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9mm Carbine Buying Guide Top of Page Image

11 Best 9mm Carbines (Pistol Caliber) in 2020

At first, 9mm carbine just sounds terribly wrong. Why on Earth would anyone buy a small caliber rifle that isn’t a tried and true .22LR or a bigger and beefier 5.56 rifle? I mean, that’s what all the cool kids have, right? If that’s what you’re thinking, I hope you

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Best Camping Knife Featured Image

23 Best Camping Knives in 2020 Review and Buying Guide

No real outdoorsman is leaving the house set out on an adventure without a good camping knife, period. A camping knife is one of the most versatile tools you’ll ever put in your pack or throw in the truck and really, there is no replacement. Whether the task at hand

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Best Service Dog Vests Review

8 Best Service Dog Vests, Harnesses, and Accessories in 2020

After being sent to Wounded Warrior while in the Marines, I got a lot of first-hand experience with service dogs and gear they wear. I was blown away by how helpful they were to their handlers. I saw them recommended for all kinds of injuries and health conditions like PTSD,

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Ruger 10/22 with Rimfire 22LR Scope

13 Best 22LR Scopes (Rimfire) in 2020

If you’re looking for a 22LR scope to turn your Ruger 10/22 or other .22 caliber rifle into a tack driver, this guide is for you! Although the .22 rifle is a tried and true platform that hasn’t actually changed much over the last 100 years, optics are a totally

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Some of the Best Self Defense Weapons

32 Best Self Defense Weapons (Non-Lethal) in 2020

The U.S. Department of Justice reported over 1.03 million home invasions and 1.25 million cases of violent crime last year. That may seem like a lot, and unfortunately, it is, meaning you need to be prepared and ready in the off chance you become part of those statistics. Planning ahead

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Best Concealed Carry Purses Review

21 Best Best Concealed Carry Purses in 2020 (with Buying Guide)

A lot of people say concealed carry purses aren’t the best option… and they’re right. But… On the body carry configurations aren’t always an option. A lot of outfits just can’t accommodate a concealed carry weapon (CCW), and I don’t blame you for leaving your CCW at home because it’s uncomfortable!

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3 pairs of boots for hiking

20 Best Hiking Boots for Men and Women in 2020

Ask a Marine or experienced hiker what their most vital piece of non-firearm related gear is and one answer that will come up often is boots. Take my word for it, if you don’t invest in a pair of high-quality boots, your feet and joints will likely pay the price

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What Does AK-47 Stand for

What Does AK-47 Stand For? Here is the Answer and 5 Crazy Facts

AK stands for Avtomat Kalashnikova, which is Russian for Kalashnikov’s Automatic Rifle and is named after the man who developed the rifle (Mikhail Kalashnikov) in 1947. Kalshnikova was a Russian tank commander during World War II and began his career as a weapon designer after being injured in the battle

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Funny Military Jokes List

The 14 Funniest Military Jokes Ever – Updated in 2020

Every military branch thinks that they’re the best, the most important, and in their own way the hardest working. There are so many funny military jokes and jabs out there so it took me a while to compile a list of only the best. Some of the jokes on this

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Where to Buy MREs Review

Wondering Where to Buy MRE Meals? I Got You Covered

Whether it’s your turn to cook dinner or you’re preparing for an emergency situation; MREs are always handy to have around. On this page, I’ll show you where to buy MRE meals cheap and answer the most common questions about them, like how long they last, how to read the

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Emergency Water Storage Containers Review and Buying Guide

10+ Best Emergency Water Storage Containers in 2020

Having a source of clean drinking water is a top priority in an emergency situation. Nowadays, we take clean water for granted, but anyone who has experienced or witnessed a natural disaster knows how important it is to have a water supply on hand. It’s a good idea to plan

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Two Way Radios Buying Guide and FCC Updates

10 Best Two Way Radios (FRS/GMRS) in 2020 Review and FCC Updates

I personally called the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to clear up a lot of confusion regarding the important FCC radio updates that took place in recent years to FRS/GMRS 2 way radios. On this page, I’ll cover what I learned, the difference between FRS and GMRS, and share what I

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