7 Best Tactical Military Gloves in Different Budgets

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Tactical gloves aren’t just for workers and combat specialists. They allow people to face the rigors of life with comfort and style. They also come in various designs and target a range of needs. The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice personal taste for practicality. 

So, cyclists, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and public commuters can all benefit from a pair of expertly made tactical military gloves. Also, tactical gloves allow for more warmth, grip, and control.

Therefore, we’ve done intensive research and gathered a list of the best tactical military gloves you can find on the market. Also, we recommend the Free Soldier Military Tactical Gloves for anyone looking for high-quality tactical gloves. Now, let’s jump into our detailed list!

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Here Are the Best Military Gloves (Our Picks)

Below are our top picks of the best military tactical gloves you can find on the market!

1. Free Soldier

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The Free Soldier Military Tactical Gloves are constructed from a multi-layer design. These military tactical gloves stand out for their high quality. 

Also, these gloves have a high resistance to abrasion and low-intensity shocks. In this way, you can use them for tactical operations, hunting, camping, and more!

The palm is made of non-slip, abrasion-resistant suede. The finger protection is made of hard PC synthetic material and has an Elastic SPANDEX coating with a strong microfiber fabric lining.

In addition, the gloves have ventilation holes, which allow air to circulate inside quickly. As a result, the flexibility and comfort of the gloves will enable you to use them without problems. Moreover, they have Velcro straps to keep them in place.

However, if you use these gloves vigorously, you may notice the fraying of the microfiber fabrics.


  • Have ventilation holes
  • Multi-layer construction makes them resistant to abrasion and impacts
  • Have armor to protect the fingers
  • Synthetic material is easy to clean


  • Microfiber fabric frays with heavy use


The Free Soldier Military Tactical Glove is a good pick for people looking for a tactical glove with high quality. It’s made from highly protective and abrasion-resistant materials.

2. WTACTFUL Touch Screen

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The WTACTFUL Touch Screen Military Gloves are designed to offer a comfortable and lightweight wearing experience. So, if you practice any sport, go hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, airsoft, or do some tactical work, these military tactical gloves are for you.

In addition, to protect your hands from blows, these gloves incorporate a rubber protector for the fingers, which helps cushion impacts. The fabric with which they’re lined and the internal lining are resistant to abrasion. 

Also, the grip of these gloves is excellent, thanks to the rubber located on the hands. And they offer a cool-wearing experience by having breathable fabric and ventilation holes. There are straps on the wrists for better support in rough use.

However, the tactical gloves aren’t waterproof, so they’ll get wet in the rain. You may also experience relatively less flexibility due to their rigid rubber parts.


  • Offer protection against shock and abrasion
  • Breathable fabric and ventilation holes reduce the internal temperature
  • Dry quickly if they get wet


  • Not waterproof, so they’ll get completely wet in the rain


The WTACTFUL Touch Screen Military Gloves are comfortable, lightweight, and protective. They’re suitable for sports, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, airsoft, and tactical work.

3. Mechanix Wear: M-Pact Covert

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The Mechanix Wear: M-Pact Covert Tactical Gloves are great if you’re looking for high protection against blows and abrasion. Without a doubt, these military tactical gloves are one of the best options designed under military standards.

To protect the hands from blows, these gloves incorporate a TPR structure on the knuckles and fingers, allowing them to cushion impacts. Along with the TPR structure, we can find EVA foam padding, which absorbs shock.

On the abrasion side, there are rubber protectors to reduce the wear that friction can generate. Also, these gloves have a lining made of Trek Dry Fabric, which offers protection while being breathable. In addition, M-Pact Covert Gloves have reinforcements on the palm, thumbs, and index fingers to improve grip. 

However, these tactical gloves have limited flexibility and may come in reduced sizes.


  • Protective reinforcements in the critical parts of the gloves
  • Anti-slip coating to improve grip
  • TPR hooks and Velcro wrist straps to adjust and keep them in place
  • Breathable fabric prevents heat build-up in the gloves


  • Limited flexibility
  • Sizes may come reduced


The Mechanix Wear: M-Pact® Covert Tactical Gloves are undoubtedly one of the best tactical gloves you’d find on the market. They’re ideal for people who give priority to protection in a glove.

4. Unigear

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The Unigear Tactical Gloves are made with high-quality, lightweight materials that make the gloves ideal for rough or intense use like in the military. However, you don’t need to be part of the military; civilians also use these gloves. For instance, you can wear them when camping, hunting, fishing, camping, or for some sports.

These gloves incorporate a SPANDEX lining that’s resistant to abrasion yet very flexible. In addition, the PU protective mat offers the ability to cushion the impacts of any blow. Also, despite being rigid, the said mat provides a comfortable user experience since the packages are ergonomic.

The non-slip polyurethane improves the grip of the gloves, which makes it easier to pick up wet objects while using them. Moreover, they have a special coating on the fingers to use tactical screens without removing the gloves. 

However, you may find the seams of the gloves uncomfortable because of their thickness.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Abrasion and shock-resistant
  • Fabric is breathable, preventing the accumulation of heat.
  • Have coating to use touch screens


  • Seams may be uncomfortable because of their thickness


The Unigear Tactical Gloves are lightweight gloves that work well even in pretty harsh conditions and intense use. Also, they’re abrasion and shock-resistant and can be used on touch screens.

5. Viper Tactical Elite

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The Viper Tactical Elite Gloves are pretty affordable, making them the best budget pick in our roundup. They’re also lightweight, versatile, and suitable for military personnel and airsoft enthusiasts. 

The neoprene and fleece linings make them comfortable, while the durable carbon fiber shell provides excellent protection. In addition, these gloves feature multiple vents for easy airflow and mesh fabric with textured grips for added security.

Also, the low-profile wrist closure features a hook and loop (Velcro) closure. It’s elastic for an adjustable fit, while small plastic carabiners on the sides ensure safe and secure storage or transport.

Although different sizes and colors are available, only the V-Cam version has hidden knuckle protection, while all other colors have a carbon fiber effect finish. Also, the gloves don’t support tactile screen touch. However, the double stitching at the load points guarantees the durability commonly found in premium models.


  • Soft neoprene ensures comfort
  • Textured grip panels for extra safety
  • Easy storage and transport
  • Presence of vents for easy airflow


  • Only the V-Cam version has hidden knuckle protection
  • Don’t support tactile screen touch


The Viper Tactical Elite Gloves are one of the best military gloves on the market. They’re ideal for people looking for budget gloves that’ll serve them well.

6. Helikon-Tex

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The Helikon-Tex All-Around Fit Tactical Gloves are quite suitable for heavy-duty use. These gloves are ideal cold-weather combat gloves that provide maximum protection, softness, and flexibility. There’s no doubt that they’re meant for tactical use and have been radically designed for that purpose. 

In addition, they have non-slip rubber reinforcements on the trigger and thumb and adjustable Velcro cuffs. While these gloves have a stunning design and feel, their agility has been maintained using soft non-skin contact materials such as spandex and neoprene. 

Also, plenty of contact pads add boldness to the look and keep hands warm in the cold season. Moreover, the C40 Thinsulate lining will prevent frostbite in extreme weather conditions.

But unfortunately, these gloves are not as flexible as other gloves on the list.


  • Great for intense use or activities
  • Quite breathable and comfortable
  • Pretty durable


  • Not flexible


The Helikon-Tex All-Around Fit Tactical Gloves are undoubtedly one of the best tactical military gloves money can buy. They’re ideal for people looking for a glove that can withstand heavy-duty or intense use.

7. Mechanix Wear: M-Pact® Coyote

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The Mechanix Wear: M-Pact® Coyote Tactical Gloves are great if you need pretty comfortable gloves for outdoor activities. You’ll no longer have cold hands when outside with these tactical gloves. For instance, they’re ideal for hiking and outdoor sports. 

Moreover, the material used to manufacture this pair of gloves is synthetic leather. So, with a thickness of 0.6 mm, it’s both flexible and resistant. In addition, this type of leather maintains optimal interior heat. 

Also, the fingertips are equipped with a part that allows you to use your mobile phone without removing the gloves. On top of that, you can machine wash them.

The only catch with this pair of tactical gloves is that they wear out quickly with heavy use. Many users have reported the appearance of holes in the contact parts. 


  • Quite comfortable
  • Machine-washable
  • Leather helps keep hands cool 
  • Flexible


  • Wears out quickly with intense use


The Mechanix Wear: M-Pact® Coyote Tactical Gloves are pretty comfortable to use, and you can use them for most outdoor activities. They’re also flexible and machine-washable.

What Are Tactical Gloves?

Tactical gloves are gloves intended to meet the expectations and needs of military operators, combat groups, special forces, or law enforcement. The primary purpose of these military gloves is to protect the hands against a wide variety of physical threats. 

Therefore, the gloves must be reinforced and resistant to impacts while maintaining a high level of flexibility and dexterity.

For instance, you’d find kevlar or reinforcements on the back to maximize hand protection and provide all the necessary resistance to threats such as cuts, bites, sharp edges, thorns, temperature changes, protruding stones, glass, injuries from metal objects, or asphalt. 

Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Pair of Good Military Gloves

7 Best Tactical Military Gloves

Before buying your new pair of tactical gloves, there are several aspects to consider. So, let’s check them in depth.


If you have some experience in military gloves, you’d know that leather is one of the most reliable and best quality materials. No wonder it’s usually found in high-end tactical gloves.

Moreover, the advantages of leather include durability, high resistance to water, and, of course, the protection it offers to hands and fingers due to its thickness. However, leather is a material that cracks over time and must be regularly maintained to last a little longer. So, this is where new technologies and materials come in. 

For example, more and more gloves are seen that also combine panels of synthetic materials sewn directly onto the palm and inner finger areas. So, you also have additional protection for the leather itself and even a better grip, especially for the use of assault, police, and other weapons.

Also, always keep in mind the conditions in which you’ll use the gloves since, in humid climates, the most recommended thing is to wear gloves made with fabrics. 


Insulation is another fundamental factor to consider, especially if you plan to use your new gloves in winter, cold sports, or even operate combat, assault, or police weapons.

The point is that insulation, apart from keeping your fingers and hands warm, gives you extra protection. However, too much insulating material will make the gloves too thick, which will hamper your freedom of movement a bit. 

Therefore, you must choose the correct balance between thick insulation that protects you from the cold and a thinner one that offers greater ease of movement.


Another aspect that’s essential in any pair of tactical gloves is the level of protection it offers. A pair of tactical military gloves should protect you from cuts, burns, and others.

So, they must have a thick and resistant layer that guarantees your hands and fingers adequate protection. So never get carried away by inexpensive options, underestimating the quality of the protection offered. 

Also, remember that you can recover money, but the health of your hands and fingers is too delicate to entrust to any pair of low-quality gloves.


Although many may believe that the padding of military tactical gloves is simply a matter of comfort, the truth is that it’s an essential part of the design that guarantees protection. 

In addition, the padding protects the most exposed parts that are susceptible to bumps, bruises, and cuts, such as the knuckles, the inner parts of the fingers, and, of course, the palm. 

Imagine a cut in the middle of the palm during some tactical situation! Well, good padding can prevent that. Also, there’s knuckle padding, which gives you extra protection in combat scenarios.


From hunters to law enforcement officers, those who use weapons often prefer gloves with open fingertips. The reason is that they have a much better and more secure grip from their fingertips. In these cases, you’ll feel the trigger from the moment your finger touches it, and you’ll also be able to use other technological tools directly.

For instance, these gloves allow you to touch mobile screens and other touch devices while giving you an excellent tactile feel. Although it’ll never be the same as that of the bare finger, it resembles it as much as possible.

Ease of movement

The great battle behind each glove’s design is to offer a feeling of freedom of movement similar to that of the freehand but giving protection with resistant materials and good insulation. Now, since this isn’t completely possible, you have to find the balance that’s perfect for you. 

For example, it’s better to choose leather protections for the knuckles, not those that are molded. The reason is that leather stretches more over time and gives you a slightly more natural movement than mink trim, which always tends to be stiffer. Also, make sure that the glove fits your hand well. 

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Final Verdict

By now, you’re probably familiar with the best tactical military gloves out there.

The Free Soldier Military Tactical Gloves stand out as our best overall for many reasons. Firstly, they’re made from high-quality materials and built based on a multi-layer design.

Secondly, the Free Soldier Tactical Gloves offer good resistance to abrasion and low-intensity shock. You also get maximum protection from these military gloves.

In addition, these gloves ensure breathability and comfort with the presence of ventilation holes. So, whether you’re out camping, rock climbing, biking, hunting, or hiking, your hands stay safe and relaxed all day long.

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