9 Best Ankle Holster in 2024

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Ankle holsters may get a lot of flack for being difficult to draw from, but their ability to conceal-carry weapons can’t be denied. In addition, with these holsters, you’re able to carry a backup firearm to complement your primary one.

We happen to think Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Kodra is the best ankle holster a casual gun owner can get for their money today. In terms of retention, concealment, comfort, and other features, this ankle holster hits the bullseye each and every time.

If you’re looking to learn a thing or two about ankle holsters, then you’re in the right place. We’re gaga for guns, and our knowledge and enthusiasm mean you’ll be in excellent hands.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best ankle holsters currently available on the market. And along the way, you’ll learn about the two types of ankle holsters, as well as some important considerations to make when picking one. So, without further ado, let’s hop in.

Top Ankle HolsterUSPAmazon
Galco Ankle GloveBest OverallClick here
Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment KodraBest for DurabilityClick here
DeSantis Gunhide Apache Ankle RigBest for ValueClick here

Here Are the Best Ankle Holster (Our Picks)

The following ankle holsters are the best you can get on the market today. So let’s take a look at what sets these holsters apart from the rest.

1. Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Kodra 

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Whether you’re a lefty or a rightie, Uncle Mike has got you covered with the Off-Duty and Concealment Kodra: the best ankle holster on the market right now. Made using Kodra nylon as the main material, the Off-Duty and Concealment Kodra has a soft knit finish that’s so comfortable you can wear the holster on your bare ankle. 

This holster’s wrap-around, cinch-down design ensures that it fits snugly around most ankle circumferences. In addition, the hook and loop give you control over how tight you want it to fit. It also features a closed-cell foam that does double duty: keeping moisture at bay and providing a layer of padding for comfort.

As mentioned previously, the Off Duty and Concealment Kodra is available for both right and left-handed gun owners. And you can pick from four different sizes, so the holster can hide both small and medium firearms, including .40 caliber and 9 mm ones.


The Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Kodra is a great ankle holster that accommodates both right and left-handed gun owners.

2. Alien Gear ShapeShift

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Neoprene features heavily in the Alien Gear ShapeShift Ankle Holster’s design. The holster itself is made with neoprene, and because of that flexibility, it’s able to shift and move with the wearer’s body as they go about their day. 

Neoprene is also used to pad the holster’s elastic straps. And the ShapeShift’s CoolVent design acts as a sweat-wicking material that allows your skin to breathe, preventing skin irritation a lesser ankle holster would cause after you’ve worn it for hours. Being elastic, this holster can be drawn tight without causing discomfort.

One of the most awesome things about Alien Wear’s ankle holster is its tool-less adjustability. You can adjust everything from the passive retention to the angle of the cant to the holster’s ride height without needing tools like a screwdriver or hex key. Moreover, being able to change the ride height means you can wear it with most boots.

Another way the ShapeShift lives up to its name is how flexible it is in terms of carry options. It integrates seamlessly with Alien Gear’s other ShapeShift holsters, expanding your carrying options from open to concealed to shoulder and so much more. Finally, the holster’s two-piece design means it can be worn either vertically or horizontally.


The Alien Gear ShapeShift Ankle Holster adapts to all your movements, making it a must for people who are always on the go.


3. Fobus S&W J Frame 

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Smith & Wesson fans and J Frame owners will love the Fobus Ankle Holster S&W J Frame.

Injection-molded and lined with suede, it walks a delicate balance between comfort and stability. 

In addition, the holster’s adjustable strap is made of Velcro, which works together with the passive retention Cordura pad to keep the holster and firearm secure. It also has a quick, facilitating draw, thanks to the omission of a thumb break.

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And weighing only 4 ounces, it’s an extremely lightweight holster that can be comfortably carried all day. 


If you own a Smith and Wesson, the Fobus Ankle Holster S&W J Frame is perfect for you. Its suede lining will keep your firearm from wearing down inside the holster while also providing an incredible level of comfort.

4. DeSantis Gunhide Apache Ankle Rig 

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The DeSantis Gunhide Apache Ankle Rig is made of spandex and accommodates small, medium, and large frame semi-automatics, as well as small frame revolvers. The semi-auto models come with an adjustable Velcro thumb break, while the revolver models have an adjustable thumb strap with a hook and loop closure. 

In addition, the holster is padded with genuine sheepskin, making it comfortable to wear while also protecting the gun from wear and tear.


The genuine sheepskin used in the DeSantis Gunhide Apache Ankle Rig makes this ankle holster great for gun owners who want to preserve their firearms.

5. Galco Ankle Glove

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The custom-molded Galco Ankle Glove (Ankle Holster) offers firearm retention and comfort. It’s made of leather that’s stitched to a breathable band of neoprene and fits around ankles as wide as 13 inches in circumference.

In addition, this Ankle glove has a reinforced thumb break that helps with firearm retention and quick draw.

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And it has a sheepskin lining that makes it feel so comfortable you might forget it’s even there. It’s also available in right or left-hand draw.


The Galco Ankle Glove (Ankle Holster) is able to fit around ankles with circumferences as wide as 13 inches, making it an accessible ankle holster for all.


6. Holstermart USA TAGUA Gunleather Premium 

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The Holstermart USA TAGUA Gunleather Premium offers premium quality at an affordable price. In addition, this comfortable ankle holster has all the features of a good ankle holster, including thumb breaks and padding that protects the skin and firearm.

It’s made with slightly elastic leather that makes it fit different firearms. And the reinforced thumb break gives the holster all the stability it needs, while its soft backside makes it comfortable to wear all day.


The Holstermart USA TAGUA Gunleather Premium is a good choice for gun owners looking for an affordable holster that’s packed with all the premium qualities of a good ankle holster. 

7. Bulldog Cases & Vaults WANK 20R

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The Bulldog Cases & Vaults WANK 20R is made with small frame semi-automatics in mind. The no-frills design of this holster means it leaves any features that add bloat and weight to it on the cutting floor. So, what you’re left with is a Cordura nylon holster with its adjustable thumb break.

Nevertheless, comfort and retention are at the forefront of the WANK 20R’s design. Its elastic nylon body is wide, making for a comfortable fit, while a Velcro security band provides you with plenty of adjustment abilities. And although the WANK 20R is a one-size-fits-all type of ankle holster, its adjustable thumb break provides all the retention security needed.


The Bulldog Cases & Vaults WANK 20R is an excellent choice for gun owners who want a no-frills solution to their conceal-carry needs.


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The BLACKHAWK Nylon Ankle Holster is one of the most high-quality nylon ankle holsters available. It comes with most of the features you would find on a nylon holster, such as an elastic band and closed-cell foam for comfort.

Like the other ankle holsters on this list, the BLACKHAWK is secured using a hook and loop. In addition, it comes with a calf strap as well as a retention band that’s easy to adjust. Lastly, it’s a great budget ankle holster that balances price and quality.


If you’re price and quality-conscious, the BLACKHAWK Nylon Ankle Holster will help reconcile these opposing forces. Its high-quality design and affordable price offer the best of both worlds.

9. Gould & Goodrich Elastic BootLock

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The Gould and Goodrich Elastic BootLock Ankle Holster has one major defining feature: its nine bootlace eyelets. These are small holes positioned between the holster and the hook and loop that serve the purpose of anchoring the holster in place. 

In addition, the holster’s saddle-like design helps distribute the weight of the firearm in such a way as to make the holster feel lighter. 


The Gould & Goodrich Elastic BootLock Ankle Holster’s interesting and ingenious design makes it a worthy pick for gun owners who expect firearm stability from their ankle holster.

Different Kinds of Ankle Holsters

Ankle holsters come in two categories: slip-on and strap-on. What distinguishes one from the other are the materials used to make them as well as their design. So let’s take a closer look at them.


Slip-on ankle holsters usually have neoprene as the main base. The holster is then attached to the neoprene base, resulting in the final, flexible ankle holster. However, these types of ankle holsters require a calf strap to hold the holster in place, else they’ll only be suitable for shorter walks.

The best slip-on holsters use breathable neoprene brands and moisture-wicking lining to make them comfortable to be worn for hours at a time. Because these kinds of holsters are much less costly to manufacture, they’re great for people who are on a budget.


These types of ankle holsters employ single or multiple straps to keep them secured. The straps usually have a hook and loop design to them, making it easy for you to put them on or take them off without needing to first take your shoes off.

Additionally, strap-on holsters give you more control over the holster’s fit, letting you adjust the tension to suit your comfort and concealability needs. 

What to Consider When Buying an Ankle Holster

Before you buy an ankle holster, there are a number of factors that you need to consider, such as the materials used to make it and so on. Let’s go over these considerations in more detail.

Material & Comfort

Leather and nylon are the most commonly used materials to make ankle holsters. Of course, nylon has lesser quality and durability, but being budget-friendly explains why it’s an alternative that’s popular with holster manufacturers.

To a lesser extent, elastic is also used to make holsters. However, elastic holsters aren’t as resistant to wear and tear as their leather or nylon counterparts and may pose a slipping risk over time. Therefore, it’s best to avoid them if you intend to get regular use out of the ankle holster.

If you can help it, choose an ankle holster with Velcro or neoprene support straps instead. These materials are far superior to nylon when it comes to the comfort and draw speed they offer to the wearer.

Hand Orientation

Drawing a firearm from an ankle holster isn’t the easiest action to take because of how low on the body the holster is positioned, compared to a higher positioned waist holster, for example. So you wouldn’t want to make things even harder for yourself by buying a holster that’s carried on the wrong leg.

For this reason, it’s important to pay attention to the dominant hand orientation of the holster, as stated by its manufacturer. That way, you’ll avoid buying a holster that’s meant for people with the opposite dominant hand orientation as your own.

It’s important to note that there are some ambidextrous holsters out there. However, it’s rare and nearly impossible to find a holster that fits both right and left-handed people. 

Moisture Prevention

While out and about with your ankle holster, you’ll no doubt perspire, and this depends on the weather. At best, this moisture may cause the handle of your firearm to be sticky when drawn. However, at worst, your firearm could end up damaged.

Therefore, you’ll want an ankle holster that comes with a moisture barrier or one that allows for breathability so that both the holster and firearm are kept dry.


The ankle holster is in a position that makes it more susceptible to an accidental slip caused by your movement since it’s close to the foot. That’s why you should make sure that you choose an ankle holster with durable retention.

In addition, a molded thumb break will secure the firearm firmly in place. Moreover, a non-stretch retention strap soothes any worry you’d have about the strap going slack after prolonged use. 

Custom Fit

While there are many one-size-fits-all ankle holsters on the market, holsters that are made to carry specific firearms are usually preferable because they take the gun’s outline and contours into consideration.

Therefore, it’s best to give these ankle holsters greater preference than their jack-of-all-trades counterparts.

Support Straps

While almost every ankle holster comes with support straps that help maintain the pistol’s position, their designs vary wildly. However, all of them are intended to keep the holster from moving.

Therefore, you’ll need to consider the material used for the strap. In some cases, you’ll find nylon used, even though it’s not the best material for the job. This is because nylon straps tend to dig into the skin, making them untenable when you’re out and about for a significant amount of time.


Ankle holsters should effectively conceal a firearm underneath whatever clothes you’re wearing. This is because the whole point of conceal-carry is that other people aren’t supposed to know you’re carrying a firearm. 

While some clothes may make it difficult to conceal a gun, most ankle holsters are still able to conceal it, thanks to some strategically-positioned padding on their bodies. Therefore, aim for holsters that meet this criterion to prevent printing.


Price is always a consideration when purchasing any product, and it’s no different with an ankle holster. Usually, the holster’s price is determined by a lot of factors, such as the materials used to construct it and the features it comes with out-of-the-box.

For example, ankle holsters made with nylon will almost always be less costly than those made using leather. This is because nylon is the more economical of the two materials for a manufacturer to procure.

All in all, there’s an ankle holster that suits every budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It a Good Idea to Get an Ankle Holster?

As we mentioned before, ankle holsters are great at concealment and come in handy for carrying a backup firearm. These two qualities make them a worthy investment for any serious gun owner who owns more than one firearm. 

Is It Possible to Run While Wearing an Ankle Holster?

Yes, it’s possible to run while wearing an ankle holster. However, being able to do so without experiencing extreme discomfort or harboring the fear of losing your firearm is another matter.

Ankle holsters already contend with being the most difficult type of holster to draw from. So when you add a vigorous physical activity like running, jumping, or climbing into the equation, their ease-of-use and comfort level plummets even further. For the above reason, it’s best to limit your walking speed to a brisk stroll when wearing an ankle holster.

What Are Some Drawbacks to Using Ankle Holsters?

Drawing a firearm from an ankle holster isn’t the easiest action to take from a standing position, and carrying an ankle holster while running is impractical. You’re also only able to carry very small firearms with ankle holsters. All in all, the choice of getting an ankle holster depends on your needs, so you’ll have to weigh the benefits against detriments.

Which Leg Should I Put the Ankle Holster On?

Ankle holsters are usually worn on the leg that’s opposite to the wearer’s dominant hand. So you’ll wear them on the left leg if you’re right-handed and vice versa if you’re left-handed. In particular, the holster is worn on the inside of the leg because wearing it on the outside leaves the holster prone to bumping into things.

Less commonly, holsters are worn on the same leg as the wearer’s dominant hand, with the gun’s grip faced outward. However, positioning the holster on this leg makes it awkward to draw the gun from a standing position.

Which Guns Are Good to Carry in an Ankle Holster?

In general, ankle holsters aren’t meant to carry full-size firearms because the gun’s size and weight may prove problematic for movement and concealment. In fact, carrying a heavier firearm can actually cause hip and knee problems over time.
Therefore, ankle holsters are more commonly used to carry and conceal smaller guns.
Examples of guns that would have no problem fitting in an ankle holster include the Sig Sauer P365 and P238, the Glock 43, the Smith and Wesson M&P9, the Walther PPS M2, and the Ruger LC9s or EC9s.

Final Verdict

If it wasn’t obvious already, Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Kodra is our number one choice of an ankle holster. Its Kodra material, soft-knit finish on the inside, and wrap-around design make it an ankle holster we can’t recommend enough.

It gets all of those things right in a way that the other ankle holsters on this list didn’t—even the ankle holsters made of leather couldn’t come close to Uncle Mike’s high-quality design.

Also, if you’re looking for an ankle holster that offers stable retention and comfort, you really can’t go wrong with Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Kodra.

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