classic style. However, these gun safes have a factory preset password, eliminating the need to create your own. If you are looking for a simpler gun safe without number combinations, you will also find them quite cheap everywhere.

However, safes with a mechanical key locking and opening system use, in most cases, a tetra key. One of the most secure keys and you can not easily make a copy.

Safes that don’t look like a safe

A very effective way to protect your guns is to disguise the safe so it will not attract as much attention as a fully visible huge steel box on the floor. A great option for a gun safe. For example, you can find small safes disguised as a book to hide them perfectly. While it doesn’t have an electronic system, you need a key to open this kind of gun safe. However, this book safe, made of 2mm thick steel, guarantees you peace of mind by looking like just another item on your shelf.

Gun Cases

A gun case is an item that ensures the safety of guns and ammunition during transport. It is the perfect equipment for hunters, sport shooters, or gun collectors who need to carefully and safely transport their firearms. Most of these small gun cases have a foam interior to protect your gun and ammunition and usually be opened with a key.

The security of your safe

The more reliable the safe, the more expensive it will be because of its better materials with higher resistance. However, do not try to save money at the wrong end by looking for the absolute cheapest choices available. Keep in mind that you are protecting valuable and very dangerous items. 

The higher-priced safes to store weapons and other valuables are resistant to drills, grinders, crowbars, hammers,  all the tools that are most often used to break safes. These safes are more expensive but the more your safe is protected, the better. The safes with more security (fireproof, explosives-proof, even blowtorches) are also larger, thus more visible and a lot heavier, making it impossible to carry it away.

How to choose which safe is best for you

To know which is the best and most secure gun safe within your budget, you need to think about your basic needs. For example, if many people know that you have a gun in your home, you should protect your gun as securely as possible.

Even more so, the same applies if you are an influential individual or a person suffering from constant threats. However, if few people know that there are guns in your home, and you have them just in case, explosion-proof safes, for example, will not be as necessary.

The secret of the safe

Another essential step to remember when choosing the best gun safe is the secret passcode to store the gun safely. There are gun safes with digital passwords and others with mechanical passwords. Some also come with backup or emergency keys.

Keys can be very helpful if you forget your password buy also present a danger. What happens if your child find the key? 

Therefore, a good security option is when the safe only opens with a combination of numbers and biometric data, making it impossible for unauthorized individuals.

As indicated already above, several types of gun safes are available. Therefore, you should always and precisely research your basic needs, and ideally, the safe is password or biometric, or both, protected and as difficult to access as possible.

Moreover, the gun safe should not be too obvious, like a gun cabinet where you showcase your firearms. In other words, the location where you place your safe is also important. The size to choose for a gun safe depends on the type of firearm you want to store. Of course, you need more space for rifles, while others are smaller, which are much easier to store and hide.


What brand of a gun safe is the best?

SentrySafe and American Security (AMSEC) are definitely among the best on the market.

Are Costco safes good?

The best overall gun safe at Costco is the Bighorn B6033XGL. Bighorn, around for years, has built up a good reputation under the gun-safe-sellers as a great value for the money.

What is the best-selling gun safe?

According to many recent reviews, the best selling gun safe overall is the Barska biometric safe and the SentrySafe QAP1BE, together with the Barska quick access biometric rifle safe, ranked as the best for rifles.

Can I fix the Sentry gun safe to the floor or wall?

Most of the armored gun safes models available on the market have the preparations for a wall or floor fixing or both, as do the SentrySafe models. These safes have holes on the back wall and the base, specifically to the anchoring of the safe, thus avoiding the danger that any unauthorized people may take steps to steal the entire safe and, of course, the valuables, weapons, and ammunition kept inside.


Undoubtedly, the best gun safe under $500 for is the SentrySafe SFW123GDC.

Thus, your gun will be safe, and only you can access it thanks to its locking mechanism, its fire- and waterproof features. It also has a beautiful interior design with a separate drawer, its interior light, and of course, its strong locking mechanism and pry-resistant hinge bar.

Gun safes under $500 with keys are also an excellent option, making it more difficult for unwanted parties to access them. But with the SentrySafe SFW123GDC digital keypad, you have a safe with your password beside the key option. The technology works here in your favor regarding security and gun safety.

With so many ways to keep and store your guns, it should now be easier for you to determine which gun safe is best for your home.

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