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Are You Wondering Should I Join the Military? Here is My Advice

Some people know exactly what they want to do with their life when they’re 15. For others, like me and maybe you, nothing really jumps out. It’s frustrating not knowing exactly what career path to go down. You may be wondering what your life purpose is, weighing your options and

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Binoculars Buying Guide

16 Best Binoculars for the Money in 2020 (with Buying Guide)

A fine piece of handheld optics really goes a long way whether you are hunting, bird watching, wanting to check out the facial expression on the horse who just lost you money, spying on your neighbor, or appreciating nature on a magnified level. Whatever you plan on using binoculars for,

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Buying Guide for AR-15 Scopes

20 Best AR-15 Scopes for the Money in 2020 (Listed by Price)

The Situation: You finally pulled the trigger and bought that AR-15 you’ve been daydreaming about. You’re super excited to finally get out for some range time, but after sending a few rounds down range something just doesn’t feel right. It’s not the tactical stock, it’s not the muzzle break, it’s

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Pellet Gun Buying Guide (Top of Page Image)

17 Best Pellet Guns of 2020: From Single Pump to Full Auto Air Rifles

If you have an appreciation for firearms, which I’m assuming you do since you’re visiting this website, you must give props to one of the less BOOM BOOM variants; the pellet gun. Guns featuring air propelled projectiles are among the earliest devices capable of pneumatic operation and largely led innovation

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Sumatra 2500 PCP Air Rifle (Carbine Style)

10 Best PCP Air Rifles for the Money in 2020

The first thing I ask anybody when they’re looking for a PCP air rifle is: what do you plan on using it for? It’s important to define this for yourself before getting caught up in all the features and fluff that comes along while doing your research. Do you plan

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Drop Leg Holster Buying Guide

10 Best Drop Leg Holsters (Thigh Holster) in 2020

It’s tough to beat a drop leg holster when you need a secure carry solution that still lets you bring your sidearm into the action at a moment’s notice. Sometimes called a thigh carry, or just a thigh holster, the drop leg is a (surprise, surprise) attached to your belt,

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What Does AK-47 Stand for

What Does AK-47 Stand For? Here is the Answer and 5 Crazy Facts

AK stands for Avtomat Kalashnikova, which is Russian for Kalashnikov’s Automatic Rifle and is named after the man who developed the rifle (Mikhail Kalashnikov) in 1947. Kalshnikova was a Russian tank commander during World War II and began his career as a weapon designer after being injured in the battle

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9mm Carbine Buying Guide Top of Page Image

8 Best 9mm Carbines (Pistol Caliber) in 2020

At first, 9mm carbine just sounds terribly wrong. Why on Earth would anyone buy a small caliber rifle that isn’t a tried and true .22LR or a bigger and beefier 5.56 rifle? I mean, that’s what all the cool kids have, right? If that’s what you’re thinking, I hope you

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BB Gun and Air Rifle Targets Review

11 Best BB Gun Targets (Good for Any Type of Air Rifle) in 2020

Once you’ve decided which air rifle, pellet gun, airsoft gun, or BB gun you’re going to purchase; you’ll need to do some target practice to work on your accuracy and get comfortable with your new gun. Below, I’ve put together a great list of cool air rifle targets that are

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