9 Best Bore Sight in 2023: Review & Buying Guide

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Counting on visual aiming when shooting distant targets isn’t always the best way to go. Not only will you waste unnecessary ammo but also compromise your rifle’s accuracy. That’s where the best bore sight comes into play.

Throughout my 15+ years of expertise in the shooting world, I’ve used and tested more bore sighters than you could ever think of. Some were great and performed better than expected, while others left a lot to be desired.

Based on my experience, the SiteLite Ultra Mag Green Laser Professional Boresighter seems like a pretty solid choice for most shooters. It’s bright, has a good range, and the battery won’t fail on you within a few minutes.

Putting that aside, let’s explore all of the options we have here!

Quick Summary: Our Top 5 Picks For Bore Sight in 2022
SiteLite Ultra Mag Green Laser Professional Boresighter
  • Green laser instead of red to maximize visibility
  • Works well with .22 – .50 calibers
  • Equipped with an on/off switch
SightMark Laser Bore Sight
  • In-chamber model
  • More affordable than end-of-the-barrel models
  • More accurate
StrongTools Bore Sighter
  • Comes in 2 versions: red laser and green laser
  • Green laser version offers better sunlight visibility
  • Very efficient when it comes to power output
ADAFAZ Red/Green
  • Versatile kit that comes with emitters
  • Easily fine-tune the installment to improve the accuracy
  • Most affordable one out there
Sightmark 9mm Luger Laser Bullet Bore Sight
  • Specifically designed for pistols, particularly 0.380 ones
  • On and off-ends cap
  • Laser module is perfectly centered in the middle

Here Are the Best Bore Sights (Our Picks)

Alright, now let’s dive deeper into the features of each of the bore sights we have here so you can decide which of them would be the better fit for your needs.

1. SiteLite Ultra Mag Green Laser Professional Boresighter – Best Overall Choice

SiteLite Ultra Mag Green Laser Professional Boresighter

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The SiteLite Ultra Mag Green Laser Boresighter is one of the most widely acclaimed bore sighters in the industry and it’s used by the pros.

It features a green laser instead of red to maximize visibility even in direct sunlight. It also comes with inserts, allowing you to fit it snugly into your caliber rifle. It works well with .22 – .50 calibers, as well as 20 and 12 ga. shotguns.

The in-muzzle bore sighter is equipped with an on/off switch, so you can save on battery life. However, the SiteLite Ultra Mag’s battery life is exceptional, so you’ll rarely need to preserve its power consumption anyway.

On top of that, the SiteLite Ultra Mag comes with an SRL Scope Leveler that enables you to level your crosshairs before boresighting.

The only potential dealbreaker of this bore sighter is the price. It carries a hefty price tag, but for what it offers, it’s well worth it.


Despite being a bit expensive, the SiteLite Ultra Mag Green Laser Boresighter is one of the best bore sights for professional use. It’s accurate, fits nicely into all caliber rifles, and has a massive battery.

2. SightMark Laser Bore Sight – Runner Up

SightMark Laser Bore Sight

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The SightMark Laser Bore Sight is an in-chamber model, so it’s intended to fit directly in the chamber.

This design allows the SightMark Bore Sight to be more affordable than end-of-the-barrel models and even more accurate, despite the fact that not all in-chamber bore sights are accurate.

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Featuring a compact, lightweight, and durable brass construction, the SightMark Bore Sight is easy to install and use. And thanks to the in-chamber design, you don’t have to be concerned about whether it’ll work with your flash hider, muzzle brake, or other accessories at the end of the barrel.

We also like how fast it is to zero the SightMark Bore Sight. Not to mention, it’s pre-calibrated and ships with batteries and a carrying case.

The only disadvantage here is obviously the non-universal fit. 


If you’re looking for a compact in-chamber bore sight that won’t interfere with your other accessories while offering top-notch accuracy and zeroing, the SightMark Laser Bore Sight won’t disappoint you.

3. Bushnell 743333 Bore Sighter – Best In-Chamber Bore Sight

Bushnell 743333 Bore Sighter

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Unlike the previous 2 bore sight models, the Bushnell 743333 Bore Sighter doesn’t utilize laser technology. Instead, it lines up with your scope, and with the graduated grid sighting reticle, coupled with the target adjustment system, you’ll be able to hit your targets accurately.

While this seems like a lot of work compared to just aiming a laser beam, it makes an excellent alternative in the long run. For example, you won’t need to worry about battery replacements. Not to mention, sunlight visibility won’t be an issue for you. Even if your target isn’t reflective, you won’t have much of a problem here.

With the Bushnell Bore Sighter, you’ll be able to get consistent results if you figure out how to line up the reticle. It’ll require some trial and error at first, though. Also, your scope should be mounted at “normal” level, not too high, not too low.

As for compatibility, this bore sight should fit everything from .17 to .45 caliber rifles. 


If you’re not a big fan of laser bore sighters, the Bushnell Bore Sight is a simple yet effective device that will help you aim accurately and forget about the disadvantages of laser bore sighters.

4. StrongTools Bore Sighter – Best Value Pick

StrongTools Bore Sighter

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StrongTools is one of the lesser-known brands in the industry, but the StrongTools Bore Sighter is definitely worth checking out, especially at this price tag.

It comes in 2 versions: red laser and green laser. Both of which are very bright, even when compared to models from more reputable brands.

The green laser version offers better sunlight visibility, so if that’s a concern, go for it instead of the red laser model.

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And since this is a class IIIa laser bore sight, it’s very efficient when it comes to power output, so you won’t need to charge the battery that frequently. 

Featuring an aluminum build, the StrongTools Bore Sighter is quite durable. What’s more, it ships with 12 adapters, so you can fit it on any caliber or .17-12 gauge shotguns.

Zeroing this bore sighter is a piece of cake. All you have to do is screw the adapter on the small end of the tool and insert it into the barrel; it’s as easy as that!


The StrongTools Bore Sighter is a capable piece of equipment with the excellent build quality and universal fit. It won’t set you back too much, either.

5. Wheeler Professional Laser Bore Sighter – Best Magnetic Bore Sight

Wheeler Professional Laser Bore Sighter

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The Wheeler Professional Laser Bore Sighter sports a class IIIR system, allowing you to zero it quickly and effectively. 

It clamps to your rifle with the effect of a magnetic connection, so it’s pretty easy to attach and detach when required. 

There are 2 models of the Wheeler bore sighter: green laser and red laser. If your budget allows it, go for the green version as it’s brighter and has a more extended range. The laser module is permanently secured in the chamber, ensuring consistent performance every time.

This Bore Sighter is made of military-grade aluminum alloy for extra durability. I also like rubber molding housing that further increases the bore sight’s resilience. 

The Wheeler Bore Sighter also comes with a case for convenient storage, as well as a reflective sighting grip and a 123A battery. 

Moreover, it ships pre-calibrated, so you don’t have to worry about misalignments when you first install it. 

And since this is a universal Bore Sighter, it should fit well on most caliber rifles. 


The Wheeler Professional Laser Boresighter ticks many of my boxes thanks to its ease of use, build quality, and universal fit. 

6. ADAFAZ Red/Green – Best Budget Pick

ADAFAZ Red/Green

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The ADAFAZ isn’t just a bore sight; this is a versatile kit that comes with emitters and a range of adapters that fit .177 to 0.50 calibers. You can easily fine-tune the installment to improve the bore sight’s accuracy. 

The class IIIa laser module is manually assembled and calibrated out of the box, so you can get started right away. It’s also quite efficient when it comes to power consumption.

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At less than 20 bucks, the ADAFAZ bore sight is probably the most affordable one out there. The only downside is that the ADAFAZ bore sight doesn’t come with any adapters for 12 or 20 gauge shotguns. 


The ADAFAZ is an affordable bore sight that should work with most types of rifles. It’s also pre-calibrated, so it’s highly accurate right out of the box. 

7. Sightmark 9mm Luger Laser Bullet Bore Sight – Best for Pistols

Sightmark 9mm Luger Laser Bullet Bore Sight

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The Sightmark 9mm Luger Laser Bullet Bore Sight is specifically designed for pistols, particularly 0.380 ones. Very few bore sighters can be attached to this older version of pistols. 

Nevertheless, you can still use it on a wide range of rifles, too. So if your gear includes a rifle with a pistol or 2, the Sightmark Luger would be a great universal accessory for your kit. 

One notable feature of the Luger is its on and off-ends cap that lets you adjust the laser settings for best viewability according to field circumstances. 

Precision-wise, the laser module is perfectly centered in the middle of the compact, bullet-shaped chamber. This allows you to zero your gun the right away. 

As for battery life, the Sightmark Luger’s battery lasts up to 60 minutes with continuous non-stop usage, which isn’t that impressive compared to other bore sighters on this list. Still, it should be enough in most situations. 


If your set includes a pistol, the Sightmark 9mm Luger Laser Bullet Bore Sight would make an excellent addition to your kit. 

8. Sightmark SM39024 Triple Duty Universal – Best for Accuracy

Sightmark SM39024 Triple Duty Universal

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The Sightmark SM39024 Triple Duty Universal is considered the gold standard when it comes to bore fighters. Why is that? Well, let’s just say that this bore sighter was tested and abetted by the National Tactical Officers Association and the North America Hunting Clubs. 

The laser module is tightly secured inside the chamber, and with the self-centering mechanism, consistent, top-notch accuracy is guaranteed.

Moving on to the design, the Sightmark Triple Duty bears a small footprint with a flat rear side and a nozzle on the other side. It doesn’t come with any adapters as it has a sighting range of .17 – 0.50 caliber, allowing you to use it with any of your rifles. 

The bore clamps to the rifle with a magnetic connection for easy attaching and detaching. This also protects the barrel from getting damaged. 

It’s noteworthy to point out that the Triple Duty operates on AG3 batteries, which should provide it with enough juice. It also ships with a carrying case. 


The Sightmark SM39024 Triple Duty Universal offers tremendous accuracy and a universal fit at a very attractive price tag. It’s definitely an insane bang for your buck.

9. XAegis Bore Sighting Kit – Best Non-Laser Alternative

XAegis Bore Sighting Kit

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The XAEgis Bore Sighting Kit is yet another good option for shooters that don’t want to deal with battery-powered laser bore sights.

It utilizes a lens with a crosshair reticle that you can use as a guide when aiming at your targets. It’s a very simple yet effective design that works in all conditions and scenarios.

To set it up, you need to align your sights with the reticle, so you can be sure you won’t need to correct it when you fire that first shot with your rifle. 

Speaking of rifles, the XAegis Bore Sighting Kit includes adapters that range from .17 to 0.50 calibers, ensuring that compatibility isn’t an issue. The bore sighter and the adapters are nicely arranged in a hard case for convenient storage. 

Each adapter slot is clearly identified with an engraving on the case itself for easy selection. Your optics must be mounted at a normal level, though, since this kit won’t be compatible with higher-mounted optics.

However, keep in mind that this kit may cost you a bit more than some laser-powered bore sights out there, but you won’t need to spend money on batteries. 


The XAegis Bore Sighting Kit is an accurate and battery-free system that’ll help you save on ammunition while also improving your aiming.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Bore Sight

There are various factors that you need to take into consideration when shopping for a bore sighter. These include:


Bore sights are usually made of aluminum, brass, or bronze. Aluminum is the most common material choice for commercial bore sights.

Aluminum alloy bore sights are durable and lightweight, in addition to being cost-friendly. Bronze is also a good alternative as it provides more stability for the firearm  Brass is often used to maximize durability, but it’s not as affordable as aluminum.

In-Chamber vs. End-of-the-Barrel

Generally speaking, there are two types of bore sights: in-chamber and end-of-the-barrel. While none of them is considered “better” in terms of accuracy, there’s a lot to say when it comes to compatibility.

If you have a standard gear set that, for example, encompasses a .308, a 9mm, and a 5.56, you may just get an in-chamber bore sight for each of them. You shouldn’t buy an in-chamber bore sighter and expect it to be universal, though.

It’s also worth mentioning that in-chamber bore sighters tend to be better at saving time because of how easy to use they are. It’s pretty hard to find an in-chamber bore sighter that uses a green laser, though.

Laser Color

If you opt for a laser bore sighter, you need to consider the color of the laser beams. Laser bore sights come in 2 varieties: red laser and green laser

Green laser bore sights are often more expensive than red laser ones, but they’re visible within 100+ yards, compared to just 30 yards for red lasers. This makes it possible for you to aim accurately at distant targets.

However, keep in mind that green laser bore sighters consume more power than their red laser counterparts, so if you get a green one, make sure that its battery is large enough to last for a while.

Laser Class

Laser bore sighters are segregated into different classes. Many commercial bore sighters are equipped with class III lasers, which get the job but are definitely not the best in terms of quality. 

But why is the class of a laser important, anyway? Well, the laser class heavily impacts its visibility, especially in bright conditions. Lower classes offer better visibility in all situations. Also, keep in mind that very high laser classes may be hazardous to your vision.

Laser Brightness

As I’ve mentioned, the laser class contributes greatly to its visibility. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all lasers within the same class have the exact same level of brightness; that’d be an exaggerated generalization.

The brighter the laser is, the easier it’ll be for you to zero your rifle, even in the early morning or afternoon. Other than that, you might be forced to zero your firearm the night before to be on the safe side.


“Hold” is how a bore sighter attaches to your firearm and aligns with its bore. There are many ways bore sights can be attached to a gun. 

Bore arbors or adapters are convenient and accurate. They’re also fairly cheap compared to other alignment methods. A bore arbor is mounted at the end of the bore by means of an expanding collar made of polymer or metal. 

Damage to these collars may cause alignment issues, which can, in turn, affect your firearm’s accuracy. That’s why you’d probably need to carry some spares just to be on the safe side. 

On the other hand, some bore sighters have magnets that stick to the muzzle, so you don’t need to insert an adaptor inside the bore. 

They’re far easier to put on and off. They’re also more durable than adapters. However, for the best accuracy, the barrel crown must be designed in a way that maintains a perpendicular position to the bore.

In-chamber lasers have a small footprint and don’t cost much. They’re poor in terms of accuracy since the chambers won’t always align correctly with the bore, but their installation process is quite simple. 


Bore sights come in a wide spectrum of price tags, which may or may not affect performance and safety. Generally speaking, cheap bore sights are classified as class IIIB lasers, meaning that if you look directly at one of them, permanent vision damage would be a possibility. 

These lasers are usually red, so daylight visibility may not be that great. Cheap bore sights are often designed to be used with a single or limited number of calibers, so they may not be compatible with all of your rifles. 

However, some models may come with a complete set of screw-in adapters to be used with all calibers. 

As for midrange models, they’re equipped with higher-quality and safer laser modules. In addition, their power efficiency allows for longer battery life. 

Midrange bore sights utilize a red laser, but it’s usually brighter than that of cheaper models. For single-caliber midrange bore sights, the accuracy is almost always top-notch. Universal midrange bore sights aren’t that far behind, either. 

High-end models that carry premium tags use green lasers for better accuracy and visibility. In addition, they can be attached to virtually all types of rifles and shotguns using sophisticated magnetic systems.

Another good feature of high-end green laser bore sighters is power efficiency. This can be particularly handy for those who use the same bore sight for all of their firearms.  

What Type of Bore Sight Is Best?

There are 2 main types of bore sighters: indicating lasers and optical collimators.

These are the primary categories, but each type of bore sighter can be classified into arbor mounted, magnetically mounted, and chambered gadgets.

Collimators are the most complex ones. In simple English, a collimating bore sighter basically consists of a lens that’s perpendicularly aligned to the bore right in front of your rifle’s optics. Each collimator’s lens has a printed reticle grid, and its size is determined by the size of the optic on your firearm.

So what affects the accuracy of a collimator? Well, it’s all about maintaining the lens’ perpendicular position to the bore. As long as the lens is perpendicular, you’ll be able to aim accurately. You don’t necessarily need to center the lens in front of your firearm’s aiming system.

Collimators have the upper edge of not requiring batteries to operate. They also allow for the inclusion of targeting grids.

Indicating lasers, on the flip side, work in a much simpler fashion. It’s all about a laser beam that directly points at your target. Laser bore sighters are often cheaper than collimators without compromising accuracy. However, if you want to ensure the best possible accuracy, the laser must be perfectly aligned to the plane of the magnet or bore. 

So, in terms of accuracy, both collimating bore sighters and laser bore sighters should give you satisfactory performance. You just need to decide whether it’s worth spending more on a collimator than a laser bore sighter. Don’t forget the battery factor, too.

Are Laser Bore Sights Accurate?

Definitely. Laser bore sights are multiple times more accurate than just counting on your eye. 

Aiming with your rifle visually can get you at 100 yards, but with a laser bore sighter, you’ll be able to get much closer to the center.

Not to mention, using a laser bore sight will help you save ammo when you zero your rifle. However, you must zero your rifle and bore sight probably if you want to achieve the most accurate results. 

In conventional bore sighting, you just need to remove the bolt and see through the barrel to aim at your target. However, this only works if you own a bolt-action rifle. With a semi-automatic rifle, manual bore sighting can be tricky, and that’s where a laser bore sighter comes in handy. 

As for the factors that determine the accuracy of a laser bore sighter, there are plenty of them. These include dot size, the specifications of the laser module itself, and of course, the color of the laser. Brightness is also important, especially in daylight situations.

Final Verdict

Now that we’ve gone through some of the top-rated options on the market, it’s time for the final say! Without a single doubt, the SiteLite Ultra Mag Green Laser Professional Bore Sighter is the undisputed king in this roundup. 

Compared to red laser varieties, it uses a green laser for maximum accuracy, and you shouldn’t have any compatibility issues with it. You even get an SRL Scope Leveler for crosshair leveling, something that many bore sights don’t have. 

Plus, it’s very efficient battery-wise. I’m a big fan of the on/off switch; after all, I don’t often find myself in scenarios where I need to keep the laser turned on the whole time. This is probably the best bore sight for most shooters, period.

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