6 Best Airsoft Sniper in 2023

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The quest for the best airsoft sniper rifle is a perilous one. There are a lot of good-looking snipers out there that turn out to be trash not worthy of your time and money. If you’re new to the sport or to sniping in particular it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Well don’t worry, we’re here to help. This buying guide should teach you everything that you need to know to help you select the perfect airsoft sniper. 

I’m going to give you a complete guide to choosing an airsoft sniper rifle. Our #1 pick is the JG VSR-10, but there are many great options out there, some of which may be better for you in particular.

Let’s start with airsoft sniper rifle recommendations. Then we’ll move on to choosing the best sniper to meet your specific needs.  Then at the end, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions and wrap up with our final verdict.

Let’s get to it.

Here Are the Top 6 Airsoft Sniper Rifles

1. JG VSR-10/BAR-10

JG VSR-10/BAR-10

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First up, we have our top pick, the JG VSR-10/BAR-10. This is a clone of the popular Tokyo Marui VSR-10 and has been around for several decades now. 

Because the VSR-10/BAR-10 have been around for so long, you have a huge number of aftermarket customization options available.

This makes it an ideal first rifle because you can always tweak and adjust things as you go, which means not only will you never “outgrow” the rifle skill-wise, but you’ll also get to learn more about the workings of your gun as you build something that’s tuned to your preferences.

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The gun itself is a bolt-action with a rail on top for a scope and an attachment point at the forend for a bipod. It also has a sling swivel on the bottom of the buttstock that you can either use for its intended purpose, or use to mount certain bipods.

Power out of the box is generated by the high-power spring and reinforced cylinder and can hit 400+ fps all the way up to 500 if you go with the Evike-tuned model here.

The upgraded version also features a high-quality aluminum trigger group, polished aluminum cylinder, and a brass cylinder head and nozzle. All of that makes this one of the more durable airsoft rifles on the market today.

Of course, if something does break or you just want to improve performance in some way, the rifle is fully compatible with the huge number of aftermarket parts including Angel Custom and OEM Tokyo Marui internals.

Overall, if you’re looking for something that will last a lifetime and give you the best possible start into the world of airsoft sniping, then this is the rifle to go with.

Key Specs

  • Power Source: Internal Spring
  • Action:Bolt
  • FPS: 400-500+
  • Hopup: Adjustable

Takeaway: For new and experienced shooters alike, the JG VSR-10/BAR-10 is a great sniper rifle that blows more expensive guns out of the water. It’s easy to upgrade, accurate and consistent out of the box, and will last for your entire airsoft career.


  • 30 round mag
  • Bolt action
  • Adjustable hopup
  • Blaze orange tip
  • Spring piston


  • Adjustable trigger
  • Weaver scope mount compatible
  • Easy upgrade


  • No included accessories
  • No sale in parts of CT, IN, DC, DE, NJ, NY, and PA
  • Loud

2. ASG McMillan Sportline

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The ASG McMillan Sportline comes with some pretty nifty features you don’t see on some other airsoft snipers. It has a bottom rail so you can add a bipod.

This bolt action rifle gives you the actual feel of a mid-level sniper rifle. The adjustable trigger lets you set your preferred pull.

The bolt pull is also adjustable. Not sure why as this is a spring piston gun with all the noise associated with that spring. The bolt’s noise is not worth mentioning in comparison.

It is based around the M40, the preferred Marine sniper rifle which was based on the Remington M700 series.

It is produced under license from the world-famous McMillan rifle company.


  • Bolt action
  • Large stock
  • Pistol grip
  • Top, bottom rail
  • Spring piston
  • Orange tip


  • Bipod rail on bottom
  • Adjustable cheek weld
  • Medium weight, 5 pounds
  • Strap loops on side
  • 460 FPS
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Adjustable bolt pull


  • Loud
  • 20-round mag
  • Non adjustable hopup

3. Matrix Shadow Op MK96

Matrix Shadow Op MK96

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If you’re looking to save a little money, whether because you’re on a tight budget or you just want to spend the rest of your cash on a good scope and a tactical vest or something, then the budget-focused Shadow Op Mk96 is a great option for you.

This is a take on the venerable Type96 design, so there are a huge number of aftermarket parts, upgrades, and additional furniture available so you can customize and repair your gun as needed.

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In terms of performance, you have an adjustable fps range of 400-450 so you can dial things in for your chosen ammo and for the rules of the field you’re playing on. 

The standard 30 round magazine is perfect for fields that limit capacity, and the top rail will allow you to easily mount the optic of your choice. We recommend a simple 2-3x compact scope, but you can go all out with a 3-9×40 hunting scope for maximum zoom and scouting potential too.

Key Specs

  • Power Source: Internal Spring
  • Action: Bolt
  • FPS: 400-450
  • Hopup: Adjustable

Takeaway: For budget-conscious players, the Matrix Shadow OP MK96 is a great option that is a little more affordable than some of the other choices on this list but still doesn’t sacrifice too much in the way of performance.


  • Bolt action
  • 32-round mag
  • Thumbhole stock
  • Orange tip
  • Spring piston


  • Ships with scope, bipod


  • Heavy, 10 pounds with accessories
  • Loud
  • Non adjustable hopup

4. Double Eagle M62 Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Double Eagle M62 Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper RifleCheck Price on Amazon

Double Eagle’s M62 has earned a reputation over the years as a great airsoft sniper for beginners and experienced players alike. If you are looking for an airsoft gun for beginner, you can check this article.

It features a metallic barrel, bolt assembly, and trigger group, and the overall weight feels realistic and satisfying to use. It has a pretty standard 1913-style rail on top, as well as a forend rail for mounting a light or bipod. 

It’s also the cheapest gun on this list at less than $100.

Don’t let that throw you off though. This is a surprisingly high-quality rifle that has had all of the frills stripped away. That leaves you with a bare-bones sniper that won’t break the bank and won’t break in the field either.

Key Specs

  • Power Source: Spring
  • Action: Bolt-action
  • FPS: 470
  • Hopup: Adjustable

Takeaway: The Double Eagle M62 is another venerable and well-respected airsoft sniper that works just as well for new snipers as it does for experienced players. The M62 is a reliable, dependable, and accurate gun that will last you for years, especially with upgrades.


  • Adjustable stock
  • 20-round mag
  • 400-420 FPS
  • Full metal bolt, trigger barrel
  • Spring piston


  • Adjustable cheek weld
  • Middle weight, 6 pounds.
  • Sling attachments
  • Bottom rail for bipod


  • 20-round mag
  • Loud

5. Well MB4411G Bolt Action Spring Sniper

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Another option for those looking for a bolt-action with modern styling and features is the incredible Well MB4411G Bolt Action. This gun features an L96-style fluted barrel, a polymer quad rail system for mounting grips and accessories, and front and rear sling points.

You also get a precision-style stock with adjustable comb and length of pull, as well as the option of folding the stock out of the way for transport.

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You also get a full-length top rail on the upper portion of the receiver. You can mount whatever optics, rangefinders, PEQ boxes, and backup sights your heart desires.

All in all, for a modern precision rifle-style gun, this one is hard to beat especially for the price.

Key Specs

  • Power Source: Spring
  • Action: Bolt-Action
  • FPS: 400
  • Hopup: Adjustable

Takeaway: With an attractive entry price and modern features, the only thing holding this great bolt-action rifle back is the lack of aftermarket parts available compared to some of the other guns on this list.


  • OD Green
  • Bolt action
  • Spring piston
  • Quad rail
  • Orange tip
  • 30-round mag
  • Fluted barrel


  • Sniper styling
  • Lots of adjustment on stock
  • Long side and bottom rails
  • Stock folds
  • 450 FPS
  • Adjustable hopup


  • Loud
  • Really heavy, 11 pounds


Check Price on Amazon

Finally, we have my personal favorite despite its price, the CYMA M14 EBR. This is a full metal replica of the popular M14 EBR that was used by the US military. It also continues to feature prominently in movies and especially video games.

This is an electric airsoft sniper powered by a 9.6v battery so you get full and semi-auto fire just like a real EBR. The all-metal construction and high-quality grip and adjustable crane-style stock make this one of the most realistic guns on this list. It’s also one of the most durable.

The electric gearbox is fully upgradeable and repairable. That takes care of the main drawback of using an electric airsoft gun. 

The staggering 400 round capacity lets you lay down some absolutely withering fire from a distance or get up close and personal in CQB.

It’s the flexibility and the faithfulness to the M14 style that make this gun so special. If you have the room in your budget it’ll make an absolutely amazing airsoft sniper, DMR, and battle rifle all in one.

Key Specs

  • Power Source: Electric
  • Action: Semi and Full-Auto
  • FPS: 400
  • Hopup: Adjustable
  • Price: $219 for base rifle, $314 for EBR variant with upgraded furniture.

Takeaway: If you love the EBR, or you just want a full-auto sniper capable of tagging your fellow airsofters from a long way away, then this is the one for you. It’s expensive, but the excellent construction and the jealous looks you’ll get from your fellow players make it worth it.


  • Quad rail
  • Orange tip
  • Collapsing stock
  • 400 FPS
  • Garand-style bolt
  • Top & bottom rail


  • FULL AUTO! Or Semi Auto
  • 400 round mag
  • Battery power
  • Adjustable hopup
  • Long bottom rail
  • Quiet!


  • Silver color is very visible
  • Really heavy, 12.85 pounds
  • 9.6v battery not included
  • Accessories not included
  • Moderate heavy 9.26 pounds

Things You Should Know Before Buying An Airsoft Sniper Rifle

There are a few things to keep in mind before you buy your first airsoft rifle to ensure you get something that’s going to meet your needs and fit your playstyle.

Quality Internals

First and foremost, you should get an airsoft rifle, with high-quality internals, that isn’t going to break on you. You’re probably going to end up upgrading some of these internals like the air seal and barrel group anyway, but you don’t want them failing on you in the middle of a match.

You’ll also want something that is upgradeable long-term. Don’t go with a super proprietary model with no aftermarket customization available for your first rifle. Get something you can tweak and personalize as you figure out what you like and what you need to improve your shooting.

If you’re on a tight budget, get something that will allow you to upgrade your hopup bucking and internal barrel. These will be some of the biggest performance boosters for a budget-focused rifle.

Spring vs HPA/GAS vs Electric

Second, you’ll need to decide whether you want a spring-powered sniper, HPA/GAS, or electric sniper. Spring-powered guns rely on the user to pull back a bolt or otherwise cock the gun to draw the cylinder head back and compress the spring. 

An HPA or gas gun uses a tank of compressed air or CO2 to fire the BB. This allows for semi-auto fire and doesn’t require the user to do anything other than squeeze the trigger.

Electric guns use a DC battery to power motors that do the work of pulling the spring back. That gives you the option of semi or fully automatic fire.

Now, there are some pros and cons to each, but the main thing to keep in mind is that a spring-powered gun is going to be more consistent, while a gas gun will be able to fire more quickly. 

Lastly, electric guns have the most opportunity for failure and are the most expensive. On the other hand, you get the convenience of only charging a battery. Being ready to go is often worth the tradeoffs if you have the money to spend. 

Definitely get one with metal internals if you’re going to spend that much money.

For a true sniping experience, most airsofters prefer a bolt-action spring-powered gun. That’s what we’ll be focusing on, but we will also go over our favorite HPA gun as well to give you an idea of some of the other available options.

Consistency Over Max FPS Rating

When you’re starting out, it’s tempting to prioritize the max fps rating of your rifle over most other concerns. This is a trap that many new airsofters fall into.

After all, it seems like more velocity would equal more power, which would equal better performance, right?

Well, kinda sorta, but only to a certain extent, and there’s something much more important: consistency.

If you’re getting +/- 40 FPS from shot to shot, you’re not going to be very accurate, and you’re going to get frustrated quickly. It doesn’t matter what your max fps rating is if you can’t get close to the same FPS from shot to shot.

Inconsistency and sloppy internals will doom many airsoft snipers to staring longingly at their rifles in the back of the closet and wondering why they can’t seem to hit anything. Get something that has quality internals before you worry about getting more FPS.

And hey, most fields are going to limit you to 500fps or less anyway. 


Hopup is an airsoft and paintball term that refers to applying an upward spin to a round projectile to make it fly further. With hopup, particularly adjustable hopup, you can get much more distance out of a round. However, this comes at the cost of the round flying in a more arcing path sorta like a wave.

Rounds with hopup will fly out to a certain distance and then curve upwards towards the middle of their flight path. Finally, they’ll come back down to the same line as the barrel and original flight trajectory.

For sniping, this is especially important as it means you can get much more distance out of your rifle. You’ll also want to get something with an adjustable hopup bucking, so you can tune your rifle for your BBs and desired distance.


Next, I want you to think about your budget and what you really need to spend your money on. Airsoft is an expensive hobby, especially as you get deeper into things.

When it comes to your rifle, a lot of times you’ll be much better off going with a cheaper overall platform that you can upgrade as you need to. Especially when you’re starting out, having a cheaper platform to experiment with is key.

For these reasons, try not to spend too much on your first airsoft sniper rifle. Get something that’s going to be fun to shoot, and will perform well, but you don’t need to spend a mint to get something that meets those requirements.

It’s much more important to get something that you can tweak and learn with, rather than something than spending a fortune on something you may not end up enjoying.


How Far Can Airsoft Sniper Rifles Shoot?

The whole point of an airsoft sniper rifle over an airsoft pistol is range. 

First and foremost, however, you have to think about effective range versus maximum range. 

Your maximum range is how far you can throw a bb, and your effective range is how far you can throw one and actually hit what you’re aiming at. 

For most high-quality airsoft sniper rifles, you have about 200 feet of effective range and about 400 feet of maximum range. This will mostly depend on your hopup tuning and any upgrades or spring adjustments you may have made. That said, 180-200 feet is what you should expect out of the box.

With upgraded metal internals, you can maybe stretch your effective range to 250 feet.

What is the highest FPS airsoft sniper?

The Novritsch SSG24 has a stock FPS rating of 650 feet per second, making it one of the most high-powered airsoft snipers out of the box.

Are airsoft sniper rifles accurate?

Absolutely! Inside the typical effective range of about 50-70 meters, you can reasonably expect to hit player-sized targets fairly well.

What weight BB should I use in my airsoft gun?

This is going to depend primarily on what your manufacturer recommends but as a general rule of thumb a .30g or heavier BB is the place to start.

How much should I spend on my first Spring Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on your first Spring Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle. Typically $80-$100 is more than enough for an entry-level rifle that will do 80-90% of what the most expensive rifles around will do for you.

How much does a good airsoft sniper cost?

On the high-end, and depending on whether or not you want something that’s an officially licensed replica, you can expect to pay $200-$400 for a really good airsoft sniper. Anticipate $600 or more on ultra-high-end rifles modeled closely on real-world firearms.

How do I become a good sniper in an airsoft game?

It would be easy to assume that just buying yourself a better rifle will make you better. The truth is you need to work more on things like positioning, fieldcraft, and communication with teammates if you really want to fill the sniper role well. 

Remember, the best sniper is the one you never see coming.

Final Verdict

Airsoft sniper rifles are a lot of fun and are an interesting and challenging way to play the sport. There are many cheap and poorly made options on the market. Hopefully, now you know everything you need to in order to pick a high-quality option for yourself.

Our top pick is still going to be the JG VSR-10/B-10. That’s because of the huge amount of parts available, as well as the awesome customization that’s already done for you on the Evike version. However, any of the rifles on this list will serve you well for years and years.

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